Thursday, June 16, 2011

Green Lantern Week - Toy Review Green Lantern: Movie Masters Tomar Re By Mattel

I’ve always been very fond of Tomar Re. Not only for his design but also for his characterization. That fondness has only grown due to my son officially referring to him as “Chicken Lantern”.

First Glance: Tomar looks a little weird. I mean, weird even for a chicken fish man from beyond the stars. They seem to have mashed his head up a little bit for the movie and I’m not sure I like it. I’m also not sure I don’t like it.
Sculpt: The head just looks so odd. Almost more like a weird, hybrid carnival freak than an alien. I think shrinking the beak made him a little too human. But he does look accurate to the movie design and that’s what is important. So the head sculpt is a win.
The body sculpt is a win, too. I like that he has slightly elongated limbs that look very avian. The toy looks very much like the movie design and the movie design is very good.
The articulation is not great. Tomar has the same odd “organic” joints as the rest of the Movie Masters, which means that they move a maximum of 45 degrees in any direction and are loose. I do like his abdominal joint and he does not feature the unnecessary bicep or thigh swivels that some of the other figures do.
Tomar does come with a stand, so Mattel knew the guy wasn’t going to be standing up on his own. Unfortunately, the peg is just a bit too small for his foot so you have to position his legs EXACTLY right to get the figure to stand.
Design: I believe I like Tomar’s paint job the most out of this line so far. I mean, they’re all basically the same, but something about this figure just looks perfect color-wise.
Accessories: Each retail release figure in the Movie Masters line comes with a piece of Parallax. And aside from Hal, that’s it. No power battery. No constructs. Boo.
Packaging: I forgot to take pictures of the first series before I opened them, so here’s a picture of Naut Kei Loi. Just pretend it’s Hal in there – the boxes are all the same. The packaging is vaguely lantern-shaped. I like it just fine. It’s not fancy enough to give me pause before opening it, but it is distinctive.
Overall: Tomar as a figure to stand there looking cool is very good. Tomar Re as a figure to pose or play with is kind of okay at best.
3 out of 5
The lack of real accessories to interact with is the major problem with this figure. The articulation isn’t great, but I see what Mattel was going for. They just shouldn’t ever, ever go for that again.

Until next time, stay creepy

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