Friday, July 13, 2012

San Diego Comic Con 2012 - The Exclusives!

I bet all of you were on the edges of your seats just waiting to see what I think about the thousands of dollars worth of San Diego Comic Con Exclusives that are being offered at this year’s “Look At Me!” con. Well, strap in because it’s that time.

I don’t mean to sound bitter about Comic Con. Actually, yes I do. I’d love to go to SDCC, but it just is not in the budget, so I make myself feel better about that by acting all haughty and superior and talking about how it’s just a bunch of Hollywood types and the crowds are too ridiculous and it’s so commercial. But that’s a bunch of hooey. I’d love to go out there. At the same time, I would never choose SDCC over Dragon*Con.
Of course, one of the unpleasant side effects of my continued absence from the San Diego festivities is that I get into a panic every July/August trying to find out how to buy the stupid Exclusives that are sort of only available there. There’s just no good way to obtain these things without actually going, and from what I understand that isn’t even always painless. But the methods available to me are:
  • I know a few people who go to Comic Con. But I don’t want to impose on them. It’s enough of a pain in the ass just traveling across the country doing your own thing, let alone having to figure out how to get a hold of somebody else’s stupid toys. Every time I think about asking a friend or acquaintance about picking up an SDCC Exclusive, I think about the pure, white rage that I would feel if I were to encounter problems trying to get something for somebody else and it inconvenienced me and ate into my time. I got lucky last year and a nice young lady picked up some stuff for me and Monkey and Evil. This year I just don’t want to ask anybody.
  • You can pay the insane (and growing insaner by the year) markups that online toy stores charge. I paid double the price for a Starscream-colored GI Joe Sky Striker last year. I’m glad I have it, but I don’t want to do that again. And this year BigBadToyStore has made the prices so high that they were immediately in my, “Oh, well – not getting that,” range. I didn’t even have to think about it.
  • Then there are the toy companies’ own online stores. offers various exclusive items year-round (their Masters of the Universe, DC Comics, and Voltron toy lines) and sells almost all of their retail items. As awful as MattyCollector tends to be, it has proven to be the most reliable way of getting SDCC items. If you’re able to log in when they initially offer their stuff, you’re probably going to get what you want. Hasbro, on the other hand, was a nightmare last year. So in this one instance I wholly endorse Mattel over Hasbro. Maybe the Pawtucket company will do better this year.
  • Then there’s other cons. You can always count on the dealers at the other cons throughout the year to show up with the SDCC Exclusives for outrageous markups. Actually, it’s become a bit of a game now to see how many different prices you can find on the same item in a single dealer room. I know last year at Dragon*Con I found the 2011 Cold Slither Zarana for prices ranging from $60 to $125. Ha, ha, ha. I still don’t have one.

So that’s mostly it. If you have to have an Exclusive; that’s what you’re going to do to get one. It stinks and it results in holes in collections and ridiculous wastes of time and money, but that’s all part of being a collector.

And I will say this – Exclusives put the thrill back in the hunt. I used to spend entire days driving around to all of the Wal-Marts, Targets, Toys R Us stores, and anywhere else that sold toys just to try and find the current releases. I don’t do that anymore. I mean, I still hit Walmart and Target on the way into or home from work. But knowing that I can go online and buy pretty much anything makes finding that one figure a little less special. Now, the only barrier between brick & mortar and online is shipping.

But anyway, there are a shit-ton of Exclusives this year and I’m going to tell you about some of them now. This isn’t everything, just the ones that I have something to say about. Click on the titles to get the best picture I could find for the ones I could find. I didn’t want to steal other people’s pics.
Click on "Mattel" for the link to all of the stuff. 
As much as I bitch about Mattel, they do get a good bit of my money. Through the end of this year, at least. No subs for me next year. But Mattel’s SDCC offerings this year are either weak or uninteresting to me, so I’m going to be saving some cash by not having to worry about them.
Masters of the Universe Classics – Vykron - $30
I hate this guy. I get why they made him and I even approve of him as a Con Exclusive, but I think he looks stupid in each of his three forms. Total pass for me.
Ghostbusters Classics – Dana Barrett as Zuul - $25
I have the core set of Ghostbusters from Mattel on my shelf. I really wanted a Dana Barrett action figure. But this thing is not an action figure. It’s a tiny plastic statue that doesn’t even appear to be done that well. This thing is not going to fit in with the Ghostbusters figures. Not mine, anyway, because I’m not buying the damn thing.
DC Universe – Death - $30
This is one of the most inexplicable things ever. Rather than release a DC Universe Classics style figure of Morpheus’ sister, Matty has opted to sell an 8” plastic statue. No – seriously. I don’t get it. Also, I’m not going to get it. Another problem I have with this thing is that Toy Guru has stated that it is a test to see if there is interest in a whole line of these things. But Death is a character that people are just going to buy because of what she is, regardless of the scale or format. If this thing sells like crazy it’s because of the character. This is a terrible gauge of fan interest.
Meanwhile, all we hear are claims that Mattel can’t afford tooling for the DC Signature Collection. Asses.
DC Universe – Tiny Titans - $20
These are one of the coolest SDCC Exclusives I’ve seen, if only because they are actually based on a very specific comic property and have no relation to another line. Now, I know I bitched about other things not matching with their respective licenses, but I think these stand alone. I’m planning on getting a set for Lil’ Troublemaker and maybe even one for myself.
Polly Pocket – Gotham Bad Girls - $20
Last year’s set of Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman was great. They were little, articulated figures aimed towards girls. The set was very well-done and looked like something special. Same with 2010’s She-Ra set. This year Matty has put together a set with Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman. The picture Matty has been using shows small, non-articulated statues. Now, I don’t know if those were just design pics and the actual figures will be just like previous years, but it seems insane to me that Mattel would deviate from the established norm, even if it is only two years old. We’ll find out because I’ll be buying this set for Mrs. Troublemaker (if it’s up online and doesn’t sell out before I can get to it).
Monster High – Scarah Screams - $25
I’ll be getting her this one, too. If I can. I don’t remember if last year’s Ghoulia was online or not. The good thing about these is that they’re just Monster High dolls. No gimmicks, no weird Con statue things. Just part of the collection, but one that you can’t get anywhere else. I think she’s a background character or something and the fans got to vote on which one of those got made.
Movie Masters – The Dark Knight Rises Bruce Wayne to Batman - $30
I’m on the fence with this one. It comes in rad packaging with sounds and stuff, but I just don’t know that I want it that bad. I’ve already got a Bruce Wayne and a couple of Batmans.
Click on "Hasbro" above to see all of the items from a SDCC flyer from the booth (posted by All of the prices increased since I wrote this, but the ones I originally had were never totally confirmed. The below prices are accurate, but everything has gone up between 4 and 13(!) dollars from what I first saw. Also worth noting are the purchase limits.
Ah, Hasbro – maker of some of my favorite toys. Star Wars, GI Joe, Marvel Comics; these are all large parts of my collection. And every year Hasbro knocks it out of the park with their SDCC Exclusives. Also every year they produce at least one or two items that are either going to drive you insane or break the bank. Damn you, Hasbro.
Star Wars – Carbonite Freezing Chamber Action Figure Set - $86
So this thing is a box shaped like the base of the carbonite freezing chamber from The Empire Strikes Back. That’s cool enough, but it unfolds to reveal a bunch of figures from the various movies, all in special packaging. But none of that matters. What matters is the fact that this set is the only way you can get a figure of Jar-Jar Binks frozen in carbonite, as seen in the Force Unleashed video game. Granted, that wasn’t actually Jar-Jar up on the Imperial Officer’s wall in the game; but it’s clear to see where the inspiration came from. I want this, but I don’t want the rest of the figures and can’t be spending eighty bucks on a bunch of figures I don’t need.
GI Joe/Transformers – Shockwave HISS Tank - $70
This is the big prize of San Diego Comic Con 2012 and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be able to get one. This set is absolutely amazing – one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in my life. First of all, the whole thing is done in my colors – purple and green. There’s a purple new-style HISS tank with Shockwave’s signature cannon mounted on top in place of the normal armaments. Also included are a purple and green Destro and BAT, a bunch of cool accessories, and Soundwave in tape player mode. WITH TAPES.
Guys – Shockwave has always been my favorite Transformer. Destro is easily my favorite GI Joe character that isn’t Firefly. I love the BATs. The original HISS tank is one of my favorite vehicles from any toy line, ever. Now, this isn’t the original, but it’ll do. I am going to lose my mind over not being able to get this set, let alone the two I’d really like to have. But I’m sure as shit not paying $129.99 to preorder one from BBTS and chances are not good that I’ll be able to get on whenever they go up (if they even do). Maybe they’ll make more of these than they did Starscream. I don’t know. I just know that this is the first time in years I’ve had that little kid, “I’ll just die if I don’t have one!” feeling.
GI Joe – Retaliation Kim Arashikage - $16
I don’t really care about this one and now that the movie has been pushed back to March I super don’t care about this one.
GI Joe – Retaliation Kim Arashikage – Jinx Variant - $16
This red variant, on the other hand, needs to be in my collection. But it probably won’t be. It is an absolute bitch to get a hold of these variants. I never even saw a Sgt. Slaughter and the Cold Slither Zarana was never even close to my price range. Heck, I couldn’t even afford doubles of Slaughter and Zarana to open. So I’d like to have this Jinx, but probably won’t.
Marvel Legends – Uncanny X-Force 3-pack - $54
This shouldn’t be all that exciting, as it contains two figures that have already been released, but I really want it. Wolverine, Psylocke, and Archangel come packed together in their X-Force grey and black costumes. They look great and will match the already released Fantomex and the coming soon X-Force Deadpool. I don’t think this set will be as hard to get, but we’ll see. It all depends on how many were made and where they are sold.
Marvel Universe – Masters of Evil - $33
I don’t collect these, but I thought it was worth mentioning that there would be an SDCC Exclusive set of Baron Zemo, Radioactive Man, and Tiger Shark. They look pretty neat.
Marvel Universe – Avengers Super Helicarrier - $140
I haven’t even seen the regular one at retail yet – I would imagine it is going to be one of Hasbro’s yearly Holiday items – but this one is a whole foot longer. Which makes it three feet shorter than the USS Flagg and honestly too small to be what it is supposed to be. Don’t get me wrong – it looks great. Until you stand some of the Avengers on it and realize how relatively tiny it is. Even if I collected smaller scale superheroes I think I’d have to take a pass on this one. It is well done, but scale has always been very important to me and today’s toy production costs just make a reasonably sized Helicarrier impossible.
My Little Pony – Friendship Is Magic Derpy Hooves - $22
This appears to be an action figure of a retarded pony. I will get one for Mrs. Troublemaker if I can. Also, if one of you can explain this I’d appreciate it.
Jem and the Holograms – Jem - $135(!)
Hasbro is bringing back one of their only 80’s licenses that hasn’t ever been revived. But they’re doing it in the form of high-end, Tonner-style collector dolls. Or at least, that’s my assumption based on the price. For an hundred and twenty-five bucks this had better not be a glorified Barbie. Mrs. Troublemaker hasn’t mentioned this one and I’m certainly not bringing it up. It looks neat and all, but we’re talking about a bunch of pricey dolls here if they continue production and I’ve got Hot Toys figures (no – not dolls!) to buy. Except not. I really can’t afford to buy more than one or two of those a year. It kills me every day that I can’t get the Batman ’89 figures. And now that they’ve announced the Batman ’66 license… damn. Just damn.
Transformers – Bruticus - $108
I believe this is a shared Exclusive with BBTS. If so, it’s a Generation 2-style version of one of the cooler gestalts to come out of the line. I’m not getting it because I have successfully weaned myself off of buying any more Transformers, but it is a very cool Exclusive.
Underground Toys
The company best known for its Doctor Who toys is known for its SDCC Exclusives. Starting off a few years ago with some very cool variants of the Doctor – Doctor Six in his blue costume, a freshly-regenerated Doctor Five in Doctor Four’s clothes, a set commemorating the meeting of Doctors Ten and Five; among others – they really raised the bar last year with their River Song/Pandorica set.
Yes. Winston Churchill. This is an odd choice for a set, but it’s a pretty neat one. It includes an Ironsides Dalek with multiple arm attachments (including a tea tray), the three emergency phones, and Winston Churchill. Churchill has two swappable heads – one with a hat and one without.
Doctor Who – Possible Figure Reveal
In addition to last year’s SDCC Exclusive, Underground also brought along a debut figure that was available there first – Leela. I’m hoping they’ll do something similar this year.
NECA is usually very good about SDCC Exclusives, coming up with repaints that are unique and special enough to warrant the title. They have yet to produce anything that was a must-have for me, but this year…
No, I don’t have to buy every single Ash figure anybody ever makes. I don’t own the Sideshow one, for instance. Though I sure would like to find an S-Mart one for cheap. This one is meant to be Ash after he went through the portal at the end of the movie. I’ll probably have to buy it.
This is a fine variant, but I don’t need it.
Bif! Bang! Pow!
These guys are always good for some Exclusives, but I have to admit I think I might be suffering from some BBP! fatigue. I just can’t stand waiting a year in between series. I truly loved their Venture Bros. Mego-style figures, but knowing it would take ten years or more to get around to having a decent collection drove me nuts. I sold my whole set on eBay. One less thing I have to plan for. I was all set to collect the 3 ¾” figures, but it looks like they are facing some production difficulties with those. I’ve managed to avoid buying any of the Mego-style Doctor Who figures so far, but that TARDIS playset is really tempting.
I don’t know why they’re not just calling this a lunch box. It has a few items packed inside and looks neat, but I don’t need any more lunch boxes sitting around the Man Room than I already have. As a matter of fact, I’m not too sure I need those. I need to take a look at eBay.
A great variant of a nice-looking figure. Also, the first of the new scale to be officially released. It’s cool, but I have to pass.
Bluefin – Bandai Collectors & Hobby
I don’t know what this “Bluefin” business is, but Bandai is probably one of the most prolific toy manufacturers in the world. I am on record as not being a big fan of their particular style of retail releases, but their collector items look pretty nice. I didn’t even know until just now that these SH MonsterArts figures were theirs.
This thing looks awesome and I’d really like to have one, but am I right in thinking this is a fifty-five dollar 6” figure? Even if it’s 9” it’s probably still a pass for me, but it sure is nice looking.
Bored, Inc.
I don’t know who these people are, but look at this:
I have no idea what this is, but I totally want it. Hopefully I can find a picture before I post this.
Diamond Select Toys
On the one hand I’m disappointed that there’s not a Universal Monsters Exclusive from these guys. On the other hand it’s great that I don’t have to worry about finding it, whatever it might have been. As it is, not much from DST is interesting to me.
I fucking loved Battle Beasts when I was a kid. They were inferior to GI Joe but better than M.U.S.C.L.E. And the designs were just outstanding. You’d think all-new Battle Beasts with even better articulation would get me really excited, but I’ve just never really been able to get on board with Minimates. I’ve got a few, but they don’t do much for me – they just don’t look all that exciting on the shelf. I’d much rather have some old school PVC figures. But at that price I might pick one of these sets up just for review if I can find one.
Normally Funko would never make any list of mine because they are primarily known for bobbleheads and I fucking hate bobbleheads. But Funko has been branching out a bit lately. They have recently launched a new line of vinyl figures modeled after the old Shogun Warriors and they are rad.
I’ve got the Gene Simmons one – the first one Funko made – and it is outstanding. I truly love it. But I’m not sure the Batman one works for me. If I could get it cheaper than fifty bucks I’d probably by one for Lil’ Troublemaker, but otherwise I think this is a pass.Okay, it turns out you pay about ten or so bucks more for this one because it's black and white. Um... pass?
Gentle Giant
I have a lot of respect for this company and the innovations they are responsible for in the toy industry. I just don’t own any of the products they have released themselves. I dig the 12” Kenner Star Wars reproductions a lot, but they’re just a bit too pricey for me.
Sure – I’d love to own this. I love Guillermo del Toro’s take on Marvel’s vampire hunter and the creatures from the movie were awesome. But I just recently acquired all four Alien movies with a light-up statue of an egg and a Warrior xenomorph that doubles as the case for the discs for seventy bucks. I am not paying a hundred for one movie and a bust.
Awesome choice for an Exclusive. Silver disco boots rule. But I’m not getting started on these.
Hot Toys
Hot Toys is both my favorite and least favorite toy company on the planet. They make absolutely amazing sixth scale figures, but they are so damned expensive. I want pretty much everything Hot Toys ever makes but can only afford one or two a year. I know I could cut back on other things, but Needless Things might suffer a bit if I only posted five or six times a year.
This is a very cool version of the character from the movie and probably the most significant costume he wore, as it’s the one where he took his destiny into his own hands and became a hero. Very cool, very expensive, and very not going to be owned by me.
This is another company that I am unfamiliar with but that has some cool stuff I wanted to mention.
Land of the Lost – Sleestak Skull T-shirt - $20
Interesting. I’d like to see one.
Land of the Lost – Sleestak Skull Cap - $25
Interesting. I’d like to see one. And I need a new cap or two. I’m still lamenting the loss of my FlexFit Evil Dead cap. You’d think somebody would have licensed that again by now.
Side Note: I hate it when companies are selling caps and don’t specify what kind they are. Like, if they’re fitted or FlexFit or the snaps in the back. The Faith No More merch site has a cap, but no details and I don’t feel I should have to send an e-mail to find out.
ParaNorman - Norman Paint Variation & Glow-in-the-Dark Hand figure - $20
ParaNorman - Norman in Pajamas Paint Variation figure - $20
ParaNorman - Glow-in-the-Dark Zombie Judge Hopkins figure - $20
ParaNorman - Glow-in-the-Dark Zombie Lemuel Spalding figure - $20
ParaNorman - set of all four - $60
I’m very excited about this movie and had no idea anybody was doing any merch for it, let alone toys. I’d love to get my hands on the full set.
Icon Heroes
These folks are making some higher-end items of our favorite 80’s licenses.
Not a bad price for what looks like a pretty well done item. But who the fuck needs letter openers anymore? Also worth noting is that this thing stores in the back of Icon’s Castle Grayskull Business Card Holder.
Thundercats – Thundertank Statue - $??? (likely very expensive)
Just wanted to mention it.
I’ve made fun of Jazwares a lot, and rightfully so because for a long time their toys sucked. But we’ve bought several of their Adventure Time toys and they’re pretty good. Nothing has fallen apart, anyway. There are some weird design and assortment choices, but whatever.
Adventure Time – Finn and Fiona 2” Figure Set - $15(!)
I think a 4-pack of Finn & Jake & Fiona & Cake would have made a lot more sense. Of course, that would have been thrity bucks I guess. I can’t believe they’re charging fifteen bucks for these two unarticulated figures when DST’s Battle Beasts are ten and Hasbro’s 3 ¾” 3-pack is twenty. Absurd.
Everybody loves LEGOs. They’re just too damned expensive.
DC Superheroes – Shazam Minifigure - $??? (possibly a giveaway)
Neat. We still haven’t unlocked him in LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes yet.
Mezco Toyz
“Toyz”? Really? Really? I own quite a few of Mezco’s releases and have never noticed that. How Extreem. Anyway, I don’t like a lot of what Mezco does – particularly with horror properties – but they handle cartoon licenses like a champ. Also, is Spencer’s the only place that carries their stuff anymore?
Earthworm Jim is one of my favorite video games of all time. I want this. But I guess I'd be fine with one of the regular releases, so whatever.
I don’t know who is in this series, but Mrs. Troublemaker is probably going to want them. I have to say that LDD present one of the best values in toys today. If you buy a whole set of the regular dolls somewhere you get five of them for a hundred bucks or less and these are honestly pretty nice dolls. Mrs. Troublemaker has a ton and I have no problem shelling out for them.
This set includes big, muscley planetary threat Mumm-Ra and little, shriveled-up sissy Mumm-Ra. And they glow in the dark, which is definitely one of my toy weaknesses. If this set had Ma-Mutt I’d be going nuts trying to get one. As it is I’ll probably keep a casual eye out.
Side Note: Now that I've see a pic I'm actually disappointed. I was hoping they would be straight-up glow-in-the-dark color.
This company makes licensed flash drives and I mention them only because they are overpriced and undersized. Does anybody buy a 2GB flash drive anymore? For thirty bucks?
Adventure Time Fionna flash drive
The Dark Knight Rises Bane flash drive
Star Wars Biker Scout flash drive
Yes – the Peavey that makes guitars.
Playmates used to rule the toy aisles. Between their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Star Trek licenses (yes – kids used to give a shit about Star Trek), the company had a ton of real estate and power. But both of those faded away and Playmates kind of fumbled around for a while. Then in 2009 they made a move to return by snagging the licenses to Terminator: Salvation and the new Star Trek movie, putting out extensive collections for both. Unfortunately, Terminator tanked and kids don’t give a shit about Star Trek anymore.
But now, in 2012, Playmates has returned in a BIG way. They are producing new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys based on the forthcoming Nickelodeon cartoon (as well as jumping on the “Classics” bandwagon and producing figures of the original cartoon Turtles). I bought the whole set of figures the other day and they are mostly amazing. Early contender for Line of the Year. Also worth noting is the fact that these excellent figures cost less than ten bucks apiece. And that was at Toys R Us, so who knows how cheap they’ll be elsewhere.
I’m not going to list each one, but Playmates is selling all four Turtles for $30 apiece. That’s pretty steep. I’ve seen what I think is a picture of the Leonardo and it looks like some kind of dayglo paint variant with a special stand. I want to know more about these. Also, it looks like Leo might actually be the only one.
Sideshow Collectibles
I love Sideshow Collectibles. I’ve often touted them as the finest toy company on the planet. I still feel that way even if most of their products have gotten just a bit too pricey for me. I’ll buy something every once in a while, but long gone are the days when I would be ordering from them once a month. Also, what the heck ever happened to The Dead, their line of sixth scale zombies?
If this had a Don Johnson likeness I would have already preordered it. As it is, it’s a pass. Every single bit of this character’s value lies in the voice actor.
Sideshow has already released a Figrin D’an figure, and now you can get Tech Mo'r and Doikk Na'ts to beef up your Cantina Band. Two more to go. I’d love to have Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes in this scale, but if I had that much money to blow I’d be buying Batman and Joker from Batman ’89.
I know I’ve seen this company’s name before, but I don’t know exactly what they do. I just know that vinyl toys always seem to damned expensive to me. I just cut and pasted this from’s excellent SDCC Exclusive Checklist because so many of these items sound interesting to me. Hollis Turd? Little Prick? Power Mister? I don’t know what these are, but I am fascinated.
__ Fossilla vinyl figure
     Booth 4729 (Super7) $95
__ Foster Tan Chocolate vinyl figure
     Booth 4729 (Super7) $25
__ Frederick the Beetle Pink Glitter vinyl figure
     Booth 4729 (Super7) $35
__ Hollis Turd Summer Jams vinyl figure
     Booth 4729 (Super7) $35
__ Honoo Translucent Pink vinyl figure
     Booth 4729 (Super7) $35
__ Little Prick Glow-in-the-Dark Green vinyl figure
     Booth 4729 (Super7) $35
__ Leroy C. Translucent Green vinyl figure
     Booth 4729 (Super7) $35
__ Milton Rainbow Sherbet vinyl figure
     Booth 4729 (Super7) $25
__ Monster Family vinyl figure
     Booth 4729 (Super7)
__ Pocket Baseball Boy Yellow vinyl figure
     Booth 4729 (Super7) $25
__ Power Mister Translucent Gray Glitter vinyl figure
     Booth 4729 (Super7) $35
__ Pumpkin Boy Skulletor vinyl figure
     Booth 4729 (Super7) $50
__ Rose Vampire Casket Cruiser Chocolate Racer vinyl figure
     Booth 4729 (Super7) $65
__ Taoking Glow-in-the-Dark vinyl figure
     Booth 4729 (Super7) $95
__ Zombiefighter Red Swirl vinyl figure
     Booth 4729 (Super7) $65
I believe this is a new company that has started making high-end prop replicas. Their first offerings are a Batarang and a Riddler Trophy from Batman: Arkham City and I cannot even describe to you how much I want one of those Riddler trophies.
This is the coolest Exclusive at SDCC. Period. It’s an easy variant and one that totally makes sense as a more limited edition. It’s not even a faked-out re-coloring. It’s from the game. If I had the money to blow on it I’d definitely get one for Mrs. Troublemaker. Well, no – I’d get Batman and Joker from Batman ’89.
And that’s about it, folks. There might be more added and there are certainly a ton of items I didn’t bother mentioning. Please go and check out’s full SDCC Checklist for everything that has been confirmed. The SDCC site also has a pretty good checklist with pictures.
If you’re actually at San Diego Comic Con (which I doubt because why the heck would you be reading this?) feel free to pick up any of the items I mentioned for me. I’ll gladly pay you back plus shipping or transport or whatever. Seriously.
Side Note: I wonder how many Hot Toys figures I could buy if I sold my entire DCUC collection.


  1. That Shockwave H.I.S.S. tank is already sold out for pre-order at BBTS. Like you, I would love to go to SDCC, but pissed that I'm not there. It has become more commercial every year, but there's no denying how cool it would be to actually attend. I'm also not a fan of the huge mark-ups for the exclusives after the fact(which is probably why I don't have any), and I don't see myself ever buying anything from BBTS, as I think a majority of their prices are ridiculous.

    And did you say you bought a set of the new Turtles? If so, where did you find them?

  2. I pretty much only use BBTS for clearance or if I'm buying a whole case of something. It works out okay then when you consider cost versus running around trying to find stuff.
    And yeah - I got the new Ninja Turtles at a Toys R Us the other day. They are incredible. Don't know where the heck I'm going to put them, but I'm hooked.

    1. Wow!! That’s incredible news. Kids want to buy in this type of toys. They are very pleased to play by the nice and super toys. I am very excited to buy these toys for my baby because I love my children very much. Thanks for the suitable news.