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Toy Review – DC Universe Classics: Apache Chief By Mattel

Lil’ Troublemaker Series Part
I got a huge box of awesome (mostly) from BigBadToyStore the other day. There was a lot to go through and take pictures of and Lil’ Troublemaker wanted to help, so I let him pick out what order we took the pictures in and opened the figures. That’s the order that you’re reading all of these in now.
Apache Chief was the single biggest reason I was excited about the eighteenth wave of DC Universe Classics.
See what I did there? 
We’ve bought some DVD collections of the Super Powers cartoons for Lil’ Troublemaker and I’m sad to say that our Native American friend was not nearly as central to things as I remembered. Previous to watching some of these old episodes I would have sworn that at least seventy percent of the crises the Justice League faced were solved by Apache Chief yelling, “Inyuk Chuk!” and swelling up like Ron Jeremy’s member on a work day.
Not so. Very not so.
Batman almost always saves the day.
But I still have fond childhood memories of the Chief and am thrilled to finally have an action figure of the guy. Granted, said figure is both too short and too tall to be accurate, but whatever.

First Glance: My first glance of Apache Chief was technically at all of the different pieces that came with the various figures of Series 18. They looked fine from what I could tell; but more importantly they looked about as large as Mattel seems to be able to get away with for a build-a-figure humanoid. I do believe he’s a decent bit larger than Mattel’s hilariously tiny Anti-Monitor. I don’t have an Anti-Monitor because I only ordered two of the figures from Series 17, but Evil has one and I laughed my ass off when he showed it to me. The diminutive size is funny enough, but that little fabric cape is just the bees knees of ludicrousness. Other than the fact that the figure does look like the Anti-Monitor, Mattel really didn’t get anything right about it.
Sculpt: Every part of Apache Chief looks swell (get it?), but his head is of particular note. Mattel really did a great job with his face, hair and even the headband. When I’m talking about the accuracy of a figure’s headband, you just know I like a character a little more than I maybe should.
Apache Chief has the standard DCUC articulation. All of the joints are tight and aren’t stuck by paint or inappropriate adhesives or inferior plastics.
For some reason I’m really impressed by Apache Chief’s boots. They just look really good. I guess in a line where half the figures end up with painted-on boots, these really stand out.
Design: Not much to say here. The skin tone is very nice – an area Mattel has been excelling in for quite some time now. The rest of the figure is done well. The browns are browns and the oranges are orange. Orange. O-R-A-N-G-E. Or-ange. Orangutan. Did you know “orangutan” is Latin? “Orang” meaning “orange” and “utan” meaning “violent man that smells like feces”. Not really, but I don’t have much to say about a figure that consists of four colors.
Good job on the paint, Mattel.
Accessories: I guess I can count the Chief’s loin cloth and vest as accessories since technically you can remove them. And end up with some kind of weird Party Boy Apache Chief. I wouldn’t invite him to my parties, though. I’m just kidding. I definitely would. At least he wears underpants, which is more than you can apparently say about Giganta sometimes. Not that it matters because only four people on the entire planet actually managed to build that figure.
Packaging: Depending on how you look at it Apache Chief either has no packaging or more packaging than anybody else in Series 18. You’d think somebody who gets all teary over a little trash on the road would be more environmentally conscious.
Overall: Yeah, it would be great to have a 24” tall Apache Chief figure, but I can’t imagine the market for a sixty dollar Apache Chief would be all that large. It’s be nice to have a regular 6” version as well, but I doubt that’s any more likely, especially with how pissy some people seem to get about figures based on Super Friends.
5 out of 5
I can’t imagine a better Apache Chief. They really nailed this one. If you want him, go ahead and buy the entire series because you probably want Samurai, El Dorado and Black Vulcan as well and the rest of them are neat, too. Good job, Mattel.
After the success that is Series 18 I can only imagine Series 19 will be plagued with soft weapons, stuck joints and messy paint apps. That’s okay – I’m only buying Stargirl and Sandman from that one.
Until next time, stay creepy

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