Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

I don’t normally post on holidays – especially Thanksgiving – but I feel like I have a lot to be thankful for this year.

And let me start off by being clear – I am thankful to God. I believe in God, I believe He created this universe and everything in it and I believe there are blessings in everything around us. I am tremendously bothered by this new antitheist movement that is directing so much hatred and derision toward the faithful, but I’m not going to get into all of that now because this post is about things I am thankful for, not about social media trends that concern me greatly.

But yeah – I believe in God and I always have. Never doubted, never questioned. I simply can’t accept that all of this is an accident. That there was no intention or design. And I’m not disputing evolution or biology or any other science. I think that science and faith fit together just fine. Without faith, there would be no scientific advancement. Yeah, it’s a different kind of faith, but I feel that the spiritual and the intellectual are not mutually exclusive despite the fact that parties on both sides seem to like to do their best to make it so.
            Anyway, I feel blessed because there is so much great stuff in my life.

Obviously there’s my family. My wife and my son are the greatest people on the face of the Earth. They bring me so many different kinds of joy every single day that sometimes I tear up just thinking about them. Like, you know how sometimes, every once in a while, you almost can’t bear to look at somebody because you love them so much? I'm also thankful for our dogs. Yes, even the backup auxiliary dog. I may not like her, but I'm glad she's brought Mrs.Troublemaker so much joy. Somehow.
Both of my parents are still here and healthy and happy. They keep moving all the time and they spend too much time worrying about other people, but I love them and feel like every single minute my son gets to spend with them is a gift. Some of us lose our parents and grandparents too early. I lost both of my grandfathers far too soon. But I am thankful I was able to know them at all.

I am thankful for my wife’s family. They are a loving, inclusive group of people who have always been the absolute best to me. 
I am thankful for my son’s preschool. I know that sounds weird, but that place has been a blessing. Lil’ Troublemaker is a very smart, very creative kid, but he had no interest whatsoever in learning for Mommy and Daddy. It wasn’t last or malicious – just one of those things that parents just don’t get results from. He didn’t want to improve on reading, writing, or drawing when we encouraged him. Now he draws all the time. He writes all kinds of words totally unprompted. He’s reading random stuff without assistance. I balked initially at the cost of this preschool – it was a very large chunk of our household income to be coughing up all of a sudden – but I would pay twice that for the changes that have occurred in my son. He’s like an insatiable learning monster now and it’s amazing.

I am thankful for my job. It pays the bills. I'll be there tonight and - believe it or not - I am thankful for that. Daddy's gonna make a lot of money.

I am thankful for the friends I have and the times that I get to spend with them. I really have an awesome bunch of people in my life right now.

I am thankful for Mike Faber, Mike Gordon, Bobby Nash, and all of the other folks at Earth Station One. I feel like I am living so many dreams right now. I am a regular on-air personality for a Doctor Who podcast. It’s crazy. Every two weeks I get to talk to an amazing group of people about my favorite thing ever and other people are entertained by it
I am thankful for each and every person in Platinum Championship Wrestling. Not just for the fact that they have kept my love of and interest in pro wrestling alive, but for always being friendly and inclusive. It’s because of that organization that I am can now call myself a ring announcer. Which is also crazy.

On a related note, I am thankful that the new WWE game is pretty darn good. I wish I had more time to play it, but so far it has hooked me back into that virtual wrestling world.

I am thankful that I can collect toys. It’s a ridiculous luxury and an utter waste of money, but I happen to have a job that allows for it (though I really need to cut back and it’s going to be really hard to do) and a wife that is not only tolerant of it but encourages it from time to time. And there are some amazing toys right now. The new TMNT, the Masters of the Universe Classics line (mostly), and pretty much everything NECA does. That’s what’s really killing me right now – NECA coming out of nowhere with all of these licenses and breathtaking toys that I can’t say no to.

I am thankful for Lasik surgery and Dr. Woolfson. It is a true blessing to no longer need corrective lenses and I will be thankful for every day that it lasts.

I am thankful for how amazing my life is. I sat back just now and realized that at 36 years old I am a father, a writer, an on-air personality, and a ring announcer for a wrestling organization. That’s pretty awesome.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.


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