Monday, August 19, 2013

Dragon Con 2013: Needless Things Podcast Episode 8: DJ Spider

Happy almost Dragon Con everybody!
I am excited about every Needless Things Podcast that happens (until I start editing, anyway), but I am extra excited about this one. There are a lot of very talented cosplayers and costumers in the world, and I know a few of them, but there was one conversation that sparked my desire to focus on costumes for this year’s Dragon Con coverage and it was with this lady.
Back at Heroes Con I ran into Little Pond and some of her costuming companions on Saturday night. We talked a bit about costume stuff, then she had to go and turn in. After she left I ended up talking to another lady who was amazingly knowledgeable about such things. Now, I don’t typically converse too well with strangers, but it was one of those group shifts where I had already been talking to one dude and then the person I knew left but I was still talking to that dude when the new people arrived and they knew that dude so everything kept going. Plus, I had bought a bunch of beers to take back to the room, but Mrs. Troublemaker sent me a message saying she was going to sleep and to have fun. So beers.
So we had a big ol’ costume conversation and it was awesome. And then it hit me and I said, “Oh, hey – you’re DJ Spider!” and told her that she had done a Q&A for me last year and I normally wear a mask and stuff. We talked with the other fella – I believe his name is Sean, but I’m not sure - for a while longer and it was great. So great, as a matter of fact, that as it was going on I was actually kind of pissed that I couldn’t record it. There was way too much noise in the bar for that. Which is another indication that it was fascinating – I normally won’t tolerate conversations in loud places. I just check out. But this was one I was willing to put the effort into maintaining. I knew I was going to have to contact DJ Spider before Dragon Con came around. This level of costume discussion deserved a Needless Things episode, especially now that former costuming master Mr. Beau Brown was on full time.
That’s all you need to know aside from the fact that this is a great talk. There are some minor audio issues that I know I shouldn’t even point out but I simply can’t help myself. They weren’t detectable during the call and I couldn’t fix them in editing. But I suppose that’s just what’s going to happen from time to time when you use a bunch of free services to do your thing. I’m just proud of myself that I recorded the whole thing. My call recorder just had an update that added an exciting new feature: Now you get this pop-up every twenty minutes asking if you want to continue recording. If you don’t press “YES”, it stops. This is a wonderful tool if you find that your life is in need of a little more senseless aggravation. I should just be thankful that I still have unlimited recording time. I’m already pouring enough money into this thing without having to purchase a call recorder, too (which I know I will have to at some point).
But none of that matters because here’s me, Mr. Beau Brown, and DJ Spider on what I honestly believe is one of the best episodes I’ve done on this podcast or any other. Hope you like it:


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Procrastibate” and “Marriot Cock Squat” by
Justice League Unlimited” by Michael McCuistion

            For more DJ Spider fun, here’s a mix she did to get you PUMPED UP for Dragon Con:


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