Friday, May 25, 2012

TimeGate 2012

I really want to write something promoting TimeGate, but I honestly don’t know a whole heck of a lot about TimeGate.
If you don’t know, TimeGate is an Atlanta-based convention formed mostly around Doctor Who and Stargate, but encompassing many facets of science fiction and fantasy. There are panels for Stars both Wars and Trek, Buffy, comic books, and even Masters of the Universe. There are celebrity guests, fan tables, bands – all the sorts of things you expect from a con. People are coming from all over the Southeast to attend.

            I don't know all of the details, but TimeGate is -to run a tired cliché into the ground – by fans, for fans. There are no corporate sponsors, no traveling con companies that drop some guests in and collect the bucks without worrying about quality. TimeGate is a con that was made out of a love of dorkery, and if there's anything in this world I can respect, it''s that.
I will be attending TimeGate for the first time this year thanks to my affiliation with Earth Station Who. I have no idea what to expect as far as scale, but if the con's Facebook page is any indication the fans are pretty supportive and enthusiastic. All I know is I'm turning off my snark for the weekend and embracing everything. From steampunk to people dressed as the Furries from Warrior's Gate; I'm cool with everybody.
I'll be on the Earth Station Who panel Saturday night at 7 PM and I have no fucking clue how that's going to go. I've never been on a panel before and I don't know what we'll be covering specifically. But if there's one thing I'm good at it's talking, so I'm sure I'll be just fine. I just hope the Mikes are ready for whatever it is I bring to the table. Or mic. Whatever.
There's also a podcasting panel Sunday morning that I feel it has been implied that I could be on. I dunno. I've been on exactly eight podcasts in my entire life, so I'm not too sure I have any business being on this one. Also, I'm probably going to be hungover. I don't know if my Dragon*Con-stitution will kick in for TimeGate or not.
As far as guests go, you've got David Nykl from Stargate: Atlantis, Caitlin Blackwood from Doctor Who, and Mika McKinnon who was the scientific adviser on Stargate: Atlantis. There are various other guests representing the fandom – from authors to musicians to experts on the different genres. It's an exciting mix of knowns and lesser-knowns that I think will make for an interesting time.
There is, of course, a Dealer's Room:
Companions Corner
Starbase Atlanta
Fantastic Visions
Duae Designs
Crescent Fawn Studios
Soiled Doves Mercantile
Antiquity's Jewelry Box
Crimson Castle Games
Comic City
Exile Into Imagination
I'm not familiar with most of those, but we all know Starbase Atlanta from Dragon*Con and from around the internet. I'm actually pretty happy that these are all strangers to me. How much of a bummer would it have been to go to this new (to me) con and see a bunch of vendors I've been seeing for years and will be seeing yet again this September? So it's pretty awesome to have unknown quantities. I'm not sure if these are all the vendors or just the ones that registered earliest. We'll find out.
And then there's the schedule, which is absolutely jam-packed with events. Days of the Dead could certainly learn a lesson from the Time Gate folks. Just like I do with Dragon*Con, I'm just covering the panels and events I'm interested in. If you want the full schedule, go check the website.
We'll be taking Lil' Troublemaker down Friday night, so I'll be at the ESO table for a bit and roaming around. But if I were flying solo, here's what I'd be doing:
6:30 – Opening – I have never been to the Opening Ceremonies of anything, ever. But someday I will make it happen. Just not today.
7:00 – BFF's: The Doctor's Companions – I wouldn't mind sitting in on a discussion of the various companions that have accompanied our favorite Time Lord over the past 49 years. I think my favorite is always going to be Leela, though.
8:00 – 20 Years in the Buffyverse – I have Buffy the Vampire Slayer tattoos. Of course I'd check this out.
11:00 – Concert – Hyperdrive/One Hard Night – From the site:
"Two of Atlanta's premiere nerd-rock bands join forces to bring you a concert of fist-pumping power! It'll be like an old issue of Marvel Team-Up ... but LOUDER!!! In addition to original songs by both bands, you'll hear covers of songs by David Bowie, Tom Petty, the Misfits, and other surprises. You're bound to hear something you'll know!"
I like the Marvel Team-Up reference, not so much the Tom Petty. But I'll definitely check out nerd rock any time it is available. Also, this is only an hour? Huh?
Mrs. Troublemaker and I will be at TimeGate all day Saturday and staying at the hotel Saturday night. Because we decided we were going to party. I doubt very much we'll be there at 10 AM, but...
10:00 – He-Man 30th Anniversary – It bugs the shit out of me that they called this "He-Man" rather than "Masters of the Universe" even though I always called it "He-Man" as a kid. But I'd really like to see this panel. Just wish it was later.
11:00 – The Tom Bake Era – I'd love to go and see a panel dedicated to My Doctor, but I don't thin k we'll arrive until noon at the earliest. And I'm probably going to be manning the ESO/ESW table at that point.
1:00 – DC Comics: The Reboot – I should be on this panel. Actually, I should have had my special project done by now. But I am lazy. Coming soon – I promise. A wholly different perspective on DC's New 52 – exclusively on Needless Things!
3:00 - $25,000 Pyramid of Mars – I guess this is some kind of fan competition – I have no idea. I just want to see it because I think the name is clever and fucking hilarious.
4:00 – The Presentation of Costume for Masquerade and Hall Cosplay – This is a crazy and unwieldy title for anything. I don't know exactly what it means, but I aims to find out.
8:30 – Cabaret – The evening's entertainment begins! Sure, it's no DCW, but it should be fun.
9:30 – Masquerade – The costume contest. I will have at least one costume – maybe more – but I am not sure what I could do on stage. If I had put more preparation into this I could've own this thing.
10:30 – TimeGate Dance – Doctor Q will be spinnign who knows what. It won't matter because by this time I'll be so drunk that I'll dance to anything – even Depressed Commode.
There is a good chance I'll be manning the ESO/ESW table for however long I'm at Time Gate on Sunday. I am seriously considering doing free sketches, so you should come by.
2:00 – Ken Spivey Band – These guys are at Dragon*Con every year and they obviously love Doctor Who at least as much as I do. I owe it to them to check 'em out.
And that's pretty much it. Please check out the Time Gate website and the TimeGate Facebook page. And come out. I think this is going to be a whole heck of a lot of fun and it won't be the sweaty, crowded, grinding nightmare that Dragon*Con can be. Don't get me wrong – I fucking love D*C's sweaty grinding. I just don't need it this early in the year.
I'll be posting on  Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr all weekend. If you're not friends or following or whatever, DO IT NOW.
And of course, check back in with Needless Things next week for my full coverage of the convention.

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