Friday, June 17, 2011

Green Lantern Week - Toy Review Green Lantern: Movie Masters Naut Kei Loi By Mattel

Sick of that picture yet?
While Hal Jordan was the only Green Lantern Movie Masters figure I knew I was going to buy, this fish guy was the one I was most excited about seeing in person.

I’ve always favored aquatic-themed stuff, from the Ripley’s Aquarium to Sealab 2021 to The Little Mermaid to MaxRay; I dig it under the sea. I love the GreenLantern Classics version of this character and was dying to see how the movie version would pan out. I’ve been thrilled by how completely out there the movie designers have gotten with the aliens. You’ve heard it over and over again here and on my Facebook page. I’m so happy we’re getting toys that are more than a piece of broccoli on top of a Hal Jordan body.
First Glance: So exciting! So fishy! And is that… holy cow! It is! Hidden articulation! Could this be our first look at the technology being utilized in Matty’s SDCC Swamp Thing? I DON”T KNOW!
Sculpt: Mattel has been trying with these Movie Masters to produce aesthetically pleasing action figures with good playability by being creative and using different techniques than they usually do. It has not been working. At all. While the figures do look good, once you get up close and start playing around with them everything falls apart. Until Naut Kei Loi, who is one of the most successfully innovative action figures I have seen in a while.
The actual sculpt is beautiful and perfectly conveys the concept of “Giant Flying Space Fish”. Kei Loi is graceful and sleek and just looks awesome. He even has a little ring on his fin:
It’s great!
The articulation is where everything comes together, though. Kei Loi has a hinged jaw so you can pose him as being pensive or mad with rage.
But the rest – the rest is outstanding. Naut Kei Loi’s body and arms are made of a flexible polyurethane-type material that hides a few points of articulation. These aren’t wire armatures, either. They’re actual joints that bend and click into place. There is one joint in the body and two in each arm and they work great. My only concern is that the outer material might degrade over time. Remind me to check in about ten years.
Design: I have liked the paint choices and design work on all of the figures in this series, but they really stand out on Naut Kei Loi. The metallic green just lends itself so well to a fish.
Accessories: Each retail release figure in the Movie Masters line comes with a piece of Parallax. And nothing else. No power battery, no constructs, nothing.
Packaging: Oh, looky here! It’s actually the right figure for this one! The packaging is vaguely lantern-shaped. I like it just fine. It’s not fancy enough to give me pause before opening it, but it is distinctive.
Overall: Naut Kei Loi is by far the best of the Green Lantern Movie Masters. I don’t know if this construction is exactly what we can expect from Swamp Thing, but just the suggestion has me more excited for that figure.
4 out of 5
No accessories = no perfect score. If you’re not buying the Movie Masters then I’m not going to talk you into buying this funky fish dude from outer space. But if you want to own a cool toy with a very clever design, you should pick this one up next time you see it.

Until next time, stay creepy

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