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The Next 13 (26) Doctor Who Classics

Early in December Character Options announced a new Doctor Who Classics 2-pack. This is not big news. These guys are cranking out great, quality sets at an average of, what, probably two a month? The big news is that this set consists of Peri and the creature Sil. Peri – whose real name is absurdly Perpugillium Brown – was a companion of the Doctor at the end of his 5th incarnation and beginning of his 6th until she was mercifully murdered during the Doctor’s trial on Gallifrey. This marks the first time a companion (assistant, whatever) from the pre-2005 Doctor Who continuity has been produced; which is actually HUGE news.
Granted, we still don’t have a great Rose figure, but they may well have lost the rights to Billie Piper’s likeness at this point. I’ll gladly take Leela, Romana II or Jo Grant in her stead.
So, with the intention to start producing Classic companions relatively clear I thought I would write a piece about who should come first. In the interest of fairness, I should mention that Topless Robot did this first here before Peri was even announced. After reading their entry, I think it’s worthwhile for me to publish my own.

As a little pipe dream, I am going to suggest that at least two collect-and-connect pieces could come out of these sets. The first would be a not-to-scale but still large version of the mountain from The Face of Evil. The second would be the Master’s TARDIS, either as the computer from The Time Monster or the column from the end of the 4th Doctor’s run. Of course, someday a playset of the interior of the Master’s TARDIS would be great…
Since the standard has been set for the companions to come with monsters, I am choosing duos from specific episodes. This leaves open the possibility for single-packed variants or repaints in the future. Like any good toy company, Character Options seems to love that.
Leela and Chancellor Borusa
Yeah, Leela should probably come with a monster to stab, and I even considered pairing her with a Sontaran from the episode I’m using here – The Invasion of Time. I’m just starved for Time Lords right now.
Leela would come clothed in her traditional animal skins and have a sheath with a removeable knife. We’ll leave Janis thorns for an inevitable future repaint.
Borusa would come garbed in his ceremonial robes and include the Great Key of Rassilon.

Jo Grant and Omega
(No - that's not the correct outfit for this entry. I just couldn't resist using that picture)
Ms. Grant has only recently come to my attention as one of the Doctor’s signature companions. She’s cute and a bit simple and absolutely devoted to the Time Lord, which is saying something given the 3rd Doctor’s tendency to be sort of a dillweed. This figure would depict her in her blue outfit from TheThree Doctors, complete with furry blue jacket.
Omega (whcih they pronounce as "O-mee-gah") is a given not only because he has a very cool, distinctive look but also because he is a Time Lord. At the end of the day, don’t you think we should get figures of pretty much any Time Lord that appeared on the show? As much as I would love to have the version that straight-up choked out the Doctor in a crazy amateur wrestling dream sequence, the first release of Omega would be the robed version. He would have a mask that comes off to reveal… [SPOILER ALERT!] NOTHING!

Romana II and Scaroth
City of Death is my favorite episode of Doctor Who. Just thought that needed saying again.
Romana would be in the obnoxiously cute schoolgirl outfit that got so much attention for this episode.
Scaroth would be in his white suit and include two heads – a Julian Glover head and a crazy rotten-cabbage-with-eyeball head.

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stuart and Silurian
The Brigadier is a must. He had the longest relationship of any of the Doctor’s companions, interacting with five different incarnations. He is probably technically my favorite of the Doctor’s companions; he just isn’t as nice to look at as the ladies. If I am remembering correctly, Doctor Who and the Silurians was the story where the Brig got his sweater and didn’t have to wear that ridiculous jumpsuit anymore. 
Lethbridge-Stuart would be accompanied by one of the old-school Silurians he ordered exterminated at the end of the last episode.

Ace and Cat Person
While Survival is not my favorite episode of Doctor Who, it is certainly a landmark in that it ended the classic regular series. My first pick for Ace was to include an exploding Dalek from Remembrance of the Daleks, but I thought the lesbian Cat Person - Karra - from Survival might be a better selling point. It’s not like Ace won’t get multiple releases.
Ace, however, is one of my favorite companions. While I am not partial to the Z. Cavariccis she sports in this episode, she still has her signature bomber jacket. The figure would come with a removeable backpack and an incendiary device that fits inside if this is something Character Options could accomplish.
Karra would preferably come with a horse but probably not. 
Adric and Marshman
Most people might feel Adric is just a bit too high on the list. I like Adric. Or at least, I’ve grown to. This is another one I was torn on. My first idea was to pack Adric in with the Cyber Leader from Earthshock and he would have a little magnetic math badge that could attach to his shirt or get stuck in the Cyber Leader’s chest. 
I went with Adric from his introductory episode – Full Circle – instead because I’d rather have a swamp monster than another Cyberman. I’ve got a lot of Cybermen.

Nyssa and Melkur
Naturally we need hot companion Nyssa in her fruity fairy red velvet get-up. 
Melkur would have light piping in its head to allow for glowing eyes. Rather than any accessories, this set would come with the clock from the final episode that ended up being the Master’s TARDIS. This way we get two versions of the Master’s TARDIS in one set!

Jamie and Yeti
Everybody loves Frazer Hines. And kilts are cool as long as they’re traditional garb and not some twat at Dragon*Con. The 2nd Doctor’s male companion, Jamie, would be dressed as he was in The Abominable Snowmen and would come packed with one of the titular creatures. 
Because those Yeti are classic
Susan and Dalek
The Doctor’s granddaughter is a no-brainer. This figure would be her outfit from Dalek.

The Dalek would of course be the very first design. I hate to say that not a lot of people would be super-excited to buy a figure of Susan, but I think a new Dalek would help.

Sergeant Benton and Kronos
This was a BIG story. It was the season 9 closer and it involved more sets and cast members than was usual. The story was also a bit more epic; involving the Master (as most 3rd Doctor stories did), Atlantis and some sort of wacky god of time and chaos or something. – the Time Monster itself.
While it would be hilarious to do a version of the Sergeant from the end of The Time Monster, this one would be fully clothed in his U.N.I.T. uniform. Some might argue that Benton is not technically a Companion. To this I say, “Shhh.” Others would say that Captain Yates should be made first. They’re probably right. I just really want a Kronos and Benton seems like a better fit for some reason.
Kronos is one of my favorite monsters from Jon Pertwee’s run as the Doctor. It is easily one of the stupidest-looking things I have ever seen in my life; being a guy in a white leotard and a bird mask. He would appear suspended from a cable and sort of thrash about the set. I think the only danger this creature truly presented was that you might asphyxiate from laughing so hard at its appearance.

Grace Holloway and the Master
No, I don’t specifically need an action figure of the 8th Doctor’s only companion in my life.
But I do need a figure of Eric Roberts as the Master like you wouldn’t believe. I’d buy two just so I could have a guy to fight the Sharktopus custom figure that I’m never actually going to get around to making.

Captain Mike Yates and Auton
So here’s where you get your Yates. He’d be in his U.N.I.T. gear and come with a plate of sandwiches. 
The Auton would be one of the creepy, old carnival ones with the giant head costume. Blech.

Tegan Jovanka and the Mara
Obviously we’re going to need Tegan in her stewardess uniform and her 80’s New Wave gear, but I’ll take the look from Snakedance if it means we’ll get a toy of that wacky, giant snake.

Until next time, stay creepy

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