Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Toy Review – Masters of the Universe Classics Swiftwind By Mattel

It didn’t matter how good Swiftwind ended up being, Mrs. Troublemaker was getting him.
Mainly because she just wanted him, but also because no matter how much I can appreciate things that are.. sassier… than other things in my collection, a huge, rainbow-colored Pegasus/unicorn combo is a bit much. Even for me.

I really dig the Evil Horde and I even felt it necessary to add a She-Ra to my collection, but I am not overly familiar with any of the Princess of Power stuff. Oh yeah – I kept Catra too. She was pretty cool. But I just don’t need Swiftwind.
First Glance: Okay, this Unisus or Pegacorn or whatever is pretty impressive. First of all, he’s pretty huge. Second, no matter how you feel about such things, a flying horse is pretty damned cool.
Sculpt: The Four Horsemen made a really good flying horse.
My sister had a bunch of those horse figures when she was a kid. They looked really good, but didn’t have any articulation. Swiftwind looks like one of those, but with articulation. The head moves up and down and swivels some, the neck moves up and down, the tail is pretty much a ball joint. The legs pivot at the hips, knees, and ankles.
The wings plug into the big, unsightly holes in the sides and rotate and pivot. They do not stay in place as securely as I’d like, but they aren’t necessarily loose. They just come off very easily. The feathers look great and distinct and overall the wings just look awesome.
Swiftwind’s body is pretty plain except for a few veiny parts, but that’s okay. The mane and tail look nice. I don’t know what you call the collar and the head piece, but they look good. They are permanently attached pieces, which I always prefer over sculpted-on parts, but it would be nice if they were removable.
The horn is rubber. Mine was caught on a bit of the interior packaging and bent slightly. I’m not saying Mattel should do this, but if they were to take a rubber unicorn horn and a harder plastic unicorn horn and stab a kid in the ye with them, I think they’d find the results equally horrifying. But one of the figures would be much nicer than the other.
Design: Swiftwind’s white body looks really good. There is subtle detailing throughout that make him look more real. The mane and tail have some highlights and the wings look great. For all of the feathers and multiple colors, there are no errors on the one I got.
The head and neck pieces look good as well.
Accessories: I suppose I’m going to consider the saddle an accessory since it comes off. It fits a bit more loosely than I would like, but it’s not a big deal. The sculpt is good and I’m assuming Bubble Power She-Ra will fit right on it (I won’t actually know this until next Tuesday because for some reason my order didn’t ship until a week after I made it). The colors are good and match the rest of the toy.
Packaging: A big Masters of the Universe Classics window box. I still like the style of these boxes a lot.
Overall: This is a very good toy. A few minor details – the loose wings and saddle and the fact that you can’t change it into Spirit – keep it from having a perfect score, but Swiftwind is definitely a solid buy.
4 out of 5
It’s up to you as to how much you need this colorful steed. BigBad has them now for a pretty big markup, but you can probably get one off of eBay for a reasonable price. There are still a lot more 2011 subs shipping than anybody ever really wanted.
Until next time, stay creepy


  1. Okay, as an owner of the original Swiftwind (and glitter Swiftwind) I have a few critiques to add that have been severely overlooked due to your male handicap. First of all, there is no real transformation capability, the original had a headpiece that slid on and off and the wings plugged into the saddle, so you could spend a couple of hours undoing the tiny rubber buckle and have Spirit instead of Swiftwind, two toys in one! Also, the molded hair, how are you supposed to brush his hair and feel pretty without nylon hair?! I bet it didn't even come with a sparkly brush either. In conclusion, this version of Swiftwind is not nearly magical enough to meet my standards.

  2. To elaborate further, the transformation cability is important because, for a girl toy, the most important action feature is the ability to play dress-up. So much so that manufacturers were able to bypass the need for articulation by making accessories that were removable on their own, through use of complicated and impossible to maneuver buckles & snaps. (Because girls were also better at handling such challenges). This is clearly a girl's toy remade by a boy with all the wrong values and little respect for the integrity of the character/project.

  3. Wow. I can't dispute a word of that. I also have to think that She-Ra and Catra should have hair or at least alternate heads with rooted hair. Then again, Megator's rooted hair looked so shitty I;m not sure that really is a good idea.

  4. Megator would have been a lot scarier if he came with a glittery brush.

  5. schweck! LOL!
    No, seriously- while Sara has a lot of good points, and I have no need for a flying unicorn, I was suprised they released this & how cool it is

  6. "I have no need for a flying unicorn" - I think that's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. Everybody needs a flying unicorn.