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Toy Review - Masters of the Universe Classics Sea Hawk from Mattel

Sea Hawk comes to us from the She-Ra: Princess of Power cartoon series. That’s why I don’t really know much about the guy, but all it took was one comparison to Han Solo for me to be fine with getting a figure of him.
Side Note: Why the heck hasn’t She-Ra been rebooted? Imagine a new Princess of Power cartoon done in a modern style. Not all serious and anime-influenced like the 2002 Masters redux; more like Super Best Friends Forever and maybe a little bit of Adventure Time. Let’s face it – almost everything on TV today could benefit from the world-building lessons taught by Pendleton Ward.
Heck, the related toy line could be done as full-on dolls, Monster High style.
Well, a Solo comparison and seeing Sea Hawk’s sassy purple neckerchief.
Apparently Sea Hawk is a pirate that sails the Candy Corn Sea (or whatever Etheria’s ocean is called). At some point he has the opportunity to help and possibly romance either Adora or She-Ra. But I think he’s a little untrustworthy, too. This is just what I’ve picked up about the guy. She-Ra isn’t on Netflix anymore, so I can’t research. Because you know me – I am all about research.
One thing I’ll say about any possible reboots of the She-Ra franchise – kids of the 80s were lucky that there was no such thing as a Jack Sparrow. Nowadays nobody can think pirate without thinking of Johnny Depp stumbling around, slurring, and generally looking like a dirty girl. So you know if there were a reboot and they did bring back ol’ Sea Hawk, he’d be a girly, dreadlocked scumbag rather than the barrel-chested buckler of swashes we see here.
I was perfectly happy to see this guy as part of’s Club Filmation, which has turned out to be a solid success. I’ve got to say, if they offer more figures under a smaller, separate subscription this year I’ll go for it.
That’s a lot of brown. And a massive upper torso. Sea Hawk actually reminds me a lot of Patrick Swayze’s character from Steel Dawn, which I always thought was a sequel to Red Dawn.
The attractive and functional Masters of the Universe Classics blister box. It’s super – looks good and is easy to open.
That’s a pretty interesting bio. I like the reversal here – typically you would have the son trying to atone for the father’s sins. Also, “Solar Sailor Crew” sounds like an all-gay breakdance troupe from the 80s.
Sea Hawk has new forearms and calves, as well as a new head, torso covering, and lower abdomen piece. The rest is the standard male human MOTUC buck.

Like most of the Club Filmation releases, Sea Hawk’s head has a lot of character. It seems like basing the toys on animated characters rather than, well, old toys has the residual effect of much more interesting faces. It’s interesting that these more colorful and dynamic faces still blend quite well with the rest of the MOTUC line.

The hair and beard have a great sculpt and the red color stands out from other male MOTUC releases. I realize the figure is simply reflecting the cartoon design, but I just can’t get down with Sea Hawk’s brown mustache and eyebrows. It’s too weird. Otherwise his face looks great and has an appropriately smarmy expression. 
Sea Hawk’s torso is positively gigantic thanks to the design of his tunic. Like many MOTUC figures with torso coverings there are tabs under his arms. The resulting effect is a massive torso that doesn’t look too bad for other figures that are meant to have exaggerated physiques, but is a bit much for a pirate. Also, all of these guys suffer from major Maggie Simpson Syndrome. If Matty had ever pulled the trigger on a 2002 Prince Adam I think that smaller body would have been great for Sea Hawk. But within the constraints of MOTUC I understand why we got what we did.
The tunic itself does look good. The zipper pull and shoulder pads on the vest are well done and that snazzy neckerchief would make Charles Nelson Reilly proud. They did a good job with the black undershirt as well. Sea Hawk’s torso is painted black to prevent the Belly Shirt Syndrome that is also a frequent side-effect of these torso pieces. His shoulders have ragged sleeves sculpted on and those look good.
His new gloves are weird. I like the blue deco, but the part above the top of the glove is weird. Even if it accurately reflects the cartoon I’d rather it not be there because Mattel didn’t bother to paint the joint pin inside it, so there’s a flesh toned circle right in the middle. I am impressed with the ring on Sea Hawk’s left hand, though:
The sculpt is neat and it has a paint app. That seam on the figure’s knuckles is pretty unsightly up close, but I barely noticed it before I looked at that.
The lower abdominal piece is fairly unremarkable, but is unique in the line.

The new boots have an interesting new sculpt. I dig the shape and look of the blue portions, but I can’t help but wish the brown was darker. It’s a bit darker than the rest of the figure, but close enough that it kind of looks like Sea Hawk is wearing footie pajamas. While I, personally, do not have anything against footie pajamas I do not think they are ideal apparel for piracy on the high seas.

Sea Hawk has a good paint job for the most part. There’s some blue slop on the back of his left foot under the trim and his headband isn’t painted right around his hair in the front.
Sea Hawk comes with a sword and shield that both look pretty magical. Or laser-y.
The shield is pretty dull. It’s bird-shaped and I guess is supposed to look like energy or something, but is way too yellow. I guess this is one of the mystical weapons the character’s dad gave him. Not even translucence can save this thing. I don’t plan to use it.
Sea Hawk’s sword is a little more exciting. It has a translucent red blade and a metallic blue hilt. It isn’t quite a rapier, but is much more slender than your average MOTUC blade. It’s very distinctive and the figure looks great holding it.
Sea Hawk has the same articulation as most MOTUC figures. All of his joints work well and he can be posed in a fairly good number of ways. 
On his own Sea Hawk is honestly a little bland. It isn’t the design of the figure at all, it’s the colors. All that brown is just kind of dull. I’m not saying he’s a bad figure – he looks just like the Filmation version and has a great head sculpt and lots of neat details. But I just had no desire to play around with this one beyond taking pictures.

Until, that is, I discovered the buddy outlaw team of 
Geldor & Sea Hawk:
Power Bros!

Put two relatively bland figures together and you get a rowdy duo to be reckoned with! Now I can just picture these guys carousing across Eternia (and Etheria – I’m sure they have an interstellar space yacht), downing brews, punching fools, and bagging wenches. Sea Hawk and Geldor combined are a couple of party dudes that don’t mean any harm, but just get so out of control that somebody has to step in before a Wind Raider ends up stuck in Castle Grayskull’s entryway. Again.

One time Sea Hawk and Geldor snuck into Eternos Palace, shaved the prince’s head, and painted it to look like a skull. The Man-At-Arms almost beheaded him when he showed up for breakfast!

Another time, these two hooligans kidnapped Orko and took him to Etheria to try and force him to breed with Kowl.

Individually, I wouldn’t shed any tears over not having Sea Hawk and Geldor. But together – together they are the Most Powerful Partiers in the Universe!
I don’t think I would have bought Sea Hawk if I had had a choice. He isn’t a bad figure by any means, but he simply isn’t interesting to me and has a few quirky little things that I don’t care for. But as far as the execution of the character, Matty pretty much nailed it.
4 out of 5

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