Monday, May 27, 2013

Thank You, Come Again

No post today. I don't usually bother mentioning when there's no post, but there was supposed to be a post.
I had a really amazing time at TimeGate over the weekend, but I had a busy schedule - compared to my usual con schedule - and I'm tired. Also, I am fucking sick of the hassles and irritations technology brings. Our air conditioning went out on Friday, my main PC is still down with little hope of repair, and I can't get this one to back up for some reason. Also, my phone is acting crazy.
So it's 2:30 in the morning right now and I've decided that rather than  deal with another techno problem that would likely lead to me smashing things - like a typical Blogger problem or some video editing issue - I am going to skip today, watch Arrested Development on Netflix, and start my TimeGate recap tomorrow.
On top of all that, I get the trainee back on Friday because nobody else wants him. I am in full-on "Fire That Fucker" mode now.
See you tomorrow,

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