Monday, January 10, 2011

My Favorite Toy of 2010

We got a whole shitload of amazing toys last year. I’ve talked about most of them – Hot Toys’ Whistler, Hasbro’s AT-AT, Ackbar, Gammorrean and a host of other great Star Wars figures. I’ve even got a couple of Transformers I would consider some of the best toys of the year. Mattel may not have done anything extraordinary with their DC Universe Classics line, but they sure did make some amazing Masters of the Universe figures. Their Ghostbusters line was no slouch, either. Bif Bang Pow! entered the fray with their revival of MEGO-style figures – notably the excellent Venture Bros. line and a figure of El Duderino.
None of the above is even taking into consideration some of the tremendous “kids” toys we’ve got in the house. Lil’ Troublemaker has all kinds of great actual playthings, from Superhero Squad to Action League to what I think are the most innovative toys of the year: the Toy Story 3 Action Links sets (they’re Toy Story themed Rube Goldberg devices that you can link together to form one GIANT device). And there’s the outstanding Evil Dr. Porkchop’s spaceship, which I bought for Lil’ Troublemaker and am currently hoping to find for myself for a little customization project. It is an amazing toy and is on clearance right now, so if you see one, buy it. It is easily worth the original $50 price.
But out of all that plastic there is one item, one toy set that I would choose over any other. And much to my shame, I have barely mentioned it before now.

Actually, there are two toy-related subjects that I’m a little ashamed of myself for glossing over in 2010. One is the GI Joe: Pursuit of Cobra line. There wasn’t a whole lot of it, but the figures were great and I’ll be addressing that oversight soon.
The other omission - one that only got a picture over on my Facebook page – is a little harder to forgive but perhaps easier to understand.
The Doctor Who Eleven Doctors TARDIS box set from Character Options.
I would have pushed my mother off a building to have seven elevenths of this set as a kid.
First, my reasons for not reviewing it, or even really covering the set at all: I didn’t open it and every figure in it is about as perfect as it could be.
Despite the fact that the TARDIS-shaped box appears to be easily resealable, I just don’t want to pop that cherry. It is just too much of a mind-blowingly awesome novelty to have all eleven incarnations of the Doctor packed in together like that. I can see them all just fine and I know that with the way Character Options does repaints and packs sets I’ll more than likely end up with all of the Doctors loose at some point anyway. I already have Pertwee, Tom Baker, Davison, McCoy, Eccleston and Tennant loose. The other five can’t be that far off. Character Options is very good at making irresistible figures come with repaints or slight retoolings. That’s why I have three Davisons, though he’s not even in my top five favorite Doctors.
Which brings me to my second reason for not reviewing this set – my oft-stated desire to avoid reviews where I just say “awesome” over and over again. All eleven Doctors are perfect. Character Options has gotten so good so fast that there really isn’t anything to say about the figures. Without many accessories or any kind of ground-breaking articulation, I could basically just cut-and-paste the same review for each figure:
Sculpt: Wow. The head sculpt is amazing and looks exactly like ___________! The figure has the standard Doctor Who articulation and can do everything you’d need a Doctor to do.
Design: The paint on ___________ just looks great. There is no bleeding to be found, despite all kinds of intricate detail on the pants and coat. The paint on the head really brings out the aforementioned fantastic sculpt.
Accessories: ___________ includes his own Sonic Screwdriver. It is era-accurate and fits nicely in the figure’s hand. (Okay, so that one wouldn’t apply to two of them and another two would have umbrellas)
Packaging: He came in a big ol’ TARDIS-shaped window box. It looks awesome on the shelf.
Overall: I can’t get over how great ___________ looks! Just an awesome job all around!
5 out of 5
See what I mean? So why open them?
In all seriousness; if I had to choose between this set and the AT-AT, or Abigail Whistler, or the new Slave I or even the new TARDIS playset this set would win every time. It’s amazing and absolutely worth the money. It’s normally $99.99 at retail, but I’ve seen it for as low as $69.99 (after I bought mine, naturally). If you are a fan of Doctor Who, you really have no excuse to not own this fantastic set. BigBadToyStore just got it back in stock – go get one! You won’t be sorry. And you might even open yours.
Until next time, stay creepy

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