Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Toy Review – Green Lantern Classics Series 2 G’Hu By Mattel

I was kind of torn about Mattel including a movie-style Green Lantern in the second series of their Green Lantern Classics line. While I would have liked to have another comic-styled ring bearer too add to my collection (preferably Atrocitus), it was neat to be getting a preview figure for a movie that I am getting more excited about by the day. Especially a crazy alien. Obviously this is an attempt by Mattel to lure you into buying their Green Lantern Movie Masters line. Will it work? Let’s see…

First Glance: Crazy alien. Shiny crazy alien. I don’t want to buy these, but G’Hu looks really cool. I’m so impressed that Mattel is making all of these wild Lanterns.
Sculpt: I can’t go into my standard spiel about this guy because there is nothing standard about G’Hu. The figure has ball joints at the neck, shoulders, hips and upper abdomen. There are swivel joints at the knees and elbows, and they are… weird. I guess they make sense with the figure’s strange anatomy, they’re just something different than what we’re used to. I believe the wrists are meant to be swivel joints as well, but I don’t want to test them and lose a hand.
The actual sculpting is fantastic. Obviously I have no real frame of reference for this character in the movie, but the figure is full of detail. There are little nooks and crevices all over G’Hu’s extremely alien body. The head has an awesomely detailed face and the hair or tendrils or whatever coming off of it are molded in a rubber material so they don’t interfere with movement. The two little arms on the neck are eevn ball jointed and can move around fairly well.
Design: The paint apps in most of the pictures I have seen of the Green Lantern Movie Masters line have looked kind of sloppy and unappealing. If, however, they all look as good as G’Hu that’s going to go a long way towards earning my dollars.
His (her? its?) fleshy parts look great, with washes to accentuate the joints great detail on the face and head. The uniform looks much nicer in person than the pictures, where the figures almost look kind of bootleg. In person, there are gradations to the colors that give the figure a striking look, especially combined with the metallic paints being used.
Accessories: Nothing!
Packaging: I like the GLC packaging quite a bit. Not only is it a nice break from the yellow DCUC look, The blisters themselves have a new and interesting shape. Not to mention the holes punched in the side that allow you a nice pre-purchase whiff of that sweet, sweet New Toy Smell.
Overall: If you’re a DCUC collector I can’t honestly say you should get this guy (girl? thing?) if you don’t care about building Stel. Naturally, though, you do care about building Stel, so you’re going to end up with G’Hu anyway; not to mention a bunch more GL Movie Masters once you see this figure in person. Because G’Hu easily gets a
4 out of 5
I’m not totally sold on the articulation for the elbows and knees, but this really is a great-looking toy. There is a better than average chance that I will have preordered the rest of the Movie Masters by the time you read this, solely based on how much I’ve ended up liking this one. Well, that and the fact that I’ve got a shelf of movie toys that could always use some more figures. Bruce and Harvey get lonely down there. The other Bruce isn’t the best conversationalist and the clown is just a dick.
Until next time, stay creepy

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