Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dragon Con 2013: 13 Questions with Slim J

I searched far and wide and tapped every resource I had trying to figure out who was behind the entertainment leviathan that is Dragon Con Wrestling. Partially to try and ingratiate myself into the organization and gain a deeper access to the people that make it is what it is – to divine the secrets of the most entertaining and impactful event of the entire year; partially to try and ensure the DCW Hooligans get good seats every year.
           My efforts eventually led me to a shadowy and mysterious figure known as Reverend Dan Wilson. While the Reverend is not himself the mastermind behind DCW, he is privy to the inner circle. A name was revealed to me through a series of rites, rituals, and exchanges with the Reverend across the evil netherrealm known as Twitter. And that name was Slim J.
This name was not unknown to me. As a matter of fact, Slim J was the very first DCW wrestler that I knew on sight and was able to call by name. He is well known on the indy wrestling circuit and has worked hard over the years to build up a respectable reputation. I had no idea the true power he held, though – the power to book Dragon Con Wrestling.
Here now is the man of few words but immeasurable influence, Slim J:
1) What was your very first match as a pro wrestler?
A) A 3 way singles match against Kid Kool and Mike Pittman.
2) What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?
A) A Macho Man wrestling figure - it was about 2 feet tall!
3) What is one album everybody should own?
A) Best of Nirvana.
4) How did you become involved with DCW?
A) I worked shows for AJ in 2001 and then he invited me to DCW.
5) Can you tell me about your first DCW experience?
A) I walked into the building and saw a girl wearing nothing but caution tape and knew I was in for a wild and fun time. Then I worked the show and just fell in love and been back every year since.
6) What is your DCW dream match?
A) Amazing Red vs myself in front of the greatest fans ever – DCW fans!
7) What is your favorite piece of gear you’ve ever owned?
A) My “gizzot bizzalls” pants.
8) How does a DCW match differ from other matches?
A) It’s always better because the DCW fans are so intense that you can feel the intense roar and it’s great.
9) Which actor do you feel like you could sit and watch for hours no matter what they were doing and why?
A) Adam Sandler because he can make anyone laugh.
10) What inspires you to do what you do?
A) Self motivation to make it as a super star.
11) What is your big nerd passion?
A) To make and test video games.
12) Is there a movie that should never be remade and if so which one?
A) …not sure…
13) Closer – can you cut a promo for the DCW crowd?
A) Yes – on call.
Clearly my journey to the truth of DCW does not end with this man. This name – “AJ” - has been spoken time and again as I have persevered. I will continue to peel away the mysterious layers of Dragon Con Wrestling until I can, at last, come face-to-face with the power at its center. For now, I must be satisfied with the knowledge that I am closer now than I have ever been.
Not only is my quest nearer its end than ever before, but Dragon Con Wrestling is a mere 67 hours away! On Friday, August 30th at 7 PM the death-defying daredevils and slobbering madmen of DCW will descend upon the Hyatt Centennial Ballrooms I-III for their thirteenth year of anarchy and chaos in the ring! You HAVE TO be there for a night of action and excitement that will not be matched anywhere else at Dragon Con, let alone the rest of the year. Truly, DCW is the Showcase of the Immoral!
(No, that’s not a typo)

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