Friday, August 24, 2012

Dragon*Con Week(s) 2012: The Best of DC*TV

One of my favorite things about Dragon*Con is Dragon*Con Television, or DC*TV.
If you’re a practitioner of dorkery, there’s no better source of comedy than the in-house channel produced by Dragon*Con every year. DC*TV features a huge variety of parodies, sketch comedy, and observational humor taken from all of the things genre fans love. It’s like Saturday Night Live except that it runs for four days straight and is actually funny.
             But the comedy isn’t all there is. You can also catch many of the featured panels taking place at Dragon*Con, both live and as replays throughout the weekend. If you’re worn out or can’t make the line or just need some shill time you can still watch the guests doing their thing on stage.
Where do you have to go to see all of this? How much are tickets? Or do I have to subscribe to some vile service that’s going to sell my e-mail address to Klingon agents that will spam my inbox until (Klingon apocalypse).
Well, there or in the panel rooms. In between panels you can catch plenty of DC*TV hilarity on the screens that flank most stages.
There has been an awful lot of brilliant stuff broadcast over the years, but today I want to point out some of my favorites from the DC*TVYouTube channel, in no particular order. Keep an eye out for not only these shorts, but also brand-new ones from the brilliant teams behind what I show you today. 

On A Blimp

This parody of The Lonely Island's “I’m On A Boat” is what made me decide I was just going to have to settle down and accept Steampunk. The whole concept was off-putting to me initially because it seemed like some of those folks took themselves just a bit too seriously. As this hilarious video shows, that is clearly not the case.


Sci-Fi Janitors: Steampunk

Bob and Carl probably explain it best.


Fang Friends

Jonathan Coulton always has a few nuggets of dorky joy for us, but this is my favorite. I would totally watch this show if it actually happened.


Happy Red Matter Ball

This is an early and very simple piece, but it makes me laugh every time. I think because it is so similar in tone to early 90’s SNL. But really, when is slow death by unknown radiation from outer space ever not funny?


Dalek Exterminators

Such an obvious and basic premise, but still hilarious. The idea of a Dalek specializing in pest control… just imagine one of the giant pepperpots in your home laying traps and shooting ant spray behind the fridge with its little weapon stalk; then telling you how long it will be before you see results. “I will return to follow up in twenty to thirty Earth days”. The long shot of that single Dalek rolling up the sidewalk for a house call is awesome.


Soylent Green Baby Food

Soylent Green humor always gets me. My favorite sign I’ve ever seen at a wrestling event was “Soylent Green is People!”. So incongruous with its surroundings.



I’m not sure how funny this one actually is. Or how fake it is, quite frankly. I mean, I’m pretty sure there are some puppet fuckers out there. The best thing about this one is really the characterizations of the puppets. They aren’t being sensual or sexy at all. They’re being total, Muppet-style spazzes.


The look on Garret Wang's face as he strokes the ShatWOW cloth is... haunting. Just imagine it on a 98" screen. Or a t-shirt. Somebody get me a ShatWOW! t-shirt.


The Avengers PSA

I love Cap's smug self-righteousness in this. Also, it predated the movie by a bunch of months. It'll still be fresh this year.


PSA Guy: Hygiene

Likely the most important DC*TV video of them all.

Come on back on Monday and find out a little bit about the man behind Dragon*Con TV when Patrick Freeman answers 13 Questions.


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