Thursday, June 6, 2013

13 Questions with Noah of Kill, Baby... Kill!

KBK are a powerful surf rock outfit playing out of Anniston, AL. I've actually known Noah for years, as he was in a tremendous punk rock band called Stuck At Zero with one of my best friends and former Irresponsibles bassist, Geoff.

The first time I saw KBK I didn't even realize I was going to be seeing Noah play again for the first time in over a decade. I loved the show and wanted more. I didn't discover until later that I knew one of the guys in the band. Now I've got a nice little selection of their music on my Zune and I've seen 'em play twice more. Here's Noah with some words and - more importantly - some links so you can go and check out the madness of Kill, Baby... Kill!


1) What are your top geek passions?
A) Well, the top one used to be Horror Films. But the realities of having kids, a profession, and a semi-full time band have sort of put a damper on that. I hope to catch up on the seemingly endless backlog I have stored on my hard drive at some point.

2) What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?
A) I have an extensive Masters of the Universe collection. I believe that my parents bought me every piece that came out for the first two or three years they were available. Hell, the recently told me that there was a large box stored away that contained said collection. I really need to pick that up at some point.

3) What is one album everybody should own?
A) One album? That is a tie between the first B-52’s album and the entire Fugazi catalog. Yes, I cheated. But I really don’t think one album could give people the full scope of ‘what is Fugazi’. I believe they are one of the most important bands of the past thirty years.

4) Who is your favorite wrestler and why?
A)I haven’t kept up with wrestling since I was a kid in the 1980’s. I was always partial to Piper, but I believe that has more to do with his turn in They Live than anything.

5) What are your roots in music?
A) I grew up on music from a young age. But having access to college radio very early, coupled with being a Skater in the mid 80’s and frequently reading Thrasher Magazine, I really got in on the early end of what would become ‘alternative rock’. Bands like The Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, DOA, Dinosaur Jr, and such were part of my collection before the age of 12. By the end of 8th grade I started playing in shitty punk bands in the Auburn, AL area. But by the time I finished high school I had what, at the time, seemed like a good punk band. That seems questionable now when I go back to listen. It was a nice learning experience.

6) If you could pursue any project, what would it be?
A)Hmmm…With Kill,Baby…Kill! I have been able to do so much. But career, family, and finances have required we turn down a few offers that really hurt. If anything I wish we could pursue heading over to Europe, Japan, and the former Soviet Union. While instro/surf is a novelty here in the US, the genre has a large following in other areas of the world. We sell a good number of records in these regions and often receive requests to head over and play. But the initial financial investment required to get 4-5 guys over there is high, and taking the time off from career jobs isn’t really in the cards.

7) If you could live in any city in the world, where would it be and why?
A) I have grown comfortable with life in small town Alabama. It is nice to visit cities when we are on tour, but I am always happy to be home. But in hindsight, I should have moved to Memphis twenty years ago. It is a city bustling with music and great people, with little of the hipster pretention of other cities we have visited.

8) What's a favorite gig memory?
A) It was the end of our 2012 East Coast Tour. This was our first extensive tour and we had lucked out in it being pretty successful. But we were ending on a SxSw style ‘Discovery Fest’ in Birmingham, AL. While the city is really close to us, we had not broken through there, outside of a handful of good shows. None-the-less, we were scheduled to be the first band of the night at the venue we were assigned. Our thoughts were that we would play to twenty people and that there would be hundreds at other venues seeing bands that were much more hyped than us. We went on at our scheduled time and realized three songs in that the place was packed from front to back and wall to wall with people there just to check us out. And boy were they receptive. We sold a ton of Merch and got a fantastic response. Sadly, the bands after us that night did not have the same experience. It was both an ego boost and also painful to see bands we were friends with get let down. But this was the first time, in my opinion, we realized that the two years of hard touring we had done previous was starting to pay off.

9) Which actor do you feel like you could sit and watch for hours no matter what they were doing and why?
A) John Cusack. The man can do no wrong. He is the quintessential ‘gen x’ every man.

10) What inspires you to do what you do?
A) I have been writing and playing music for longer than I have not. At this point it is just part of who I am. Perhaps it is compulsion? I do know that I have tried to step away from it numerous times and always end up back in it.

11) What is something you cannot wait to see or have more of?
A) I am very excited for At Worlds End later this year. It has been too long since Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.

12) Is there a movie that should never be remade and if so which one?
A) It would be so easy for me to jump on the anti-remake bandwagon. But I love horror. And horror has a very long legacy of remakes. Plus, to instantly write off remakes would be ignoring the fact that there have been many that are either better than the original or have taken on a life of their own. Think about the 1970’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers, John Carpenter’s The Thing, Cronenberg’s The Fly, the 1980’s The Blob, etc. Hell, I will even throw in the remake of The Hills Have Eyes. I find it far superior to the original.

But then there are films like the 2000’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Rob Zombie’s Halloween 1 & 2, Platinum Dunes’ Friday the 13th. These films, when viewed as remakes, really suck. But I have always viewed them as their own entity or just as another installment in franchises that lacked continuity or quality control to begin with. With those things in mind, I quite enjoyed every one. Hell, Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 is one of the most derided films I can remember, but I found it brutally over the top and atmospheric. I loved what he did with the new direction. Granted, when you make a masterpiece like Devil’s Rejects so early in your filmmaking career it is unlikely that anyone will every feel your work after that is up to snuff.

13) Closer – what are your recent projects and where can people see them?
A) Kill,Baby…Kill! just released the followup to our debut EP. The album is called ‘Corridor X’ and was released on Deep Eddy Records out of Austin, TX back at the beginning of May. The album is available in physical format through Deep Eddy Records, Double Crown Records, CDBaby, Amazon, and a ton of other retailers. Digital versions can be purchased through Itunes, Amazon, CDbaby, etc. And, if you are a slacker that no longer values owning copies of music, Spotify is always an option.

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