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Troublemaker Casting Call: Masters of the Universe

I had to take time away from my busy 31 Days of Halloween schedule to do this. Sometimes I just feel like writing about something, and when I do I have to go with it.
I haven’t done a Troublemaker Casting post in a long time and the recent news that some guy I have never heard of is rewriting the Masters of the Universe live action movie that will never happen got my brain working. I decided I wanted to sit down and do a fantasy casting session and maybe even see if I could crank out an idea or two about a story that could realistically work as a film.
Now, the casting is who I think would be the most fun as each character. I just wanted to fill as many roles as I could for fun and then work from there.
Adam/He-Man (Jai Courtney) – Adam is a dutiful son and a good kid. He is about 18 when his real story starts. This is achieved via Captain America-esque effects. He is learning from Duncan how to strategize, use resources, and lead men. Adam is an apt pupil. The first (and only) transformation into He-Man will be somewhat similar to the Cap scenario inasmuch as he already has skills and heart. The Power Sword enhances him, but permanently. I think he’ll still be called “Adam”.

Adora/She-Ra (Amber Heard) – Adora is a pacifistic young lady who is mostly concerned with state matters. She cares deeply for the people of Eternia and spends most of her time ensuring relations between the various species are civil. She is widely recognized as not only an ambassador of Eternos Palace, but a trustworthy sentient. Her sense of justice is impeccable. She is well-loved by all. The story of her transformation from diplomat to Force Captain for the Boundless Army of the Imperial Horde to Princess of Power remains to be told.

Teela (Jessica Biel) – Teela is the only child of Duncan and has never known her mother. She is a captain in the Palace Guard. She is very serious and is perhaps the most skilled warrior in Eternos Palace aside from her father. She is named after an old friend of Duncan’s.
Evil-Lyn (Parker Posey) – She is using Skeletor to gain power. She thinks her intentions of usurping him are well-concealed but she is wrong. She is a mid-level sorceress and mildly clairvoyant. She is not a trained warrior.

Teela’na/Sorceress (Cate Blanchett) – As Teela’na she seems like an open book. Vital and free and powerful, yet somewhat unsure of herself. As the narrative goes on she becomes more secluded from the rest of the world, yet more serene at the same time.

Randor (Triple H) – Randor is kind and wise and one of the mightiest warriors on all of Eternia. He was Man-At-Arms for Eternos Palace until King Hssss’ Serpent Army arrived almost at the gates of the palace. He took control of the armies of Eternia and united the disparate species against the Snake Men.
Marlena Glenn (Julianne Moore) – She is just as much a warrior as her husband. Her loyalty to Eternia is second only to her loyalty to her family. She was a captain in the Eternos Royal Guard until the Great War necessitated her stepping up to assume the mantle of Man-At-Arms. Afterward she married the former Man-At-Arms, Randor and they were crowned king and queen by the Council of Elders.

Duncan (Dolph Lundgren) – This mustachioed warrior is the cornerstone of the group of Randor, Teela’na, Marlena, and Keldor. He is the unquestioned voice of Randor and is absolutely loyal to the royal family and Castle Eternos. He was a captain in the Royal Guard until newly crowned King Randor appointed him his Man-At-Arms. Duncan and Randor are as close as brothers.

Keldor/Skeletor (Bryan Cranston) – Keldor is a Gar and one of the heroes of The Great War who is beloved by the people of Eternia, as well as his companions. He is deeply in love with the magic user, Teela’na. How he becomes the Lord of Destruction remains to be seen… (I used Langelletor because I think that design is almost perfect)


Fisto (Sean Bean) – Malcom is Duncan’s older brother. He was absent during The Great War, but returned and redeemed himself at some point. The two brothers are close, but due to Malcom’s perceived cowardice during The Great War he cannot hold a position in the Royal Court. He will not speak of his whereabouts during the time he was gone.
Perkaedo (Clark Gregg) – This human was a private of the Royal Guard. He saved Adam and Adora from an attack when they were eight and was appointed their Personal Guard.
Orko (Tom Papa) – This Trollan has been the Court Entertainer ever since Teela’na found him and presented him to Randor and Marlena. He is close friends with Prince Adam.
Kronis/Trap-Jaw (Vinnie Jones) – Kronis is a Gar and is the villain who attempted to murder the royal twins. During the attack, he lost his right arm to Perkaedo’s sword and the lower half of his face was smashed when he fell from a cliff. It is unknown how or where he received the cybernetic implants he now wears as Trap-Jaw. He hates Perkaedo with a passion.

Beast Man (Kevin Grevioux) – Raqquill Raqazz is the king of the Bursia (the Beast Men) and has agreed to work with Skeletor in order to have his people’s lands – the Vine Jungle - returned to them. During Randor’s uniting of Eternia, the Bursia refused to swear fealty to the throne. Years later when they came into conflict with the Qadians over some neighboring lands, the Qadians attacked and drove them from the Vine Jungle. Since the Bursia were not part of the Kingdom, Randor did not intervene.
Kobra Khan (Arnold Vosloo) – A lieutenant to King Hssss. Khan recognized Randor’s final gambit at the end of The Great War and fled the battlefield. He has been watching and waiting ever since, hoping for an opportunity to free his people. He attempted to assassinate Teela’na one night, thinking that would undo her spell, but was stopped by a cloaked stranger.
King Hssss (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) – King Hssss is basically Genghis Khan. He spent years on a warpath conquering or destroying every bit of Eternia he drove his Snake Men across. His assassins murdered the King and Queen, leaving a Council of Elders in charge that could barely cope with this seemingly infinite army of evil. It was only when Randor took control of the Army of Eternia that the Serpent Army’s assault was stopped.

Ram Man (Michael Chiklis) – Ram Man is a powerful and loyal warrior. He is a lieutenant in the Royal Guard.
Tri-Klops (Jason Momoa) – Trydor is a swordsman for hire. His helmet is a cybernetic enhancement with three eyes. The blue eye provides x-ray vision and freeze blasts. The red eye provides thermal vision and heat blasts. The green eye provides long-distance vision and a poison blast that will weaken opponents to the point where they can be subdued. Tri-Klops is Boba Fett for all intents and purposes.
Whiplash (Paul Wight)Torrant Krazut is one of Skeletor’s lieutenants. He is a massive, powerful brute who uses sheer force in all situations. He was exiled from his people’s home in Subternia for reasons unknown.


Jitsu (Riki Takeuchi)Both of Jitsu’s names are stupid so we’ll come up with something new. He is one of Skeletor’s lieutenants and the best hand-to-hand fighter on Eternia. He has mastered every fighting style known on the planet after years of living a nomadic lifestyle. His sole purpose is to defeat all of Eternia’s greatest warriors. Jitsu does not speak. Skeletor has recruited Jitsu specifically to defeat Eternia’s greatest warrior, King Randor.

Mekaneck (Evan Peters)Orius is a young lieutenant in the Royal Guard. His neck is broken by Jitsu during Skeletor’s invasion of Eternos Palace. Orius attempts to protect King Randor from the martial artist and is severely wounded during the futile battle.


Catra (Alexandra Breckenridge) – She is a lieutenant in the Boundless Army of the Imperial Horde. When Force Captain Adora betrays the Horde she is promoted to Force Captain and given a magical mask that allows her to transform into a giant panther. Unbeknownst to her, it also allows Hordak to subtly undermine her free will, eliminating the possibility of betrayal.

Hordak (Idris Elba) – Hec-Tor Kur is a world conqueror. He is the Emperor of the Horde and commander of the Boundless Army of the Imperial Horde. He is a master sorcerer and a technological fetishist. He has no specific understanding of tech, but employs Modulok and Entrapta to constantly evolve and enhance himself and the Imperial Army. Kur has many cybernetic implants to enhance his strength, intelligence, and willpower. The latter make him a more effective magic user than any non-enhanced sentient. (I hope this doesn't upset any assholes - I know Hordak is white)

Colonel Blast (Danny Trejo) – Rio Blast is a colonel in the Boundless Army of the Imperial Horde. He is a master of all energy pulse weapons and has a thirst for battle.
Modulok (Denis O’Hare & Clint Howard) – The Technician-General of the Horde Empire. Professor Modulok is a master of biology, chemistry, and cybernetics. He is Hordak’s personal surgeon and has implanted all of the Emperor’s tech. Modulok does not care about the Empire’s agenda, he simply takes advantage of their endless resources.
Entrapta (Amy Acker) – Entrapta is Modulok’s chief scientist and the source of Horde weapon technology. She is a genius in the field of death and dismemberment and cares only for finding new ways to impair or eliminate life. She is deeply in love with Modulok, who is the only sentient she acknowledges as superior or even equal.


Chief Carnivus (Tony Todd) – He is the ruler of the Qadians, a leonine species that are the more sophisticated cousins of the Bursia. He is arrogant but honorable. His allegiance to Randor is unbreakable.
Stratos (David Morrisey) – He is the ruler of the Avions, an avian species that are renowned for their nobility and fierceness in battle. Stratos is absolutely loyal to Randor, who saved his species from extinction years before the Great War.


Grizzlor (Tyler Mane)Gur’rull Gu’Rrooowarrrk is General of the Boundless Army of the Imperial Horde and Hordak’s most trusted subordinate. Quiet and brooding, he is the best strategic mind in the empire. His pensive nature combined with his brutality in combat lead those unfamiliar with him to think Grizzlor a savage.
I might post a bit of story soon, as well.

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