Friday, June 22, 2012

Toy Review – DC Universe Classics: Green Arrow By Mattel

I really thought that Hawk and Dove were going to be my last DC Universe Classics purchases. Obviously I’ve got my stupid DC Infinite Earths subscription, but I didn’t foresee buying any more DCUC stuff other than maybe filling in some holes if I happened across cheap older figures.
Then Green Arrow fell off the shelf.

            I had the original Green Arrow that Mattel produced and didn’t see any reason to buy the new one from Wave 20. I like the hooded look and all, but the newer version seemed less detailed overall. I like Oliver Queen, but not enough to fall for any double-dipping. But naturally when Green Arrow fell off the shelf his head broke off. And I don’t mean popped off; like you could just push it back on. I mean the peg connecting the head to the neck snapped in two. Yeah, I could just glue it back on – and probably will next time I buy Super Glue and do a round of toy repairs – but this gave me an excuse to look for the new hooded Arrow.
It was kind of looking like I wasn’t going to find one, but we went out to eat the other night and happened to be near a strip mall featuring the Grand Slam of discount merchants – Big Lots, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and Ross. Lil’ Troublemaker and I both behaved ourselves during dinner, so we were allowed to go and look for toys afterwards.
Side Note: We ate at a pizza joint and our waitress was either mind-bogglingly stoned or breathtakingly stupid. This young lady will be lucky to have a career as a hat rack. I think she forgot to actually put our order in because it took almost forty-five minutes for our food to come. Of course, during that time she came to the table and asked if we wanted our bill. She did not realize that our food hadn’t come yet. She thought we were done. The food was great, though.
We went to Marshall’s first and they had the Young Justice Red Arrow marked down to fifteen bucks. Not an incredible bargain, but the figure looked really cool and I didn’t have a Red Arrow. He’s been a great character in the cartoon and I wanted to have one.
We hit the other stores and then ended up at Big Lots last. They had a whole shelf of DCUC Wave 20 except for Hawk and Dove. The problem was that not only were the figures not discounted, they were priced a bit higher than what I would normally be willing to pay. But they had the new Green Arrow that I had recently decided I needed, as well as a DCUC Red Arrow, who I hadn’t even seen at retail yet. They both looked pretty cool and I figured I’d go ahead and spend the money and be done with it. I gave the YJ Red Arrow to Lil’ Troublemaker.
First Glance: I do like the hooded look a whole lot and overall this Green Arrow looks a little more super heroic than the older one. Wait a minute – does he not have any arrows? What?
Sculpt: There are a fair number of new parts here. This isn’t just the old Green Arrow figure with a new head.
Actually, this isn’t a new head. It’s the old head minus the little green hat and plus a hood. That’s okay, though. The face was pretty much perfect on that one anyway. I would have preferred it if the hood was sculpted onto the shoulders with the head able to move independently within, but they would have had to either produce a new head or sculpt some hair on top of the existing one for that. As it is, the hood sits slightly apart from the shoulders and looks more like he has a towel draped over his head like Taz. It isn’t terrible, but it could be better.
Arrow has a new torso, forearms, and a waist piece. The torso is a bit simpler than the last one, but looks good with the new shoulder piece and the hood/towel. The forearms are awesome and caught my attention. There are little arrows sculpted onto them to look like wrist-launchers. It’s a really cool touch. The waist piece is the belt and the bottom of his tunic. I like the “G” on the belt buckle and the dagger hanging from the belt would be a really nice touch if it were functional. In a day when most GI Joe figures have sheathes on their person that you can stick their little knives into I find it just a little ridiculous that Mattel couldn’t manage the same with a 6” scale figure.
His quiver is a new, smaller version. I’m not sure which I prefer. The large one on the old Arrow seems to make more sense, but the smaller one looks cooler.
There is also a little thigh pouch. For snacks, I guess.
Mr. Queen has the standard DCUC articulation. Ball joints at the neck and shoulders, swivels at the biceps, waist, and thighs. The elbows, abdomen, knees, and ankles have single joint pivots. The hips are the funky Mattel swivel/pivots. Finally, the wrists are also swivel/pivot ball joint analogs. I’m surprised and happy that Mattel went with this so he can actually hold his bow as though he were shooting it. Well, except for the fact that the bow… we’ll get to that.
Also, the waist piece can move independently of the legs and the torso so Arrow can still look fairly natural when you’re posing him.
All of the joints on mine move freely and are tight enough.
Design: The head looks great. The facial hair and mask and everything are all tight and accurate.
Basically this guy is a bunch of different shades of green and they all look good. I don’t have any sort of errors on mine.
Accessories: Green Arrow comes with his bow and Nekron’s right arm.
Green Arrow’s bow sucks even more than the last one, and that’s impressive because they’re both the same mold. I don’t like that it is made with an arrow nocked but not drawn. It looks stupid. That arrow isn’t even long enough for that bow to be drawn all the way back. And at least the old version had a nice paint job. This one is two colors and looks crappy.
Also, this version does not include any extra arrows. I really shouldn’t care because there’s nothing to do with them anyway, but the last one did and so does Red Arrow. Mattel set the precedent. And there’s certainly nothing about this figure that suggests there wasn’t a budget for a few more small accessories.
I don’t care about building Nekron unless I find the rest of this series for cheap. And actually, I think I might have already sold the parts that came with Hawk and Dove on eBay. But whatever.
Packaging: Your standard DCUC blister.
Overall: Aside from the hood being a little weird the figure itself looks good. I kind of don’t care about the lack of arrows, but I kind of do.
3 out of 5
Come on back on Monday and I’ll tell you all about Red Arrow, who is significantly less exciting.

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