Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

I don’t have anything much today, but it’s also one of the few important things I’ll write about all year. I’d just like everybody to take a minute to pray, or think about or whatever your personal beliefs allow for; just be thankful for the men and women who have given their lives for this country. It doesn’t matter what you think about the United States of America’s politics now or at any time in the last two hundred and thirty-five years. The people who have fought and defended the liberties we enjoy today deserve just a few moments of your thankfulness and respect.

When you pass those flags and crosses on the side of the road think about what they stand for and the fact that there are thousands of similar displays all over our country.

I’m not saying you should feel guilty or sad or anything. Feel proud and privileged to be in a place that inspires that kind of devotion.


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