Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dragon*Con Week 2012: 13 Questions with DJ Spider

I know that picture's huge, but I wanted you guys to be able to see the little pictures.

DJ Spider is a skilled cosplayer with an absolutely huge resume of costumes (is that right? "resume"?). She's been stitching, sewing, and stapling (I dunno) for years and has built a vast collection of characters.

DJ Spider is also a renowned Dragon*Con party host, typically spinning the latest of late-night parties. The kind that you go to after the other parties have dried up and that you only leave once the sun has come up and you are hungry for breakfast.

A lady with that many talents was too good a subject to pass up for 13 Questions, so I contacted the DJ and asked away...

1) Where were you born and what is one way that place has affected you as a person?
Technically I was born in Denmark, but I left when I was 9 days old and grew up in the US Virgin Islands, so that's what I consider home. There's a very laid back way of life there, so it taught me patience and tolerance, and a love of nature.

2) What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?
Barbies - I was an absolute fiend for them! I played with them everywhere, inside, outside, at friend's houses...every once in a while my mom still finds barbie boots in the garden when she starts digging stuff up.

3) What is one album everybody should own?
Wow, that's a tough one! I have too many favorites! You can't go wrong with the classics, so Franks Sinatra's "The Reprise Years" is up there, followed closely by Nine Inch Nails' "Pretty Hate Machine".

4) What would be your ideal career?
If I could pay my bills by Djing a half dozen times a month, that would be fabulous! If my hobbies could support me, I wouldn't need this silly day job!

5) How and when did you realize that?
I've always been an entertainer. I like to make people smile, and get them to have a good time. DJing and cosplay all work to do that.

6) Who is your favorite wrestler and why?
Tazz, because he's made a really solid transition from the ring to the announcer's table.

7) What are the best shoes you’ve ever owned?
My Destroy platform boots. If I could find another pair, I would pay out the nose for them!

8) How did you become involved with Dragon*Con?
I hit my first one about 10 years ago, and got totally hooked. A few years after that, they asked if I would be interested in DJing one of the late night dances, and I've been on the rotating roster ever since. It's a huge thing for me, not only because DragonCon is my favorite big Con, but because the crew that works with me for the shows at their end are like family, and we all just work in sync. I kinda want to take them to every gig!

9) Which actor do you feel like you could sit and watch for hours no matter what they were doing and why?
Cary Grant. That accent, that class! *swoon*

10) What inspires you to do what you do?
Emotion. When someone smiles when I wear a costume, or when they charge the dancefloor because I play a song, that emotion is like a drug, and I want more of that. I want to share it with everyone. Sometimes there's just too much negativity in the world, so I like that in some small way, I can add something bright.

11) What are you doing at Dragon*Con this year?
I'm speaking on two panels ("Dress Like a Super Hero" and "The State of the Goth Scene"), DJing the late night DragonDance on Friday night, and then DJing at the Georgia Aquarium on Saturday night. The rest of the time it's pretty much all costuming!

12) Is there a movie that should never be remade and if so which one?
Harold and Maude. Nothing can touch that type of specialness.

13) Closer – can you sell me cold on Dragon*Con? Pretend I’ve never heard of it.
Party with superheroes, hang with the stars, geek out over anything and everything,and see some shit that you will go back home saying, "You're never going to believe this but..."

Check out DJ Spider at 3 AM in the Marriott Atrium Ballroom, as well as all Con long in various amazing costumes. You can also follow her on Twitter @ThatDJSpider.


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