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Platinum Championship Wrestling 12/1/2012

I was finally able to return to Porterdale, Georgia for some Platinum Championship Wrestling action two Saturdays ago. PCW holds shows there on the first and third Saturday of every month and that night’s action included a three-way match featuring De La Vega and Supernatural facing Empire/PCW Champion Shane Marx for his title(s) and the exciting return of Johnny Danger in a match against his former Priority Males stablemate Quasi Mandisco. I wasn’t going to miss it.
            I haven’t been to a PCW show since Sacred Ground Chapter III back in September. There are two problems with PCW Porterdale shows. The first is that they are in Porterdale. While I like Porterdale and its’ resident Porterdaliens quite a lot, it is just far enough away to be a chore to get to. The second issue is that the shows are early – at 6 PM. It is much easier for me to make later events because then Lil’ Troublemaker is going to bed anyway and I don’t miss out on any time with him. But a 6 PM show an hour away means I need to be out of the house a little before 5 and that’s missing a lot of Daddy time. I don’t like it.
But I didn’t want to miss this show, and it was doubly important to me to be there since I had done those great Q&As with Johnny Danger and Quasi Mandisco in the week leading up to the event. I was accompanied this time by Angry Matt and his roommate D-Reks; who was attending his very first live wrestling event. We were gonna pop that cherry, but good.
This may not be my most detailed recap (which is really saying something). I hadn’t planned on doing one at all, what with my week off, but the show was so good it demanded something. Even if it’s just a bunch of pictures and the odd comment here and there. If you’d like a more straightforward recap, I recommend you check out my buddy KC’s work over here.

Quasi Mandisco w/ Ricky Nugent of The Priority Males
Johnny Danger w/ Pandora
It was extremely weird seeing Quasi Mandisco approaching the ring for a match in those regrettable white jeans, especially accompanied as he was by Ricky Nugent in full wrestling gear. I was a little concerned that we were going to see a bait-and-switch.
Then Johnny Danger came out, and holy shit did he look magnificent. I’ve always given Danger’s old pleather indie pants a pass thanks to the Godzilla on the side, but seeing the guy in some actual wrestling gear was awesome. And it was some tremendous wrestling gear. If I ever decide to pull the trigger on the full-on Phantom Troublemaker gear I designed last year, I will be contacting Rick Michaels to make it. Just check out the awesome logo on the front up there.
The match itself was a whole lot of fun. Mandisco pulled off all the classic non-wrestling heel tactics you would expect, while Danger kept it classy and babyface. There was no sense that these guys hadn’t done this before. At one point Danger got Quasi in the corner and ripped his shirt open, exposing Mandisco’s chest (not that this doesn’t happen every Saturday night at the Clermont, anyway) for some brutal chopping action.
After some attempted interference from my new favorite heel, Ricky Nugent, Danger managed to hit his finisher on Quasi and get the win.
Before he could celebrate, the Priority Males rushed out of the locker room and assaulted Danger and Pandora in the ring. Once just enough abuse had happened to piss the crowd off really good, Sylar Cross and Chip Motherfucking Day ran out to make the save.
After the match it was announced that Danger and Pandora would be choosing a third teammate to face three of the Priority Males at the next show (I can’t remember the combination).
I just want to take a moment to acknowledge Ricky Nugent. The first time I saw him was at one of the Avondale PCW shows. He was accompanying the Crown Jewels to the ring and wearing a pretty ridiculous track suit. I think it was the first time I saw “Mr. Pump Yo Brakes” Steve Goins, as well. Nugent played the douchey hype man very well that night and definitely gave a strong repeat performance on December 1st. He’s a guy I want to see more of, if only so somebody can punch him in the face.
Worst Case Scenario w/ The Delightful Miss Rachael
Von Reaper & A Guy Named Davis
This was a fun match to see because it’s only the second time I’ve seen Von Reaper and Eli Evans and Ethan Case’s brief performance at MCW left me wanting more. I’m not familiar with this Davis guy, but he was solid.
The match was a tight, exciting one with WCS maintaining the advantage for the most part. Case and Evans are not only very competent in the ring, they have a great knack for playing to the crowd. Things came to an end when WCS hit a series of double-team moves and pinned Von Reaper for the win.
YOUR WINNERS – Worst Case Scenario
Raymond King
Not Bubba Ray Dudley” Jones
I didn’t catch Jones’ first name, even though I tried to get a picture of his right kickpad. I think it might actually be “Patton” Jones. Jones was solid in the match and wearing camo is always going to be a good way to get over as a babyface, but Raymond King was the real standout, and not just because I got him to yell at me when I yelled, “You are the king of nothing!”:
King was not only quick and precise in the ring, he also played the heel extremely well. As soon as he walked out the crowd knew to boo the guy. Partially from his body language, but also because of the ridiculous crown on top of his head. I also have to credit his facial hair for being particularly dastardly.
King hit a lot of interesting, high-impact moves, but the real standout was when he climbed to the top turnbuckle, leapt off, and hit a flying Codebreaker on Jones prettier than Chris Jericho has ever done it. I wanted to yell, “HOLY SHIT!” so bad, but Porterdale is a fairly family-friendly show. But holy shit. That move looked fantastic. King hit it perfectly and Jones sold it the same:
If PCW had an opening montage, that move would belong in it. It was one of the slickest and most impressive things I’ve seen live in a good, long while.
And it didn’t even end the match! Jones rallied and caught King in an uranage-like maneuver that was just as perfectly executed as that flying Codebreaker.
YOUR WINNER – Patton(?) Jones
After the match Raymond King hilariously put his crown back on upside-down and stumbled to the back, still selling the effects of the finisher. Great stuff. I can’t wait to see more from both of these guys. They had a great PCW debut.
Brian Blaze & “Marvelous” Marko Polo w/ The Priority Males
Sylar Cross & MC Warhorse
Angry Matt speculated that MC Warhorse was Jay Fury. I second that speculation.
This was a solid tag match, with MC Warhorse getting in more offense than all past Warhorses put together. But to no avail, as Blaze and Polo got the win.
YOUR WINNER – “Marvelous” Marko Polo & Brian Blaze
After the match, Sylar Cross hit a massive running cross body on Quasi Mandisco, which everybody enjoyed. Except Quasi.
Corey Hollis
Do or Die” Chip Motherfucking Day
Holy shit this match was good. I can’t even begin to recap it. Here are a bunch of pictures:
At one point Hollis didn’t get his hands up to block a reverse kick from Day and I kind of thought Day had really fucked him up. Hollis took a foot right to the jaw and was clearly dazed for, like, a while. I was legitimately concerned, but the match kept going. Eventually Hollis got his shit back together and the pace picked back up to the previous level. Also, referee chuck Porterfield made my favorite face ever:
This match was so damn good. The whole audience was on the edge of their seats, a group of kids were screaming their little heads off for Chip Day, and the atmosphere was electric. Days finally caught Hollis in an ankle lock, causing everybody in attendance to hold their breath, waiting for the inevitable tap out. Just as Hollis gave up hope of reaching the ropes to break the hold, the referee called for the bell. Time was up.
YOUR WINNER – Time Limit Draw
I am all for this. Time limit draws used to happen all the time as way to elevate both competitors and give the crowd a longer, exciting match. I love em’. After the match it was announced that Hollis and Day would face each other again on the 15th. I want to see that really badly, but I’m not sure I can make that show.
After the match, Day offered the Hand of Good Sportsmanship, but Hollis spit on it and left the ring. What a dick.
And with that ladies and gentlemen,
Your Platinum Championship Wrestling Main Event!
De La Vega
The Undead Luchador Supernatural
The Revelation” Shane Marx
For the Empire/PCW Championships
The match started with Marx encouraging Vega and Supernatural to do violence to one another. Just when it looked like they were going to comply, both men turned and attacked the Champ, dumping him out of the ring. Things went like that for most of the bout, with the two smaller men teaming up on Marx and then confronting each other once he was eliminated from the equation.
The action was fast and furious, but eventually Marx got pissed off and started hitting serious, powerful moves on his opponents. He snatched each of the other men right out of the air on two different occasions, driving them to the mat with powerful throws. Vega and Supernatural are both fast, skilled, and daring, but it was really looking like Marx was going to be able to handle both of them.
But just as it looked like Vega might have a prayer. El Monstro Asesino ran out of the back to attack Supernatural, causing a disqualification and ending the match.
YOUR WINNER – I’m not sure if it was Supernatural by disqualification or if the match was simply thrown out due to interference.
There were a few minutes of confusion as Marx and Asesino fought against De La Vega and The Undead Luchador, but eventually the heels retreated to the back. The challengers remained in the ring, dancing and celebrating their moral victory.
It was announced that on December 15th, a steel cage would be constructed around that very ring so that Asesino and Marx could take on Supernatural and De La Vega. Another match I really do not want to miss.
As always, please check out my Facebook page for TONS more pictures.
So if you’re keeping score, that’s three great matches already set for this Saturday:

Johnny Danger, Pandora, & MYSTERY PARTNER
The Priority Males
Chip Motherfucking Day
Corey Hollis
De La Vega & The Undead Luchador Supernatural
El Monstro Asesino & “The Revelation” Shane Marx

This was a fantastic show. We had a blast watching it and D-Reks was asking before it was even over if we were going to come back for the next one. Afterwards, I saw KC interviewing Quasi Mandisco. I admired his initiative. I wish I had been so motivated when I was younger. Then, of course, Mandisco had to be a dick and stomp away from a question he didn’t like. I thought KC’s mom was gonna knock him out of his silly, white jeans. Unfortunately she didn’t.

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