Wednesday, July 13, 2011

SUPER SPECIAL UPDATE! - My Terrible Recap of The Leaked Dark Knight Rises Trailer

Spoilers (?) ahead!

Well, if you didn’t get to see the Dark Knight Rises trailer during the brief time it was online today; here’s what I recall:
  • Opens with a recap of the first two movies – emphasis on the first one. The shot of Bruce walking up to the training place and some of the other stuff from the first trailer.
  • We get the words – “Every legend has a beginning” and then those scenes and then “and every journey has an end.”
  • Some guy is in a hospital bed talking (I didn’t have any sound). I can’t honestly tell if this is Gordon or pre-Venom Bane. The action is flashing between this guy and just some shots of Gotham.
  • The shots of Gotham are moving upwards to a reveal of the new teaser poster, but in action, with stuff crumbling off of the buildings to form the bat symbol. It makes me wonder if they're going to use elements from Cataclysm and/or No Man's Land.
  • There is a shot of an axe busting the bat-signal.
  • There’s a shot of the Bat-pod that I don’t think is from Dark Knight. It’s driving up a ramp into sunlight.
  • We also keep returning to a shot of what appears to be a kid climbing out of a well. Probably Bane and probably a symbolic flashback kind of thing relating to him getting out of the prison he was raised in. Maybe.
  • There is a close-up of Bane’s face and he honestly looks kind of stupid. No luchador mask – looks like Mankind’s mask.
  • Last shot is an over-the-shoulder of Bane approaching Batman. Bane looks pretty fucking huge.
And that’s the trailer as best I can remember. It’s a lot more actual footage than I would have expected. I think this is supposed to show before Potter – I’ll let you know Friday. If it is before Potter I’m sure it’ll end up online again this weekend.
The one I saw was blurry and it got taken down literally right after I watched it. I had no plans of trying to recap it, so I’m sure I missed some stuff. I also didn’t have any sound, so I have no idea what was going on.
There was a definite sense of finality to what I saw. Like, I almost wonder if Nolan is going to kill Batman at the end. I know that seems ridiculous, and it’s probably just setting up the stakes of Bane’s threat in advance, but this trailer seemed intent on wrapping shit up.
It’s pointless to comment on whether this trailer got me more excited. I couldn’t be more excited. I will say I didn’t care for what I saw of Bane’s mask, but I have no context and it was only a brief glimpse. I’m open-minded here and trust Nolan. I’m sure whatever I saw will be for the best in the finished product.
I also just realized I didn’t see any trace of Catwoman or Anne Hathaway, but that doesn’t really mean anything. Here’s hoping I’ll get the full show on Friday!
Until next time, stay creepy

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