Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Toy Review – Green Lantern Classics Low/Maash By Mattel

The concept of the various Lantern Corps is probably going to allow Mattel to do an awful lot of this sort of thing, and that’s fine by me.

If you don’t know, I’m referencing the fact that Low and Maash – two members of the Sinestro Corps – are the exact same figure except for their hands and heads. The cool part is that you get the parts for both with one figure, so you can just buy two of Maash if you can’t find a Low and you’ll be okay. Unless you’re keeping them in the package, in which case you’ll be mad at me for opening mine because I got the variant packaging.
First Glance: I love these guys just based on appearance. We’ve got a guy with a giant, blue leech for a head (dammit we need a Leech figure in the MOTUC line) and a guy that trumps Bi-Beast by having one more face.
Sculpt: The body that Low and Maash share is the absolute basic DCUC body. It does have the Sinestro Corps forearms and calves, but none of the extra articulation Black Hand has. This is a bit disappointing because the more articulation you have, the more different you can make two nearly identical figures look when they’re standing near one another. None of the joints gave me the classic Mattel problems, so hopefully that’s a thing of the past.
Both sets of hands look suitably monstrous and change out easily enough. Without the cardback I couldn’t have even told you when these two first showed up, let alone what their hands look like. I’m just going to accept that they’re accurate. It might’ve been kind of neat for Low to sport some arm tentacles King Hiss-style, but if that’s not what he looked like, well what are you gonna do?
Both heads look great. They’re made of a sort of rubbery substance, so they’re much easier to change out than the standard Mattel interchangeable head. Due to their bizarre shape there’s not a whole lot of movement at the neck, but I’m okay with that. The more strange aliens we get out of this line, the less I might feel compelled to order some of those pesky Outer Space Men (failed - I ordered 'em the other day; they should arrive today as a matter of fact).

Design: The heads and hands of both characters have all kinds of neat, gross little details. From ugly warts to beady, little eyes (well, not on Low) it all looks very nice.
Which makes the errors on their bodies all the more noticeable. Mattel has had a lot of trouble with the Sinestro Corps. From different shades of color to paint apps bleeding into one another; apparently yellow is a difficult color to work with. The Low I bought looks better than Maash, but they both have minor issues with the paint. Maash has some very noticeable flaws on his shoulders.
Accessories: (I forgot to get a picture of these guys with the glasses, but who cares?)I guess the extra head and hands count as accessories. These guys also have the 3D glasses packed in. At first I was disappointed they didn’t come with Yellow Lanterns, but then I remembered that the Color of Fear figures didn’t either. And now that I think about it I’m pretty sure Sinestro is the only one who has an actual Yellow Lantern and that it’s the one made by the Weaponer of Qwaard (who should definitely get a figure soon, by the way).
Packaging: I like the GLC packaging quite a bit. Not only is it a nice break from the yellow DCUC look, The blisters themselves have a new and interesting shape. Not to mention the holes punched in the side that allow you a nice pre-purchase whiff of that sweet, sweet New Toy Smell.
Overall: These guys helped quench my thirst for wacky outer space characters. The flaws don’t bug me too much for some reason, I guess because I’m used to minor paint issues at this point. I’m not saying it’s acceptable – particularly for a fifteen dollar figure with no accessories – but if you want to flesh out your Sinestro Corps you’re going to deal with it.
Low - 4 out of 5
Maash - 3 out of 5
Oh, and this is exactly how different two identically designed figures can look:
Good enough.
Until next time, stay creepy

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