Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Toy Review - Ghostbusters Classics: Vigo the Carpathian By Mattel

I’ve been putting off this review for quite some time now. I just don’t have a shred of enthusiasm for Mattel’s Ghostbusters Classics line anymore. So I’m going to warn you right now – this review may well suck.

I was really stoked about this figure of the Scourge of Moldavia. Vigo is still terrifying to this day, and I think I like Ghostbusters 2 more than a lot of people do. C’mon, man – Jackie Wilson.

But this review is going to be tough because this is a good figure. I can’t do my normal humorous bitching about it, but I am thoroughly irritated about how badly Mattel fumbled the Ghostbusters line, so I want to bitch.

Thanks to those fucking boneheads (™ First Sergeant) at Mattel, we’ll never get an Ecto-1, a Janeane, a mayor, Janusch, or so many other awesome figures that I detailed pretty thoroughly in one of Needless Things’ most popular articles.

And don’t even get me started on this latest shit with the SDCC Mr. Stay Puft. I’ll have to ask Monkey if his is turning pee-color.

And yes - I did the whole Bill Murray photograph session thing when I was taking pictures for this post. Don't judge me. And give me angry.

First Glance: It really stinks that this line is fizzling out just as we’re getting to some really cool and unique sculpts. Vigo looks great in the package. My excitement to open him is tinged with regret. Sadness, thy name is Ghostbusters Classics.

Sculpt: Vigo looks great. His articulation isn’t amazing – he’s got (articulation here). Some of it is slightly hampered by the sculpt, but he’s okay. The head sculpt is very nice and a great likeness of (actor). I’m not crazy about the wrist joints. They look kind of weird where they are in the sculpt.

The sculpt itself is awesome. Vigo’s fancy-pants clothes are captures quite well, with all sorts of detail in the folds and the shoulder thing.

Design: There are plenty of paint apps and a good amount of detail, but Vigo is still somehow boring to look at. I guess it’s the brown. Either that or the fact that I just can’t get excited about this line anymore.

The face on mine is a bit odd. It isn’t bad, necessarily, it just looks weird to me.

Accessories: Since Mattel is dumb, they screwed up what should have been a no-brainer of an accessory. 

Rather than packing a framed (FRAMED) painting of Vigo with the normal painting on one side and the river of slime painting on the other, they made this horribly ugly lenticular Vigo that isn’t even like what was in the movie and put that admittedly funny picture of the Ghostbusters with Oscar on the other side. 

But funny as it is, it isn’t what should have come with this figure. Maybe as an extra.

Packaging: The standard Ghostbuster packaging, which would be just fine if the very first figure – the SDCC Egon – had not come in far superior resealable packaging.

Overall: I’m just being bitchy. Aside from the painting and the slightly odd face this figure is pretty great. I just didn’t feel like writing about him.

4 out of 5

You’ve probably already got Vigo if you wanted one, but BigBad has him for a pretty hefty markup. Otherwise give him a year and hit up eBay.

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