Friday, December 7, 2012

Guest Star Week: Comix with Scott!

Welcome to Guest Star Week here on Needless Things!
I put out the call to the Phantomaniacs a few weeks ago for a few guest posts. I have something I really want to work on, but it’s just going to take more time than I normally have to write. It’s a pet passion project – something which may not ever even get published – but I have to do it. I’m really excited about it and have already put it off more than I care to.
Thankfully, I had a few creative and talented people step up with some truly cool entries. I told them they could write about whatever they wanted to that wasn’t religion or politics. I didn’t even want to know what they were writing about beforehand. I said write it, send it, and I’ll post it.
Today’s post comes from Scott Stripling, who makes comic books. Scott was my best friend in high school and for a long time after. Life happened and things changed and we lost touch. We reconnected - in the casual, fakey way people do - on Facebook a couple of years ago. Scott self-publishes his comics through Shoot the Moon Studios. He also has an etsy store where you can order his stuff. I love this guy and the work that he does. He's stayed committed to his art all these years and I think that's awesome.
Also, I'm really hoping we can go see The Residents in February. 

            And now, here’s Scott:
Come back on Monday for ONE MORE GUEST POST! I've been sick all week, so I am going to take advantage of Beth V's output and post a second piece from the lady.



  1. Pretty sweet. My favorite part is the repetition of 'The Audience Has Been Zombified!' within the same little frame thingy (don't read much comix). Good work, Scott Stripling.

    1. I fucking love this comic. I printed up hi-res versions of each page and I'm framing them to go on the wall.