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13 Questions With Johnny DANGAAAAAAAAAA!

Johnny Danger is a red-hot babyface. At least, he was when he got all jacked up at Platinum Championship Wrestling’s Sacred Ground Chapter 3. Danger was poised to make a huge impact in The Main Event in Porterdale, Georgia taking on his former Priority Males stable mates. But misfortune intervened and Danger was stuck on the sidelines, mentally ready but physically stalled.

Well now he’s back to let you know he can really shake ‘em down…

            We’re going to jump right into this one because Johnny Danger has a lot to say before his huge return this Saturday night to face the dastardly, villainous, white-jeans-wearing Quasi Mandisco.

1) Can you tell us a little bit about the Priority Males and what made you turn your back on them?

A) I'd be happy to, it’s something I've been wanting to get off my chest as a matter of fact. The fans in PCW's new home base of Porterdale, GA, might not be aware of the fact that I'd only been with Platinum Championship Wrestling a short time before we came to their town. In our former home of Avondale Estates, I was beloved by the fans. I had a reputation as the guy who'd fight anybody in the locker room, no matter how high the odds were stacked against me. Week after week, the fans would cheer me on as I got destroyed, knowing I'd get up when it was all said and done and I'd never stop fighting. Problem was, following my first defeat in wrestling (to Marko Polo, ironically enough), I went 7 long months without scoring a win in that building. I was starting to resent the fans for seeming to delight in my destruction. So when we first came to Porterdale, I didn't come to please the fans. Of course, they took one look at my long hair and tattoos, and they right away assumed I WAS a "Ne'er Do Well". I took on Marty Freeman as my manager for that one night. I actually wrestled the first PCW match in Porterdale history that night, against the then-PCW champion Demi-God Mason. I lost the match, but apparently impressed Quasi Mandisco, who approached me backstage along with Marko Polo, and a good friend of mine named Ricky Nugent. He made me an offer that sounded really good at the time. Fame, fortune, women, I jumped at the chance. But here's the thing..I had these guys' backs, but they never really had mine. You can go back and watch the footage, any time we won a match as a group, Johnny Danger was the one who scored the pin for the team. But any time ANYTHING went wrong, it was my fault. Friendship and loyalty obviously meant nothing, because when Ricky Nugent was briefly hospitalized following a brutal Porterdale Street Fight, I was the only Priority Male to go visit him. 

Fast forward to Sacred Ground Chapter III. I was a part of the Platinum Royal along with Polo and Pump Yo' Brakes Steve Goins. I entered the locker room we were sharing with The EMPIRE, and asked my partners what the plan was for tonight. I was told
"Watch Marko Polo's back and stay out of the way." Well… that did it. I grabbed my gear, walked out, and knocked on the door to the PCW locker room. Stephen Platinum opened the door, and his eyes were flashing with the fire I'd seen many times when I opposed him in the ring. I looked into those eyes and said "Boss, I'm sorry, I want to come back." He thought about it for a moment, then opened the door and said “Welcome home, Johnny." Then when I heard the reaction I got from the people when I entered alone, as my own man? I knew I'd made the right choice. Huh. That was long. Sorry about that!

2) What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?

A) When I was a kid? Heh, as far as I'm concerned, I still am. I still collect toys, mainly Godzilla figures from Japan… I could've gone to college and gotten a job that doesn't involve falling on my head if I'd saved all the money I've spent on those things. But when I was a child, I was a HUGE fan of "Dino-Riders". They were awesome dinosaur figures, some of the bigger ones were even motorized and walked, and they had all sorts of laser weaponry and missile launchers that attached to them, it was ridiculous. I wish someone would re-release these guys, I'd buy 'em all over again. Big fan of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well.

3) What is one album everybody should own?

A)Just one?! Yikes. Well, I'll put it this way. It's rare that I find an album I can listen to all the way through and not skip a single song. The first two that come to mind are the self-titled "Black" album from Metallica, and Famous Monsters by the Misfits. It's also hard to go wrong with any "greatest hits" collection for Elvis Presley or KISS. Or Ozzy..err, next question, or I'll go on forever.

4) Who is your favorite wrestler and why?

A)Haha, again it's so hard to narrow it down to one, I've been a wrestling fan since 1987 or so.but the first name that jumps out is Hulk Hogan. People might not consider him a talented mat wrestler, but no one can question his success and the connection he had with his fans. In my teenage years I totally related to Mick Foley..whether that's a good thing or not, I don't know. I've also got a soft spot for guys like Stevie Richards and Goldust who might not be in the main event or have the most impressive win/loss
roster, but, those two in particular were having more entertaining matches on HeAT in the early 2000's than some things on RAW. I'm a huge fan of both of those two in general. But, yeah, I guess number one would have to be Hogan.

5) You got injured at Sacred Ground Chapter 3 – what happened and how has your recovery been?

A) So, like I mentioned earlier, I decided to enter the Platinum Royal to try and earn a shot at the Unified PCW/EMPIRE Championship, which we all know ultimately went to the EMPIRE's mystery man, the Fifth Column. I've got a theory that the Priority Males paid this guy off, paid Rachael Freeman off, paid Jeff G. Bailey off, whoever was calling the shots that night, for the sole reason of hurting me and teaching me a lesson. He went right for me early in the match. The Fifth Column didn't just eliminate me from the match, he hurled me headfirst like a human shot put. I went into the damn crowd, I know because some poor lady showed me the bruise my foot left on her leg. As for me, I splattered all over the ground, we don't use mats at ringside. I broke a finger on impact and would come to find out I sustained two bulging discs in my spine. I don't even feel right complaining about this, after what we all saw happen to Mason on the same show, was tough. Like I said, I've taken some hellacious beatings in the ring before. I've had my nose broken twice, my jaw knocked out of place, broken fingers before, bruised my ribs, bloodied on several occasions, suffered a concussion....but this was the first time I was literally scared that something bad might be wrong, this was the first time I thought I might not be able to come back. For weeks, I couldn't go anywhere but work and home because sitting in the car was pure agony. I couldn't sleep at night cause any time I'd roll over in the bed I'd wake up nearly screaming. I didn't think it would ever get better, but little by little, it did. It's been almost two months since I've competed inside the ring. Friends and family urged me to retire, and I honestly considered it..but, I'm not going out like that. I've worked too hard to get where I am for my last appearance to be a footnote in a battle royal. I found out I'd be medically cleared to return to the ring right before last Saturday's PCW show in Porterdale, GA, a fact I was happy to spring on Quasi Mandisco when I challenged him to a fight next time we're in town on December 1st.

6) What would be your dream match?

A) Okay, lets see. As a fan, I really, really wanted to see Hulk Hogan throw down with Steve Austin. It's a shame this match never happened, I know they teased it a couple times..not to take anything away from The Rock, but I think Hogan/Austin would've REALLY been two of wrestling's greatest eras going at it. It wouldn't even matter who won or what happened during the match, the pure spectacle and atmosphere of it all would be so hard to ever top. 

Then for something involving myself, sure there's a lot of big name talent I'd love to imagine myself in the ring with, but I'm going to be realistic and limit it to the amazing roster we have at PCW. The funny thing is, I've been there less than a year, but I've fought almost everybody in the locker room, and we don't exactly have a shallow depth of talent! I'd love another shot at Shane Marx for the championship, I've come along way since I was awarded a shot at him only a month into my career. I've had some
BRUTAL matches with Supernatural that I rank among my very favorite, and now that we're both on the same side of the law, if you will, I think we could make a super dangerous combination (See what I did, there?). Though there is one guy I've never faced one on one I'd love to test myself against. We formed a popular team for many months, though I did mix it up with him in a couple tag matches and the big Revolutionary Wargames this past July 4th.I'd love a friendly match with De La Vega just to see what happens.

7) I know you want to – if you could write one paragraph about Godzilla, what would it be?

A) Heh, yeah, everybody knows I'm a huge Godzilla fan..some people are sports nuts, others are obsessed with Star Wars..I've always loved monsters, and who better than the King of the Monsters? I've got two Godzilla themed tattoos with plans for several more, I put his face on my ring gear, his roar signals the start of my entrance theme, I even dubbed one of my finishing maneuvers, the STO, "Godzilla's Revenge". Godzilla movies and wrestling were the first loves of my childhood. It’s just such a simple pleasure, and I love the fact that these movies portray various monsters as the "good guy", as well as giving them emotions, personalities and true character, something American films are often hesitant to do.

8) How did you become involved with PCW?

A) This is gonna be another long story, but it's a good one. So in 2011 I finally bit the bullet and decided to marry the now-Mrs. Danger. I've never understood the concept of the typical "bachelor party", it's like.. "Well, I can never have sex with another woman again, so, let's go spend money to look at some naked women that I couldn't even touch if I wanted to." Please, I've had enough broads tease me and use me, why would I actively seek it out?! So anyway, in my teenage years I had my own backyard wrestling we weren't out there setting fires and hitting each other with light tubes, we actually put together wrestling matches and took pride in it. So I had this grand idea to rent a real ring, get the band back together, so to say, and put on one last wrestling show with my friends, for my friends. I reached out through my various connections in the local entertainment industry, and was referred to Stephen Platinum. We contacted him and he invited me to check out his Friday show at the Academy Theater in Avondale Estates. We did, and it was a fun little show. 

We spoke afterwards and he was really open to the idea, he agreed to help book and promote the show and even train me and my buddies enough to put on a decent performance. I jumped at the chance to start training, and I was there every Tuesday from then on. Well, I had some people back out of the show, and then had a financial crisis in our personal life that left me holding a $15,000 that show was cancelled. I told Steve about this, and he invited me to keep training, as he might have a spot on his show for me. I needed some positivity in my life at the time, and this became a welcome distraction. It was also the single hardest thing I've ever done, but here I am. I cannot speak highly enough of Stephen Platinum. He took a chance on an unproven and unlikely commodity in Johnny Danger. I'll be the first to admit it hasn't always paid off... but he never turned me away, never discouraged me from living my dream...and that's what PCW is for me. A dream come true, and I'll be there as long as they'll allow it.

9) Which actor do you feel like you could sit and watch for hours no matter what they were doing and why?

A) Oh I could never pick just one, but I'll give you my favorites..first, The Three Stooges. The real ones; Curly, Shemp, and Moe Howard and Larry Fine. No matter how bad a mood I'm in, those guys crack me up. I'm also a tremendous fan of the old Universal horror films. Guys like Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney Jr, Boris Karloff, there's just something magical about those movies. If we want to get more recent, Bruce Campbell's always a favorite... but you know, I've always been more about the story than the actor. Those are the ones that really stand out to me, though. Let's not leave the ladies out, though....if the world really does end this year, as long as Johnny Danger and Lucy Lawless (along with her wardrobe from Xena: Warrior Princess) survive, I promise you I will repopulate the Earth… erm, just for the good of humanity, of course.

10) What inspires you to do what you do?

A)I'm lucky enough to draw inspiration from many sources..those who came before me and laid the groundwork for what we do, my fellow PCW wrestlers, my wife, my friends and fans, the woman who's told me Johnny Danger is her son's favorite wrestler, and the fact that I'm truly living a dream. I've accomplished so much more than I ever was "supposed to", in such a short amount of time. I've battled heavyweight champions like Mason and Shane Marx, I've taken on guys who are among the best in the Southeast and beyond, like dany only, Fred Yehi, Chip Day. I've had entire buildings chanting my name, and hundreds of people screaming for my blood in a double steel cage. Hell, I once wrestled Mr. Erik in front of 6 people at 1:30 in the morning, you KNOW I love this business! I don't know how much longer I've got in my career, but, as long as the people keep buying a ticket, and I'm part of the reason? That's my inspiration.

11) What is something you cannot wait to see or have more of?

A) Hmm..something I cannot wait to have more of..this is a family interview, so, I'll say sushi. Love the stuff, and I can put away nearly limitless quantities. The chef at my favorite restaurant (I Love Sushi in my hometown of Conyers, GA) has for years called me "Godzilla" because of the way I attack his stock of food! Something I NEED to see more of is fans coming out to catch Platinum Championship Wrestling in Porterdale on the first and third Saturday of every month! I think a lot of folks thought Sacred Ground III would be the may've been the end of an era, but we're still here, and we're still fighting just as hard as we ever were, but we can't do it without you.

12) Is there a movie that should never be remade and if so which one?

A) Ha, you just touched a nerve there, total pet peeve of mine. Are we so out of ideas that we can't come up with anything new? Why are they remaking Robocop? Hell, we're at the point where we're doing remakes/reboots of remakes/reboots, we've got the second attempt at an American Godzilla film coming in 2014, and I swear if this one is bad too I'm gonna Dangerkick the damn Hollywood sign or something! Someone's gonna have to pay! Did you know they're even talking about rebooting the "Ernest" franchise?! WHY!? Now, some remakes are okay. Tom Savini's "Night of the Living Dead" was great...I loved the Star Trek film from a couple years ago, despite my desire to hate it because I felt those were iconic characters that could never be re-cast...the recent Wolf Man film, I think it was missing all of the heart of the original but it was a fun movie. The upcoming Evil Dead looks like a good horror film from the trailers, it just...shouldn't be called Evil Dead. But to answer the question, if we ever feel the need to remake, say, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, I think we're done as a species. Not to say that's not a GREAT movie, cause it is...but, it accomplished everything it needed to.

13) Closer – What can we expect from your highly-anticipated return to Porterdale, GA 0n December 1st? Take as long as you want.

A) Porterdale, Georgia. My new home away from home. But it hasn't always been that way. When I first came there in March of 2012, I didn't know what to expect. I seen a lot of people hating me...and I didn't know what to feel about I guess I didn't like them much either. During the past several months, I've seen a lot of they felt about me, and how I felt about them, and how I felt about working with scum like The Priority Males. The reactions those fans have given me for the past two months, when I've come out there to do blows me away. I haven't given them much of a reason to trust me, to support me...but they do. And if they can change...then I can change. Now look...I've NEVER been this squeaky clean, goody two shoes type guy, and I never will. I'm still a "Ne'er Do Well" at heart, I still carry that steel chain (officially dubbed "Vice President Chainy") everywhere I go...but you know something? Maybe that's the kind of hero these people need...somebody REAL, not a cartoon character...somebody with problems and emotions and anger just like all of them. And I'm proud to be that hero. 

As for Quasi Mandisco and the Priority Males? My prediction is....pain. Last Saturday, someone asked me if I hate Quasi. I don't hate him. I pity the fool. I pity the people of Porterdale for having to see him squeeze into those tighty whitey jeans every two weeks. I pity his dentist for what he'll have to do to put his teeth back into his mouth after I Dangerkick 'em all the way to Monster Island. There's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide this time. You've hid behind "special challenge matches", you've hid behind Nina Monet, getting her to slap me when you were too scared to put your hands on, I don't hide. It ain't my style, I'm not a hard man to find. I'll be the one standing on your face, while the crowd's chanting my name, with my fist raised in triumph....and you'll be the sad, broken man, with a big brown stain in the middle of his bright, white pants. But least you'll be remembered for something.

Johnny Danger returns to action this Saturday night against that despicable white-trousered menace - Quasi Mandisco. Or as I like to call him, Quasi Mandespicable-o. I don't really call him that. 
Nevertheless - BE THERE in Porterdale, Georgia!

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