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San Diego Comic Con Exclusives (that I want)

The massive multimedia event that is San Diego Comic Con starts today.Well, technically I guess it started yesterday, but that was a preview night or something. I dunno. 
I have never been to SDCC, and in all honesty I kind of don’t want to go. Don’t get me wrong – I would totally go if I had the right opportunity. No matter how much it’s owned by Hollywood or how crowded it is or whatever the other perceived issues with SDCC might be; it’s still the premiere nerd event of the year. It’s not a party like Dragon*Con (and with all of my heart I do not believe I would have as much fun at SDCC as I do at Dragon*Con), but it is still absolutely epic at this point.
           But there are two reasons why I don’t want to go.
1 – I form habits like other people breathe. If San Diego Comic Con turned out to be this awesome, unbelievable experience, I would want to do it every year. And I simply can’t. So I don’t even want to get started.
2 – What the heck would I even do out there? I don’t know anybody in Candycornia. Well, I know Chad, but I haven’t hung out with him in years. And I suppose there are folks who might go out there like Mike Gordon and The One Rebecca; but they’ve got their own stuff going on. 
So I guess I’ll end up going out there someday. But for now I can just watch from afar each year, knowing that I will never, ever be able to get my hands on those damned Exclusives.
Yes, this year - like every other - scads of toy, comic, and collectible companies are once again producing SDCC Exclusive items that are hard to get if you’re at the convention and nigh impossible to obtain from afar. There are a few exceptions that I will cover, but many of these are toys that I won’t ever own.
This is not a complete list of SDCC Exclusives – for that go check out AwesomeToy Blog. This is just the stuff I want.

DC Collectibles (From Graphitti Designs)

Super Best Friends Forever 3-pack - $49.95 - I want this set of Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Girl for Mrs. Troublemaker. I mean, I like the animated shorts and all, but these are just a little too cute for me. I’m hoping(and expecting) that DC Collectibles will end up offering their items through Previews or some other medium. Perhaps their new web store. I don’t think these will be too terribly difficult or expensive to obtain.

Arkham City – Dr. Hugo Strange - $29.95 – This I absolutely must have. Not only am I collecting DCC’s Arkham figures, Hugo Strange is the only character in all of comicdom that I resemble in any way. Particularly Arkham Hugo Strange. So I might actually need two.

Diamond Comics

Robby the Robot Die-Cast Figure – Purple Version - $74.95 – I would love to have this bad boy. I’ve always had a soft spot for Robby and obviously a purple version is something I have an urgent need to own. This one is easily obtainable through Previews or Entertainment Earth, but I’m just not willing to pay $75 for a 7” figure. Not even a die-cast one.

Gentle Giant Studios

“Magnitude” Admiral Ackbar Mini-bust based the art of Steven Daily - $175.00 - This 8.25" bust is a thing of pure joy and beauty. It is also a thing that costs way more than I am willing to spend. I love Ackbar, but there’s no way I could justify this one. If you can, you should head right over to Gentle Giant's webstore and buy one.


Star Wars

‘Black Series’ 6″ Boba Fett w/ Han Solo in Carbonite - $44.99 – I do not plan to collect Hasbro’s new Black Series, but this is Boba Fett. I’d buy a Boba Fett. And If I’m going to buy one, I want this one; the one with that Corellian scumbag encased in Carbonite. I bet a couple of those weapons are Exclusive, as well. I doubt very much I’ll be able to get this one. Hasbro puts its SDCC offerings up for sale in their web store, but purchasing them is a more frustrating process than buying from Matty on their worst day. 


Marvel Legends: Thunderbolts Box Set - $89.99 – If I could get this easily and for the regular MSRP I’d like to have it. But I’m not putting any effort into it. It’s a neat-o set, but I think I am starting to burn out on Marvel Legends. Or, at least, I am burning out on their Mattel-like parts farming.

Marvel Universe: Deadpool Taco Truck Set (Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, Champion of the Universe, Dogpool, Kid Deadpool, Squirrelpool) - $49.99 – I don’t even collect Hasbro’s 3 ¾” Marvel figures, but who could resist this set? It’s utterly ridiculous and that makes me want it. Unfortunately, it is likely to be second only to Hasbro’s newest GI Joe/Transformers set in popularity, so I doubt very much I’ll end up with this one.

Speaking of Hasbro’s newest GI Joe/Transformers set, I don’t want it. Don’t get me wrong – it’s absurdly great. A Sky Striker as Jetfire, a VAMP as Hound, a tiny Blaster and several other figure, including Baroness with Ravage on a leash (the best part of this year’s set and the one thing I really do want). But I’m not shelling out the money and headache necessary to get this one. I’m still MASSIVELY bitter about not being able to find last year’s Shockwave set for anything resembling a reasonable price.

Mattel Exclusives are the second-easiest to obtain (I’ll get to the easiest in a minute). They’ll go on sale on after SDCC. Supposedly I and other sub-holders will get first crack at them, but Mattel has been a little shady about confirming that since promising it last year.

60′s Batman: Batusi Batman – $30 – Yes. Obviously. How could anybody pass up this incredible piece of childhood memory come to life? Here, just look at the video:

Masters of the Universe Classics

Rokkon and Stonedar 2-pack – $60 – I thought the He-Man rock people were stupid when I was a kid. The Go-Bots’ Rock Lords were far superior. Just goes to show how dumb I was – no toys of rocks are cool. Except that I must still be dumb because I think these two look awesome. I can’t wait to rip that box open and transform these guys into the least interesting forms a toy could possibly be. I’ll display ‘em that way as well. But mainly because I’m running out of room.

Mini He-Man & Skeletor – $20 – I’ve been dying for these to come out ever since Mattel showed a whole line of them at SDCC a year or two ago. I’m buying a set for me and a set for Lil’ Troublemaker and fervently hoping that the rest of the characters that were shown get made. Luckily for me I have a SDCC hook up that was willing to pick up a few items. I prioritized and decided these were most likely to sell out. These are coming home.

Hot Wheels

Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider & Battlestar Galactica Colonia Viper - $10 Each – I just think these look awesome and ten bucks is a pretty good deal. I’ll buy them if I can order them from the site.

DC Club Infinite Earths: New 52 Shazam! – $25 – A lot of folks poo-poo’d this figure when it was revealed. I like it. I actually like the New 52 Shazam design and I also like that they’re finally just calling him “Shazam”. I’ll buy this one if I can. I don’t actually own a Shazam at the moment because Toys R Us won’t mark down that 2-pack with Black Adam, who I already own.

Monster High Wydowna Spider / Webarella - $25 – Mrs. Troublemaker collects Monster High dolls, and I think this one looks pretty awesome. Plus this is the only way she’s going to get it. Mattel won’t be releasing this character at retail. This was my other pick for the SDCC hook up. I wanted to be sure and get one of these. Mrs. Troublemaker does not, as of now, know this is coming. I’m not sure she even knows they’re making it, so that’s double awesome.


Breaking Bad – Deluxe Walter White in Hazmat Suit - $35 – I wouldn’t mind owning this, but I’m gonna need to see it in person before I drop $35 on a 6” action figure. Especially one from Mezco, who are not known for their realistic likenesses.

Glow in the Dark 9″ Creature from the Black Lagoon Figure - $60 – Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to announce the winner of the Phantom Troublemaker Thanks For Making Your SDCC Exclusives Easy To Obtain Award – Mezco Toys! You can go to their web store right now and order their Exclusives. All of them. Oops. You could when I wrote this. Apparently everybody else found out and these two are sold out now. If you know me and my taste in toys, you know that I had to have a glow-in-the-dark variant of my favorite movie monster of all time. He’s on the way as we speak. Thank you, Mezco. You guys rock.


Albino Predator - $25 – This is another one of the Predators from Batman: Dead End, so he is a total must-have. Last year all of NECA’s Exclusives were available from Toys R Us, so I’m hoping that will be the case again this year.

Jason Voorhees from the NES ‘Friday the 13th’ game – $25 – I’m really, really hoping that will be the case because this figure is amazing. From the packaging to the actual coloration of the figure; it’s such a cool concept and needs to be on the wall beside my Night Fighter RoboCop.

Underground Toys

Doctor Who: Ace from “Remembrance of the Daleks” - $? – I am hoping that one of the online retailers will carry this one. JRsToyWorld seems all but dead at this point and nobody else has posted anything. Last year’s set was easy enough to find and still is, so I’m not too worried about it. Also, Ace’s face isn’t so great in the pictures. It might be better in person. We’ll see. But as of right now I think my Dapol Ace might have a better likeness.

Super 7

Alien Early Bird Set - $100 – I want this very badly, but I can’t justify the price. I get that this is a gimmicky set of toys from a smaller company and that it is probably worth the money. But I can’t spend a hundred bucks on five minimally articulated (but well-designed) action figures. The larger and vastly more detailed and articulated NECA figures don’t cost this much. As a matter of fact, I could buy five more Xenomorphs for less than this set.

That about does it. There are a few other little odds and ends that I would pick up if I had a bottomless bag of cash, but what’s above is more than enough. I more than likely won’t end up with half of this list. Either way, it should be fun trying to track it all down. Except for Hasbro’s stuff. Those guys are straight-up evil.


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