Friday, April 13, 2012

Toy Review – Marvel Legends Klaw By Hasbro

I don’t know who “Marvel’s Klaw” (as they call him on the box) is, I just know that he’s pretty stupid-looking. Yeah, yeah – I know he’s a Kirby creation. It’s obvious from looking at him. But I just don’t dig him.

I wasn’t even going to buy this guy, but I was so impressed with the rest of the Wave 1 Marvel Legends I had bought I couldn’t help it. I also got all caught up in build-a-figure madness. Which is, of course, why build-a-figures exist. I don’t even give a crap about Terrax, but I already had four pieces of him so of course I might as well go ahead and buy two more figures and build the guy. Besides, Steve Rogers actually looks pretty awesome. Klaw would be the only one that I flat-out didn’t want.

I now own Klaw and still cannot find a Steve Rogers. I would prefer the clear shield variant, but at this point I’m a little worried about finding one at retail at all. The other day I found the whole second series (reviews coming soon) and I still don’t have a Steve.

As far as Klaw goes, he is a villain with some kind of sonic powers. He can shoot sound waves from the prosthesis on his right arm.

First Glance: Okay, he doesn’t look that stupid. Klaw still isn’t anybody I would’ve gone out of my way to get, but there is a certain charm in his simplicity.

Sculpt: Klaw – being a very simple design – uses a variation the now-standard Marvel Legends male buck. That’s fine because it is a good one. The figure has ball joints at the neck, shoulders, and hips. The knees and elbows are double-jointed, the left wrist and ankles have swivel/pivots, the waist has a swivel, and there is an abdominal joint. I keep meaning to do some research and learn the actual names of all these different types of joints. Someday maybe. I really appreciate that Klaw does not have the stupid toe joints. I hate those. They’re always loose and it’s not like you can really utilize them.

Klaw’s proportions are good and mine has tight, functional joints. This buck balances well and can hold plenty of cool poses.

The head reminds me very much of a Sentinel, but with more character. Klaw is angry. As basic as the rest of him is, I really do like the head sculpt.

The sonic weapon looks awesome. There is a ton of detail worked into it. I’m also impressed with the fact that no matter how I posed this guy the right arm didn’t throw off the balance. The weapon is definitely heavier, but the rest of the figure is solid enough that he can still stand without a problem.

Design: He’s red and purple.

The paint on my figure is very accurate and solid. There are no errors or blotches and the applications are all thick enough that bottom layers do not show through.

The only complaint I have is that the black outline between Klaw’s purple and red parts seems a bit thick and obtrusive to me. I can’t say I don’t think it should be there, but maybe it could be thinner? I’m not sure. But it just looks kind of weird. Like if there were black lines between the blue and gray of a Batman figure.

The sonic weapon could have used a wash to bring out the detailing, but it still looks neat.

Accessories: Klaw comes with Terrax’s left (?) leg and one part of the six-part story of Terrax. He doesn’t have any character-specific accessories, but as far as I know there aren’t any that would be appropriate.

Packaging: The standard Hasbro blister with tape on the back. I didn’t like this style of box at first, but now that I’ve stopped trying to open these figures carefully I’m better with it. I throw out all the cards anyway, so I might as well just tear these things open like a little kid. Actually, Lil’ Troublemaker is the one that taught me that. He never has trouble getting his toys open.

I’m still not sold on the art choices for the new Marvel Legends, but I do like the layout. It’s very comic book-y.

Overall: Whenever I find Steve Rogers and get a hold of Terrax’s crotch I’ll be happy I got this guy. Um, maybe I should rethink that last sentence. Anyway, Klaw is by no means a bad figure, but if I hadn’t gotten all caught up in building Terrax he’d be a pass. Can’t argue the quality, though.

4 out of 5

If you’re a fan of the character, you won’t be disappointed in the figure. Honestly, I might end up just selling Klaw and Terrax once I finish this wave up. My eBay pile is getting unwieldy again and it’s about time for a new batch of old toys to go up.


  1. I cannot believe you collect Marvel Legends and have never read a Marvel comic! I thought at least EVERYONE in the U.S. has read Secret Wars!

    1. Whoa! Slow down there, broski! I don't know where you got the idea that I've never read a Marvel comic, but that's NUTSO! I've never heard of Klaw. From what I understand he is mostly an Avengers villain, and I'm a Marvel's Merry Mutants guy. And occasional Spider-fan. Only recently with all the media hype and the new (excellent) cartoon have I been aware of the Avenger's side of the Marvel U at all. Although Mr. Klaw did recently show up on the (wretched) new Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon after I wrote this.
      And no, I've never read Secret Wars. I'm not trying to sound like some weird, retro-futuristic hipster or anything; but even as a kid that seemed like such a shallow cash grab to me. For the most part I avoided Secret Wars stuff - even the toys. I was way more into DC back then anyway.
      I will say now that I'm a latter-day fan of Jim Shooter I'll have to check Secret Wars out sometime.
      Is it true that everybody outside the U.S. loves Tintin?

    2. Wait a second. Marvel makes comic books!? I thought Marvel just made movies, cartoons, and licensed their characters out for toys!

    3. Well, they mostly make "graphic novels" now. Because comic books are for children and losers.