Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dragon*Con 2011 – Odds and Ends

Day 4
There really isn’t that much for me to write about Monday (and I have no pictures for this one). I once again had the alarm set for 10:30 – sheer foolishness. I don’t even remember turning it off this time and I certainly didn’t set a new alarm because I woke up at 12:17. This is bad because checkout time is 12:00. I wouldn’t say I panicked, but I wasn’t happy. Thankfully I was mysteriously mostly packed and only had to brush my teeth and put last night’s clothes away. I called the auto check-out, threw all my trash into the cooler and split.

Once I had a chance to think about it I realized I should’ve just gone down and checked out at the desk. I was out of the room by 12:30 or so and it’s not like anybody would’ve known exactly when I left. But it worked out fine anyway. The hotel is apparently a bit lenient with the times because I didn’t have any extra charges on the bill.
After I got my suitcase and bags into the car I had two missions to accomplish before heading home. First, I went back to the Walk of Fame, hoping to get those Buffy figures signed. I hadn’t had a shower, but I figured if the guests weren’t immune to the stink after four days one more gamy fellow wasn’t going to kill them.
But the Walk of Fame was fucking empty. There were probably no more than seven or eight guests left in there. I’ve been on Mondays before and there are usually a fair number of people left – to the point where it didn’t even occur to me I might have a problem getting the toys signed.
But not a one of the three people I was looking for – Nicholas Brendan, Julie Benz or Eliza Dushku – was left. I wasn’t even that disappointed. They’ll be back. If not next year, some other year.
My next objective was to find something for Lil’ Troublemaker. I desperately called Evil to find out where his buddy with the kids’ t-shirts was set up. He did his best to explain where the booth was, but I never did find it.
Nobody had any kids toys and there just wasn’t anything there that would appease a three-year-old. And then I remembered that Jedi robe. I knew there was a good chance my son’s desire for a robe had passed, but I had to get him something from the Con.
So, tiny Jedi robe in hand I headed back to the car.
I stopped at Target on the way home and picked up a couple other things to throw in the bag with the robe and that’s pretty much it for Monday.
On Tuesday I felt like shit. I went ahead and started the Z-pack that I wasn’t supposed to start until Thursday. I had to work Wednesday and Thursday so I waited until Friday before I called the Real Doctor.
See, I normally go to the Insta-Doc, or Doc-In-A-Box or Physicians Immediate Med. With my job I need to be able to get into the doctor ASAP and get better. I don’t have time to be making appointments two days out or whatever. But after nearly three weeks of being varying degrees of unwell I knew I had to do something to get better. I made an appointment for Monday (one week after Dragon*Con) to go in before I went into work.
The nurse was super nice. Like, way too nice. She displayed the common interest in my tattoos, except she knew who everybody was mostly. We talked about Buffy and somehow got onto Doctor Who. Like many quasi-nerds she knew the new series but not the old.
Note: I can’t help but be a little disappointed when this happens. I understand that classic Doctor Who is not for everyone. It’s campy and cheap and people just don’t get it, but man. I hate running into people who say they love Doctor Who but don’t appreciate the old ones (don’t get me wrong – I don’t hold it against them). But it just makes it that much more of a thrill when you run into somebody who does. It’s kind of like when you meet someone and they say they love Faith No More, but what they mean is they like “Epic” and maybe “Falling To Pieces” and didn’t even know Faith No More had more than one album versus somebody who goes, “Yeah – Mouth to Mouth is my favorite song.”
So anyway, she kept going on about David Tennant and how ugly Matt Smith is and I pointed out that they seem to be making a point of the Doctor’s alien-ness lately and maybe the point was to cast somebody a bit otherworldly. Then she started talking about Graham Norton and how funny that show was. She mentioned the TARDIS bit they did and how it was so funny she almost peed and then I think she remembered she was in her place of employment talking to a patient and she got a little red in the face and left.
I have that effect on people sometimes. I’m very comfortable to talk to.
The doctor came in shortly after that and I told her about the past couple of weeks. She was not impressed with my particular recovery method of drinking for three days straight and getting a total of twelve hours of sleep. She suggested that maybe my body was having a bit of trouble getting over that combined with the illness and all of the antibiotics coursing through it and I should be happy I could walk around, let alone drive a car to a doctor’s office. I was on the mend and quite frankly didn’t need anything more than a rational lifestyle for a few days and I’d be fine.
I like this doctor.
She said to call her Wednesday if I still felt crappy but she doubted I would. She was right. I could tell by Wednesday (last Wednesday) that I was feeling a lot better and as I write this I am even contemplating mowing the lawn when I get home (I did). Mostly because Mrs. Troublemaker has been contemplating that very strongly in my direction. If you catch my drift.
There are a few things I forgot to mention about Dragon*Con weekend while I was in my billion-word writing fugues. I’m just going to throw up a little list here so I don’t feel like anything went unsaid.
-I caught the Boondock Saints panel on DC*TV and it was great. Sean Patrick Flannery was hilarious and pretty much dominated it, but Norman Reedus got a clever word in here and there. My favorite quote of the whole weekend came when a Marine stood up and asked the pair about their trips overseas to visit the troops and Flannery took the opportunity to apologize for Sean Penn. Hilarious.
-I think I forgot to mention that I had Clare Kramer (Glory from Buffy) sign a Glory figure for me. She was super nice. Complimented my mask and everything. She seems to be legitimately into the nerd lifestyle and has some kind of nerd-oriented website starting up soon -
-This one time I got sick of waiting for the elevator in my hotel and went to the stairwell to ascend a level and see if things looked any better. I wasn’t quite comfortable with the whole service elevator thing at that point. I ran up a couple of flights and waited on that floor for a couple of minutes, got sick of waiting and just ran up to the eleventh floor where my room was. I don’t know why I related this story other than to point out that from time to time I can be a little bit not lazy.
-I also forgot to mention the totally disappointing Sharktopus screening. It was Saturday night at 10 or 10:30. Me and Hoffman and Monkey and Evil and Lady Evil and Darth Pete all went; mainly in hopes of getting the free t-shirts that were supposedly going to be there. I had no intention of actually watching the movie. I own the damn thing on Blu-Ray – we can watch it any time we want. Nobody was going to waste good Dragon*Con party time on that. As soon as we got in I informed one of the hosts that I fucking love Sharktopus; that I’ve drawn Sharktopus multiple times and that I had to have one of those shirts. She told me that she thought there were a couple of shirts and they were both very small and please have some popcorn. My faith was a bit shaken. Soon after that Money Ham and Crazy Girl and Beardy filed in. The place was really getting packed. Finally, the main guy got up and outlined the event and specified that if we wanted the opportunity to maybe get one of the two shirts they had to give away we had to stay through the whole movie. Fuck that. I was out of there. We left empty-handed. Well, I did. Everybody else filled up on popcorn and Cheez-Its.
Lastly, I want to mention all the awesome people that make my Dragon*Con worthwhile. If it wasn’t for having a great crew to hang out with, the Con wouldn’t be half as much fun as it is. Jeff & Steve, Ryan & Kelly (welcome! – glad you had fun), Pete, Noel, Hoffman, Jay & (usually) Angie (hey – nice baby!), Chris & Diane, Rich, Mike, Beau (nice puppets, man), Keith & Susie, Whitney and Sara. I was also glad to finally catch up with Sally & Beau even if I don’t remember it. Partying with all of you guys in September helps me get through.
But mostly, I want to thank Mrs. Troublemaker. No other wife on this planet is half the awesomeness that you are. You understand me and my bizarre need for Dragon*Con and keep me living life the rest of the year. I can’t ever pay you back for what you do for me.

Until next time, stay creepy


  1. i can't beieve you lived through it you bad motherfucker!

  2. Every year we of the DCW Hooliganz have more to live up to. I fear it will truly bring our ruin one day. But fuck it.
    Whatever your locale, I highly recommend you try to make Dragon*Con one year. It's the tits. Like, literally.