Friday, January 6, 2012

Top 31 Ginger Action Figures

Here for no particular reason are the Top Thirty-One Ginger Action Figures. These are rated mostly on how much I like them, but also based on their accuracy to the source material and how good an action figure they actually are.

Since there are no American Horror Story figures, Moira the Ghost Maid is not Number One.

Also, it’s worth noting that none of these entries came from the horror section of my room. You’d think there would be more slashers and murderesses of the ginger persuasion given their proclivity to be completely nuts.
Well, technically she’s a redhead:
But I think she’s disqualified for obvious reasons. Shaving’s okay, but geez. At least leave a landing strip.
31 - Willow Rosenberg
She would’ve been higher, but I’m not crazy about her face.
30 - Mara Jade
I hope a better Mara is on the way. This one isn’t bad, just weird. Kind of stuck between Power of the Force and now.
29 - Outback (25th Anniversary)
Outback was always one of my favorite Joes. The combination of that absurd white “Survival” t-shirt (though this one is green) with his signature red hair and beard made him stand out from the other Joes when I was a kid. This 25th Anniversary figure is a solid update.
28 - Scarlett (25th Anniversary)
Same as Willow – not the best face ever, plus her articulation and proportions are a bit wonky.
27 – Fairchild
Not a great figure, but I’ve always really liked the character design – costume and all. Obviously I’m partial to those colors.
26 – Beast Man
Perhaps not the sexiest entrant on the list, but there is no doubting he’s a full-on redhead.
25 - Poison Ivy (DC Deluxe)
There’s really only one problem with this figure that kept her from being quite a bit higher up. Well, two problems. All of the female figures from the 1/6th scale DC Deluxe line have GIANT tits. It’s why I haven’t bought any others after this Ivy. There’s not much that’ll keep me from buying a Batgirl figure, but boobs that look like they were designed by one of those pervert artists from Dragon*Con are definitely on the list. I think the face on this one is great, though.
24 - Rusty Venture (Boy Adventurer)
I was going to list the adult Rusty until I remembered I had this little guy still packed away in his lunchbox. I really need to get around to reviewing this set, as it’s pretty great.
23 - Poison Ivy (Batman: The Animated Series)
One of the most accurate and adorable figures on the list. Not much in the way of posability, but she really does look like she’s supposed to.
22 - Donna Noble
This is a great figure that really should be higher up, but Donna’s just so damned abrasive. I love the relationship she had with the Doctor and it served the story so well, but I’ll never be crazy about her as a character.
21 - Black Widow (Marvel Legends)
There were two heads with this one – long hair and short hair. I’m not necessarily partial to either as a rule, but it makes more sense to me that a skilled assassin would keep her hair short.
20 - Amy Pond
Don’t worry – this is not the last you’ll see of Ms. Pond on this list.
19 – Teela
She’d be way higher of not for her stupid neck.
18 - Cosmic Angela
This figure was sold in Toys R Us and Wal-Mart. Think about that. This is basically an action figure of a hot redhead in crazy bondage gear. And nothing else. Please note her rooted, combable hair.
17 - Guy Gardner (DC Universe Classics)
I bought the Walmart Exclusive box set Guy came in just to get him. Look at that face. That’s awesome.
16 - Ninja April O’Neil
This honestly isn’t even all that great a figure, but the concept is awesome. As proven by this young lady from Dragon*Con 2008:
That could possibly have some bearing on this mediocre figure’s position on the list. And that look on her face - that's the result of a comment about her butt that was louder than I had meant it to be. What? It was very complimentary.
15 - Poison Ivy (Hush)
I like this figure a whole lot, but even with a stand she has a lot of trouble staying upright. I prefer the characterization of Ivy where she’s green-skinned and plant-like, using nature as clothing rather than spandex. Seems to make more sense.
14 - Scarlett (Rise of Cobra)
I feel like this is the best Scarlett figure we’ve ever gotten. I kind of wish Hasbro had done a repaint in the original colors. I guess I could if I weren’t so lazy.
13 – Scarlet X (Crimson)
I’ve managed to get over halfway through this list without sounding like some kind of pervert, but there’s no way I can discuss this particular figure without sounding a little bit disgusting. It’s a redhead in fishnet and red leather. C’mon, man. I didn’t make the thing. But I certainly had to buy it.
12 – Warrior Lilith
I believe this is the last McFarlane toy I ever bought, back when I worked at GameStop. Awesome-looking figure, though.
11 - Poison Ivy (Yamato)
This is another leafy Ivy, and one that I am particularly attached to.
10 - Subject 1025
Zombie redhead. Of course she makes my Top Ten.
9 - Amy Pond (Kiss-O-Gram Costume)
My favorite Pond figure so far. Until we get a super-articulated tough, old, warrior lady Amy Pond from “The Girl Who Waited”.
8 – Batwoman
This is a solid Kate Kane, but not the best we’re ever going to get. Hopefully DC Direct plans on doing one based solely on JH Williams III’s art (along with Alice) and I would love to see a version from Mattel’s line as long as they don’t fuck it up.
7 – Angela
Still a classic and a high-water mark for redheaded action figures. Amazingly she can stand, hold her weapons, and not fall apart.
6 - Vampire Willow (Sideshow)
The smaller Diamond Select version didn’t quite make the list. It’s very good, but I wanted to avoid putting different scales of the same version of the same character on here and this one has a better face and of course much better articulation. All of Sideshow’s Buffy toys are great and this one is no exception.
5 - Medieval Witchblade
I’ve never even read a single issue of Witchblade, but I bought pretty much every comic book-related figure Moore Action Collectibles offered before they stopped doing them. This is just a really cool figure.
4 - Batgirl (All-Star Batman)
This is probably the spunkiest Batgirl figure we’ve seen. I really dig the design and the pose, which was why I bought her. I didn’t even make it far enough into the All-Star Batman comic to get to this version of Batgirl. Guess I probably should someday.
3 - Poison Ivy (Arkham Asylum)
This is easily my favorite figure of Ivy. Well-proportioned and visually striking, what with the viney veins, the red hair and the Arkham shirt.
2 - Rachel Grey
This is one of my favorite action figures of all time. It perfectly reflects the character, it is well articulated, all the proportions are great, and she has no trouble standing at all.
1 - Batgirl (Thrillkiller)
This is the very best Batgirl I own and one that I am honestly a little shocked even got made. Dan Brereton is one of my favorite artists of all time – if not my outright favorite – and I absolutely love the Thrillkiller Elseworlds stories, both for Howard Chaykin’s distinctive writing and Brereton’s beautiful art. The figure came out years after the story was released and perfectly captures Brereton’s unique style.

Just to prove a certain commenter right (once again), I had over fifty possibilities for this list to narrow down to 31. The last four that were eliminated were three Famous covers figures and a 1/6th scale Batgirl from Batman: The Animated Series. They all had rooted hair and fabric costumes. I have a feeling they might have been higher on somebody else’s list.

Until next time, stay creepy


  1. I have an action figure that I found whilst digging and I can't identify her. She has red hair and I was hoping if I send you a photo you'd be able to help? How do I send you a photo pls? My email is

    1. If you're on Facebook, send a message to El Phantasmas. Otherwise PhantomTroublemaker at I'll be happy to help!