Thursday, November 28, 2013

Whoniversary: Thanksgiving Special

I wasn’t going to post anything today since not only is it a holiday, but it’s one I am not particularly fond of. But then it occurred to me that it might be fun to come up with…

I find list posts to be the second weakest form of content on the internet; with the only thing worse being those sites that consist of nothing but links to other sites. Don’t get me wrong – I get that those kinds of sites are quite popular and that format lends itself to the zero-attention-span world that we live in. But I am very proud of Needless Things’ format of original content five days a week.

Sometimes, though, lists are called for. Like when I, personally, am tapped out for Doctor Who-related posts and want to save “Howdy” Mike Gordon’s post for the big finale tomorrow.

So here is a list of Doctor Who things that I am thankful for:
  • My wife enjoys Doctor Who. She watched it when she was a kid and has that nostalgia thing going. She doesn’t love it like I do, but she likes watching the new ones and talking about it. Her Doctor is Eccleston and she still holds it against Tennant a bit that he replaced him.
  • My son likes Doctor Who. He doesn’t love it. But he likes it. He likes Peter Davison and Matt Smith. He really likes the Ponds. He loves Daleks and K-9.
  • Having a sister-in-law that knits and was willing to make me two (TWO!) scarves. One is a screen-accurate replica of Tom Baker’s scarf from season 14:
    The other is the same scarf, but in Phantom Troublemaker colors:

  • Being involved with Earth Station Who is one of my favorite things ever. I am so glad that Director Faber and Mike Gordon welcomed me into their dorky family. It’s a thrill to work with those guys and our new co-host Jennifer Hartshorn every single time. Such a great group of people.
  • Stephen Moffat and company nailed it with “The Day of the Doctor”.
  • Keeping a Wish List on Amazon has allowed me to monitor the prices of Doctor Who DVD releases and gradually build a pretty good library without going broke.
  • The Peter Cushing Dalek movies are out on Blu-Ray! (I just remembered this and will be ordering them tomorrow)
  • Everybody that pushed me to check out the Big Finish audio dramas. The Earth Station Who crew talked them up, but The Oncoming Josh was the one that really made the difference. Thanks to him I checked out “Spare Parts” and am now hooked. I’m currently in the midst of Paul McGann’s third series of stories and they are awesome.

  • Speaking of Big Finish, they produced their own 50th Anniversary special and it’s fantastic. It is called “The Light At the End” and features the first eight Doctors. Obviously Davison, McCoy, McGann, and the Bakers are the only ones actually involved; but the story includes all eight. You can purchase it here and I highly recommend that you do.
  • Actually, if you consider the comics, the audio, the TV/theatrical special, and the webisodes; the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who truly has been epic. We didn’t experience a year-long deluge of all things Who, but we did get some of the most special, high-quality content in the history of the franchise.
  • That I was able to experience Doctor Who when I was a kid. I’m no elitist – if you just came into Who or whatever I think that’s awesome. And I will be the first to admit that classic Who is not for everybody. You don’t have to like it. But I treasure those memories of staying up late on Saturday night and watching Tom Baker on PBS. There’s nothing quite like the powerful wash of nostalgia I feel when I get a new DVD and realize that not only have I seen it before, but that I remember it more clearly than I would have ever believed.
  • For TimeGate’s Fiftieth Anniversary party. Experiencing “The Night of the Doctor”, The Five(ish) Doctors, and “The Day of the Doctor” with a huge group of Whovians was an incomparable experience. And having the opportunity to perform in front of them on the ESW panel was great.
  • TimeGate itself, for that matter. What a fantastic con!

  • I have a massive collection of Doctor Who toys. Even ten years ago I never would have believed the extent and range of characters and monsters that Underground Toys/Character Options have produced. And even though I am tremendously let down that they have switched to a different scale for the modern toys, I am glad they are continuing on in the same scale with the Classics.
  • Doctor Who came back! It’s wonderful to have new, ongoing Doctor Who adventures. But what’s truly remarkable is all of the experiences I have had and people I have met as a result of this fandom and its revival. I have known Beth V for fifteen years and the subject of Doctor Who has only come up since the revival because there simply wasn’t anything to discuss before. I know many Whovians’ fandom didn’t lie dormant like ours did, but when there’s no new content, the subject just isn’t as likely to come up in regular conversation.
  • So many people like Doctor Who! It’s not so much about the masses loving the franchise as it is about the money they are willing to throw at it, which leads to more awesome stuff being produced. There is more Doctor Who merchandise widely available right now than there has ever been. And it’s even getting featured displays in American stores! I was in a mall the other day and Books-A-Million and Sam Goody (or whatever it’s called now) both had feature displays of Who merchandise. The first one I saw actually made me tear up a little bit. But that was totally the bright neon from the Eleven Doctors Clock and not emotion or anything…
  • I was able to take my family to see Doctor Who in a movie theater. Forces (my job) usually conspire against us when there is something we want to do on a specific date at a specific time. We were fortunate to be able to do this together.
  • Finally, I’m thankful I was able to crank out 1,000 words for this post!

That’s all I got, Turkeymaniacs.


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