Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thank Yous

Thank You-

Mrs. Troublemaker, Lil’ Troublemaker, Director Faber, El Famoso Mysterioso, Professor Morté, Gary Mitchel, Joe Crowe, R. Allen Siler, Odin’s Cosmic Bookshelf, Billy’s Toys and Comics, Zach Oat and Diamond Select Toys, Ironman Mike Woody, Mr. Beau Brown, Beth V, Alicia Stockton, Chad J. Shonk, Gnoll, John Schultz, Kalan, Richard Ewell, Evil, Tara Lynn, “Howdy” Mike Gordon, Sara Nicole Pope, Reverend Dan Wilson, Josh Wilson, Le Sexoflex, Justin Patterson, Handmade Stuffs, Kyle Starks, Jamie Cosley, Hashim Clark, Jim Rugg, Belligerent Monkey and his wonderful family, Award-Winning Bobby Nash, DJ Spider, CALABRESE, CM Landrus, Rebecca Perry, Award-Winning Mark Maddox, Dana Swanson, Nathan Hamilton, Jen Hartshorn, Zartanamiss Prime, Deanna and everybody at the RevCast, Rick Michaels, Simon Sermon, The Casket Creatures, Jenn Wood, Matt Sweatman, Adam Throne, William Faber, Louis Robinson, Mike Troutt, Geena Phillips, William Stout, Michelle Sisco, Zack Galligan, Andrew Lincoln, and most especially Granny Troublemaker who has inspired me all of my life.

Special thanks to my Monstrosity Championship Wrestling family for giving me a venue to perform – I wish I could see all of you more. I’d list everybody, but there are a shit-ton of you people and if I left anybody out I’d feel terrible. But I do want to thank Bumplestilskin and Black Easter Bunny most of all.

Thank you to everybody that I interviewed for the site or on a podcast.

No thanks to – Wilson, Cory, Mark Stopper, and Jay. Fuck you guys. Seriously. Not really. Yeah… really.

Most of all thank you to each and every one of you – my Phantomaniacs – that read Needless Things, listen to the podcast, listen to Earth Station Who, and come up to me at cons or wherever and appreciate the stuff I do. I love you guys.

You are the reason that 2013 was so amazing and I can’t wait for an amazing 2014.

Also, go buy a fucking t-shirt. Please.



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    1. And a Happy New Year to you as well! May 2014 bring you fame and prosperity, but only a manageable level of excitement.