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Toy Review – Masters of the Universe Classics Granamyr from Mattel by Beau Brown

Greetings Phantomaniacs!

I am thrilled to be back to review Granamyr, the biggest figure released in MOTUC.

This guy was a pretty big deal when he was announced. I was there. It was my one and only trip to SDCC and I went to Mattypalooza. Every year they give the people who come to the Matty panel a chance to vote on a future release. That was the year they let us decide if we wanted a Green Granamyr, as he is depicted in the mini comics.

Or Red Granamyr as he is depicted in the Filmation series of both He-man,

and She-Ra. Magic Dragon Force Lightening Bitches.

I voted for red because I thought he looked better in red. I hadn't read the mini comic but also didn't really remember him much from watching He-man as a kid. So my choice was purely aesthetic, and I stand by it. Red Granamyr looks great.

Granamyr went on sale December of 2012 and arrived January 2013. He was the cherry on top of a really amazing year of releases celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Masters of the Universe. He arrived unassembled to cut down on the size of the box to ship him in. Which was just fine since it meant instead of a window box we got some really great original art by classic Masters box artist Rudy Obrero. I still keep the box out on display because I like the art so much. Next to Granamyr in the art you may recognize the Weapons Rack from the original Castle Grayskull playset. Those gold versions of the weapons will be in the next Weapons Pack that was revealed at SDCC.

Sadly his arrival was soured by technical difficulties. Since you had to assemble him yourself and some of the joints did not line up just right there were problems. Arriving in winter meant that if the plastic was still cold from travel it was brittle and this combined with some slight warping or plant assembly problems caused some breakage when people attempted to assemble him. Particularly attaching his tail and arms. Mine slightly suffers from this. His right arm pops out of the socket when he raises it over his head. Since I do not (often) pose him raising the roof I decided I could live with it rather than dealing with the hassle of a return.

Once you got past the drama of everyone putting him together, he is just awesome. He is the size of a human infant and if you have one of those in your house like I did it there is no end of comic photo opportunities.

I keep him up on the top shelf of our entertainment center with one leg hanging over the edge gazing at the spot on the couch where my wife likes to sit. This unnerves her and pleases me.

Did I mention he is big? This guy buttfucks the giants for breakfast. I love having him as part of my collection because his presence adds an element of epicness and scale (get it? Dragon jokes) to all other figures just by virtue of being around them. It transforms it from a collection of muscle bound barbarians and wacky cyborgs into a bigger more majestic world. He ups the ante on the epicness of He-man.
Granamyr's face oozes character and personality. The 4Horsemen knocked it out of the park here. He has this awesome self satisfied smirk on his face like he just knows he is the baddest motherfucker on the shelf. The other figures on the shelf do not impress him. He was designed to be displayed in a seated position. You can sometimes get him to stand but he looks a little funny up on his chicken legs. For not really being able to stand up and missing some of the extra articulation an average figure has (in particular more shoulder articulation would have been great), he has a surprising range of poseability. This is mostly on account of the wrist joints that he has that other figures don't (Until NA He-man and Bow has one articulated wrist). He gestures great. Go ahead and Google image search Granamyr and you can see what I mean. People had a ball taking awesome pictures of this guy, myself included.
Even Seth Green recognized his comic potential:

Apparently being the Oldest and Wisest of the Eternian Dragons makes you kind of a dick and a breakfast bandit.

That is an important point to make. Granamyr is a BADASS. There really isn't anyone else on the Eternia who can match this guy. MAYBE, just MAYBE if you dropped the entire might of the Horde Empire down on his head you could take him. He is magic as all hell and I think just about nigh invulnerable to everything. His beef in the FILMATION episode of his first appearance was that there was a tree out there older than him and he wanted He-Man to go chop it down in return for freeing Duncan from a curse. That is the only thing that bothers this guy. Something being older than him. It is shame we have never had the chance to see him mix it up in some of the major battles like the Ultimate Battlegrounds. Can you have two Ultimate Battlegrounds? Seems like calling the first one that is sort of setting you up for an awkward situation when the shit hits the fan worse than it did the first time again. So they called it the Second Ultimate Battleground. Regardless, he is the Wisest as well as most Powerful so I suppose he was wise enough to know He-Man had that stuff on lock down and he didn't need to get involved. Maybe that is his real power? Eternia is a dangerous place and maybe he got to where he is today by being smart enough to stay out of the crazy loin cloth laser fight. Granamyr is crazy powerful. There is a giant holding the planet together, and that takes some serious power, but guess what? That guy is busy holding the planet together. Granamyr is busy sitting in his dragon pit like a boss, hoarding treasure, stealing Seth Green's breakfast and being magic as fuck.
Granamyr sports all new sculpted pieces save for his wings which are reused from DraegoMan. His paint is solid and the only thing I think I would have liked to see would have been another dry brushed coat of highlight or some shadows on his lavender tender underbelly. It looks kind of flat. I wish I had a Granamyr sized motorcycle to sit him on with that helmet of his.

I am really looking forward to sitting him next to Grayskull once it takes Granamyr's place as the centerpiece of the collection. He looks like the kind of dragon who would knock on the door, take a dump on the drawbridge and fly off.

Granamyr pinching one off.

I give the Oldest and Wisest of all Eternian Dragons a 4.5 out of 5. Only because of the technical problems with his assembly. Once he is safely put together he is amazing. Hopefully there won’t be any of these types of problems when we get the Castle which will require assembly (fingers crossed).

See you next time.

Good Journey!

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