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31 Days of Halloween: A Photographic Essay of A Halloween Party

Side Note: Before you waste time with this, go and listen to my excellent Halloween podcast – Earth Station Boo – with the ESO crew, Mark Maddox, Stephen Platinum, and Eddie Cadaver of The Casket Creatures. It’s awesome!

            I am absolutely fucking tapped out. Last year I had my big concept to lead into The Big Day – Halloween. This year I had nothing. October has been so damn busy, plus I started the month off at a disadvantage because I had yet another trainee and couldn’t ever really get caught up or do anything too special. This one required a little more training than the other one.
So today I am resorting to that most lazy of devices. Even worse than the dreaded “Top Whatever” list. A bunch of pictures. I don’t know yet if there will be a narrative, as I am writing this intro the day of the party. Every year my friends and fellow DCW Hooligans Soozie and Coopacabra host a big Halloween party. Everybody goes and it’s a really big deal. This is the place where I get to wear a costume that isn’t a wrestling mask. This year I’m going as Otis from The Devil’s Rejects. I’ve done it before, but this year’s is slightly better. I figure I’ll have it perfected for Days of the Dead in February.
Angel & Buffy!
Seth, complete with bloody dance spot.
Mummy and Daddy. This made me laugh out loud.
Brain Shots! You can't quite see them, but they were repulsive-looking. Tasty, though. Unless you were Monkey and got an old one that had congealed.
Michonne and his walkers! Gender FLIPPED.
An evil, mischievous imp chatting with Cutezilla.
I totally dug this guy's astronaut costume. He downplayed it, but I think it's cool.
From that Ringo Starr movie. She tried to whack me over the head with a chicken bone and drag me home, but Buffy kicked her ass.

 Jolly Green Giant. Simple, but effective. 
Gangnam Style, but with my shotgun. Which had been stuffed full of hot dogs by that point, and which I did not discover until much later the next day after Mrs. Troublemaker had been complaining about hot dog smell all day and T-Dog finally admitted that he had stuffed my shotgun full of hot dogs.
A Baseball Fury. She had already taken her face paint off by the time I got there. I think she needs to remanufacture this into a "Baseball Furry" costume for Dragon*Con.
And finally, the very best costume of the night....

Bacon-wrapped unicorn. Delicious.
I can only assume this is unicorn vomit.

Phantom Troublemaker vs. 31 Days of Halloween
If you’re new here or haven’t been keeping up, this is where I give my thoughts on SyFy’s “31 days of Halloween” programming. Obviously I haven’t seen everything I’ll be talking about, but that’s kind of what the internet is all about – talking out of your ass. 
Each day I will cover the schedule from the time my post goes live (usually 11 AM) through the following 24 hours. On Fridays I will cover the whole weekend, which is a huge pain in the ass but also kind of fun.


11:00 AM – 10:00 PM – Ghost Hunters – After a whole month of making fun of this show, I have to admit something today – I actually think doing a live “investigation” all night on Halloween is a pretty great idea. I think it’s a cool thing to do and the one night out of the whole year where you can really have fun pretending to jump at noises that aren’t there. Of course, they’re not doing that this year, so fuck them.
Halloween score – 5
Quality score – 1

10:00 PM – 11:00 PM – Face Off – This is it! The LIVE finale! This has been a GREAT season for this show and I’m very glad to see Face Off continue to be about the work and the competition rather than any sort of staged or forced drama. My hat is off to SyFy and the producers of this show for making some truly great reality television. I honestly wish they would release past seasons on DVD or as downloads because I would love to watch them again; especially if they included extra footage or follow-ups or anything. Post-season interviews with Glenn and company would also be cool.
Halloween score – 4
Quality score – 5

11:00 PM – 11:30 PM – Total Blackout – A repeat of yesterday’s episode, but it gets more credit because if you think about it, the concept is pretty Halloweeny. Like watching a haunted house.
Halloween score – 5
Quality score – 3

11:30 PM – 12:00 AM – Viral Video Showdown – A repeat of yesterday’s episode. 
Halloween score – 1
Quality score – 2


12:00 AM – 1:00 AM – Face Off – A repeat of 10 PM’s new episode.
Halloween score – 4
Quality score – 5

1:00 AM – 5:00 AM – Prowl – Naturally I forgot to record this one last time. This is one instance where I’m actually glad SyFy is replaying something.
Halloween score – 4
Quality score – 3

5:00 AM – 8:00 AM – Paid Programming – Let’s pay some bills!
Halloween score – 1
Quality score – 5

8:00 AM – 8:30 AM – Blackkout – A replay of last night’s season premiere. Significantly less Halloweeny now.
Halloween score – 4
Quality score – 3

8:30 AM – 9:00 AM – Viral Video Showdown – A replay of last night’s replay.
Halloween score – 1
Quality score – 2

9:00 AM – 6:00 AM (yes, I MEAN 6 AM!) – Halloween Will Not Die! – MAJOR kudos to SyFy for filing today with Halloween goodness! Today’s programming lineup is, oddly, one of the best they have scheduled. I’m not going to run down each entry since Halloween is over and holy crap am I sick of doing this, but here’s the lineup:
    The Cursed, The Seamstress, Open Graves, Planet Terror, Lake Placid 2, Lake Placid 3, Lake Placid: The Final Chapter, Primeval, Kraken: Tentacles of The Deep, Sharks In Venice, and then another episode of Ghost Whisperer at 5 AM.
    Good job, SyFy!
Halloween score – 5
Quality score – 4 (just for giving us one more day of Halloween!)

Come back tomorrow for the start of 30 Days of Thanksgiving!
Ha! Fuck no!


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