Friday, May 31, 2013

Needless Things Episode 4: Toy Panel Live from TimeGate 2013

Hey Phantomaniacs - I've got a surprise podcast for you! 

I had no idea I was going to be posting another podcast this week. I was fortunate enough to run  a toy panel at my personal favorite sci-fi convention - TimeGate. It's focused around Stargate and Doctor Who, but this year the emphasis was definitely on Doctor Who. 

Between the 50th Anniversary and the presence of an actual Doctor - Colin Baker - for the first time, things couldn't have gone down any other way.

I pretty much decided on my own that I was going to run the toy panel because that's what I do. Director Faber of the ESO Netowrk was there to assist me and also was kind enough to record the whole thing, so I decided to make a podcast out of it.

I listened to it first to make sure it was suitable for publishing. I think it is. Even without the many visual aids I had at the panel I think it's an enjoyable discussion of the history of Doctor Who toys.

Oh, and the intro and outro sound like crap because I am still getting used to using my laptop instead of my desktop. My desktop fell victim to... something... and Jeffistopheles mostly fixed it but the display is still jacked up. Anyway, I forgot to switch the Audacity audio input to my headset mic so the whole thing recorded on my laptop mic. It doesn't sound awful so I didn't see any reason to re-record it. But it doesn't sound great.

Here's the first con panel I ever ran. Hope you enjoy it!



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