Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Needless Things Podcast Episode 1: Masters of the Universe 30th Anniversary

I guess this was bound to happen sooner or later. I knew at some point I would have to do my own thing.

This was actually Beau’s idea. He messaged me that he wanted to do a Masters of the Universe podcast; possibly Earth Station Eternia. I thought that sounded like a great idea, so I ran it past Director Faber. He was not interested. I immediately knew I was just going to have to do it myself. I envisioned a year-end wrap-up of the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line and the 30th Anniversary. I got back to Beau to make sure he was down with that – he was – and started figuring out how the heck I was going to do it.

Would there be cursing? (yes)

How long did I want to record? (preferably about 90 minutes, but however long it took)

How would I record? (with a Skype add-on called Amolto Call Recorder)

How would I post it? (still working on that as of this writing)

We had a recording date set of December 10th, but I got sick and couldn’t talk around the pound of snot hanging out in my throat.

And then we did record ten days later. I had planned on doing a lot more than we did, but it just takes a while to discuss thirty-two action figures and the greatest playset of all time.

Here’s the rundown, with links to reviews where appropriate (at the time of the recording I had not yet received my December shipment of Procrustus and Mosquitor; I skipped Granamyr): 

30th Figures

  • Photog – Heroic Master of Cameras designed by fan Nathan Bitner
  • Draego-Man – Evil Fire-Breathing Menace designed by legendary toy designers The Four Horsemen – mention dropped weapons
  • Spector – Heroic Master of Time Travel designed by ToyGuru Scott Nietlich – I do not begrudge him this figure. I would totally do the same thing. Spector is boring and I didn’t get him or want him, but good for ToyGuru.
  • Sir Laser-Lot – Heroic Knight of Grayskull designed by comic book writer Geoff Johns – Johns gets 80’s toys.
  • Cy-Chop – Evil Horde Bounty Hunter designed by apparent lunatic Terry Higuchi
  • Castle Grayskullman – Heroic Embodiment of Castle Grayskull designed by Daniel Benedict
2012 Figures

  • January – Star Sisters
  • February – Sorceress, Fisto, Shadow Weaver
  • March – Kobra Khan
  • April – Thun-DERP-unch He-Man, DDP
  • May – Slush Head, Stinkor, Snake Mountain stands
  • June – Horde Prime, Snake MAA, Gryphon
  • July – Spikor, Vykron (SDCC)
  • August – Nothing
  • September - Mekaneck, DB Skeletor, Snake Men
  • October – Rattlor, Frosta, Weapons Pak
  • November – Eternos Palace Randor, Dekkker
  • December – Mosquitor, Procrustus, Granamyr


I had a fantastic time recording this thing with Beau and even enjoyed the editing to a certain extent. If the editing had been the only thing going on in my life I think I would have really liked it. Of course, that would also be very sad.

I wasn’t sure to what extent Director Faber wanted the ESO Network to be involved given his initial level of interest, but he was pretty excited about making The Needless Things Podcast a part of his empire when I talked to him Sunday night during the latest Earth Station Who recording. He asked if I had included the ESO IDs and I went, “Uhh… no,” because I don’t have those IDs and the idea of me including them never came up. But he sent them along and now they’re in there and I can’t help but feel like this thing is even more official. Faber told me if I waited two weeks I could actually upload it to the ESO Network, but I’ve had this date in mind and thought it was really important to kick off 2013 with something big. I may re-upload it when he’s ready just so everything will be in one place.

Speaking of big things, I also bought a domain name. You might (or might not) have noticed that your address bar says “NeedlessThingsSite.com” rather than “phantomtroublemaker.blogspot.com”. I’ve been feeling like that needed to happen for a while. I was never really happy with the address, but when I investigated I found out that “NeedlessThings.com” was already taken by some kind of fashion site that as far as I can tell has never been updated and seems to not even be in use.

I haven’t really investigated the differences between the pure Blogspot site and whatever it is I have now, but apparently there are some. As the year goes on I’ll change whatever I can when there’s time. We’ll see.

One last thing – this is more of a general type of thing than anything podcast-related, but just know that I’m toning down my costumes this year. The mask will still be everywhere I am, but I’ve decided to work with what I already have, costume-wise. I’m really trying to tighten up the spending and get rid of a few nagging debts, so this year is going to have a minimum of unnecessary expenses. I had wanted very badly to have a Phantom Troublemaker version of Doctor Six’s costume for TimeGate, but the time and money for such a thing simply aren’t there. I’m still gonna hug Colin Baker, though.

Oh, and toys do not count as “unnecessary expenses”. So don’t worry about a lack of reviews.

Oh, I almost forgot - here's the podcast:

My intro has a tiny bit of robot echo or something. I'll figure out how not to do that next time.


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