Friday, July 15, 2011

Toy Review – DC Universe Classics: El Dorado By Mattel

Lil’ Troublemaker Series Part 9!
I got a huge box of awesome (mostly) from BigBadToyStore the other day. There was a lot to go through and take pictures of and Lil’ Troublemaker wanted to help, so I let him pick out what order we took the pictures in and opened the figures. That’s the order that you’re reading all of these in now.
I was a little lost as to who Bronze Tiger was the first time I saw the lineup for DC Universe Classics Series 16. Google refreshed my memory and actually made me feel a little stupid because he’s been featured in quite a few things I’ve read. I was just distracted by that awesome tiger head. I bet that guy is Big Show’s favorite.
But I don’t remember El Dorado at all. He was on Super Friends, but despite how much I loved Black Vulcan, Samurai and Apache Chief when I was a kid I don’t remember this guy’s Latino ass one little bit. I still don’t know what the heck his powers are supposed to be. See, I write these reviews at work and while I’ve interacted with the figures enough to write what I feel are worthy reviews I have this terrible habit of not reading the bios. And since we don’t have internet access here and I’m not allowed to use my cell phone at all, I have no resources for checking El Dorado out. But I can guess.

Be sure and check back Monday for the thrilling origin of El Dorado – which I'm sure DC will immediately hire me to make a part of their relaunch as soon as they read it. Totally.
First Glance: Not a lot of figures inspire me to write short stories. This one must be pretty good.
Sculpt: The El Dorado I wrote about would undoubtedly have double-jointed elbows and knees (tune in Monday!), as well as those nifty wrist ball joints Mattel has been using so sparingly of late. This one does not. He has the standard DCUC articulation.
I don’t like the painted-on boots. While I may not be able to claim that El Dorado’s standing is such that he deserves better, there really isn’t an excuse for it in this day and age. It’s just so Dollar Tree.
I’m not sure if the gold on his forearms is some kind of force field or mystic energy like I claimed above or if this guy wears golden opera gloves. Either is as likely as the other, but I’ll stick with my interpretation just so I don’t have to complain about it.
Design: El Dorado really does look like a Mexican wrestler. Even though I don’t remember the character at all this is one of my favorite designs from DCUC. The skin tone is solid and consistent and the head looks good and distinctive. I may not be down with the painted-on boots, but the colors used for them are great.
Accessories: You could probably get El Dorado’s harness and cape off if you really wanted to, but I don’t know why you would. As such, he has no accessories. I don’t know what he would have come with, though. I guess when a character doesn’t specifically call for accessories I’m okay with it.
Each Series 18 figure also comes with a piece of Apache Chief.
Packaging: The giant DCUC bubble with the character’s biography printed on the back.
Overall: Just buy this guy. Seriously – he’s awesome. If these weren't $15 apiece I'd buy one for everybody I know just so they could love him like I do.
4 out of 5
I’m going to have to figure out which episodes of Super Friends this guy was on. I have a bad feeling it was the crappy seven minute ones from the end of the run. I would definitely know if he was from the Legion of Doom era.

Until next time, stay creepy

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