Monday, January 3, 2011

Toy Review – DC Universe Classics: Space Heroes 2-Pack Adam Strange & Starfire By Mattel

A lack of forward-thinking led to me skipping this set the first time around. Adam strange is neat and all, but I didn’t really want a figure of the guy. As for Starfire, I just didn’t like this take on the character enough to shell out for the set. This is back when 24.99 for two DC Universe figures wasn’t the great deal that it is now, and I have to give Matty credit (which I hate to do) for keeping the price the same for this re-offering.
I have essentially the same stance on Adam Strange now, but thanks to Mattel filling in the rest of the Teen Titans’ cartoon roster my shelf has been feeling the absence of that Starfire somewhat acutely. Granted, the shows character designs make the comic versions of the characters seem sort of lame; but I still want the characters. Especially since you’re not going to find the excellent Bandai toys for less than $20 apiece.

So when Matty did their big Black Monday sale I bought this set and now I have a Raanian (Raanite, Raaniputian?) hanging from my ceiling and a complete Teen Titans team.
First Glance: Starfire’s painted-on clothes were part of the reason I didn’t buy this in the first place. They don’t look so bad in person, but I’m pretty sure Mattel will have to do a new one at some point. Adam Strange looks very cool in person.
Sculpt: Adam Strange is your typical, blank-slate body with several cool features. His face has just enough character and detail to not look like a generic face. I like that Mattel tends to put in that little bit of extra effort when they could probably get away with a plainer face. It would have been easy to decide that the guy with a white helmet with a fin on top looked enough like Adam Strange to pass muster. I’m going to include his jet pack here since I’m not sure if it really comes off and I don’t want to try. It’s clean and comics-accurate and fits over his chest well. What more could you want? The holster isn’t the best thing in the world, but it does hold his gun.
Starfire has a great head sculpt. Her hair is detailed and long without getting in the way of movement. The rest of her is a standard female DCUC body, which is kind of a problem. Given her costume, there should really be some cleavage going on. Like, major. I’m not saying that in a pervy kind of way, I’m saying it in a “Women generally have two distinct breasts and Starfire seems to have some sort of giant lump with a dent in it” kind of way.
Design: Starfire has a paint design that almost makes up for the lack of costume sculpting and the weird uni-boob. The colors are bright and the individual apps are clean. The metallic purple used for her costume looks very nice.
Adam Strange is red, white and yellow. As he should be. There are no instances of paint bleeding into areas it shouldn’t on my figure.
Accessories: The set includes Adam Strange’s pistol. It looks neat-o.
Packaging: The DCUC 2-pack window box. Probably wasteful or something, but fine.
Overall: The main reason I bought this was to get Starfire, but I’m glad I have Adam Strange, too. He’s about as good as an Adam Strange needs to be. Starfire, on the other hand, definitely needs an upgrade at some point.
3 out of 5
This is sold out on Matty, supposedly never to be seen again. If you want one, I’m sure you can pay a premium on eBay. Lord knows scalpers had plenty of time to buy this.

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  1. What the hell is wrong with her right foot (it looks like she's got some awful dislocated-ankle issues that need immediate medical attention...), and why was it not mentioned in your review? o_O

    Also, lol @ uni-boob. There's a term I never thought I would, nor particularly desire to, see.

  2. I fixed the foot with a little hot water and some love after I took the pictures but before I wrote the review. This happens with A LOT of toys these days unfortunately. It's a side effect of using cheaper, softer plastics. It would help if the idiot toy manufacturers wouldn't package the figures in stupid, awkward poses, though.
    Uni-boob. The one funny thing to come out of the awful pile of shit that was Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist.