Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Toy Review – GI Joe: Pursuit of Cobra Snake-Eyes (Ninja Commando) By Hasbro

First off – thanks to Veidt.com for bringing this amazing figure to my attention. There’s a better than good chance I would have overlooked yet another Snake-Eyes figure on the pegs if not for Sherry pointing this one out.
Which brings me to my point – do we really need another Snake-Eyes? This is something like the thirtieth version of the guy. I understand the need to keep popular characters available, but the Pursuit of Cobra line – still in its infancy – has already given us three different Snake-Eyes figures. Three!

I skipped the other two, but in the case of today’s figure; yes. Yes we did need this Snake-Eyes. But we may never need another one again.
Read on…
First Glance: As with all of the Pursuit of Cobra figures, I cannot get over the sheer volume of accessories Hasbro has packed in here. I am not, to be honest, an accessory guy. I appreciate them and then stick them in my little accessory keeper if the figure can’t carry them. And that’s one of the many amazing things about the new Joe line – they can indeed carry almost all of the things they are packaged with. Astonishing.
Sculpt: This snake-Eyes seems to be all new parts, but I can’t say for sure since I have skipped several of the post-25th Anniversary versions. The only ones I’ve picked up since rise of Cobra started are Paris pursuit and Urban Mission. Both were very good, but probably unnecessary. The ones I skipped were more so the latter.
Snake comes with two heads – his old-school commando head with the goggles and his version two ninja head with the more recognizable visor. They both look very good. I’m really torn as to which one to display him with. I love the visor as much as anybody, but the goggles might look a bit more menacing.
Snake-Eyes body is chock-full of textures. He has a great sweater look for his upper body and standard cargo pants with kneepads down below. The knee pads look fantastic and are worked into his knee articulation. He has a holster on his right leg and pockets on his left. Both pieces are separate but attached. Snake’s automatic pistol fits perfectly into the holster, but the amazing part is that there is a slot for one of the two included suppressors, as well. And it fits securely in there.
The figure sports the standard Joe articulation. I don’t know exactly how many points, but believe me when I say it’s enough. Hasbro has been doing a great job with shoulders lately. Rather than having goofy ball shoulders, they are usually sculpting a hinge into a more natural shape. This design is making their figures look much more realistic and Snake-Eyes is no exception. My only complaint about Snake’s articulation is that his head cannot look up as high as I might like.
Design: For a commando/ninja who wears all black Snake-Eyes has an astonishing number of paint apps. In addition to the normal insignia you might expect, he has gray kneepads with trim and about four different shades and glosses of black paint.
I really like the new shield that has replaced the traditional GI Joe stars and bars logo. It is more practical but still looks comic-bookish enough to be fun. Normally it is yellow, but Hasbro went with gray for the one on Snake’s left bicep out of respect for his nocturnal sneaking-about activities.
Accessories: This is the area where the Pursuit of Cobra line really stands out; and that’s saying something for a line with such excellent sculpting and decoration.
Snake-Eyes comes in a package with the following fully separate pieces:
-Assault rifle
-Extra ninja head
-Movie-style sword
-2 normal katana
-2 scabbards for katana
-Automatic pistol
-Some other kind of pistol
-2 suppressors that fit either pistol
-Knife for leg sheath
-Knife for shoulder sheath
-Removeable webbing/harness with actual elastic leg straps
-Kitchen sink
Okay, he doesn’t really come with a kitchen sink, but Snake-Eyes has more than enough gear to be a fully-functional mobile murder machine. All of the accessories look great and are even painted with multiple shades and glosses. He can hold everything well and – more importantly – almost all of it can be carried by the figure at once. The only extra parts I had after kitting him up were the extra head, the assault rifle and one of the suppressors. And I’m pretty sure I could get the rifle and the suppressor on there if I really tried.
Packaging: The standard Joe packaging of a blister on a card. It’s classic and functional – no need to change.
Overall: If I had bought Snake-eyes before January 1st he would have been 2010’s figure of the year. In a year with so much innovation, so many accessories and so many new characters that are favorites of mine, that’s quite an accomplishment.
5 out of 5
When a single figure gets me reinvigorated for an entire line, that’s a hell of a thing. Part of that is the fact that it takes an awful lot for me to get bored with a line in the first place. For the GI Joe line it was a combination of staleness in the toy aisle, repetition of characters and the fact that A LOT of the Rise of Cobra stuff looked alike. The uniformity worked in the line’s favor initially because I have always felt that the Joes and Cobras should share colors for the most part – all the greens should be the same shade of green, all the blues, etc. This works for awhile, but eventually you have to shake things up. That’s what Pursuit of Cobra has done, in addition to raising the bar for 3 ¾” scale figures in general. Even Japan has not produced the kind of detail this line has given us in this scale.
If you’ll excuse me, I need to go and find some more Pursuit of Cobra figures, ASAP.
Until next time, stay creepy


  1. As much as I despise Snake Eyes this is a pretty cool figure...and with that much stuff they could have thrown a Timber in the pack.
    And kudos for calling them suppressors and not 'silencers'.

  2. Eh, I've got plenty of Timbers laying around. And of course - there's no such thing as a silencer.

  3. Damnit. It appears I really do need one more Snake-Eyes. *sigh* Are these at Target or Toys R Us or both (or neither...)?

  4. Both. Get it at Target if you can. Toys R Us has decided highway robbery is the way to stay competitive in a tough market.