Monday, December 6, 2010

Toy Review – Star Wars: The Clone Wars Mandalorian Police Officer & Pre Vizsla By Hasbro

They’re Mandalorians. I was going to buy them no matter what. Were they worth it?

Let's take a look...
First Glance: Pre Vizsla looks like he might be one of the nicest figures Hasbro has done in a while. 
The Police Officer (I think it’s funny that’s what they’re called and not “Security” or “Enforcers” or something. “Police Officer” just sounds very not-Star-Wars-ish.) look pretty neat but maybe a little dull. Doesn’t matter. They’re Mandos.
Sculpt: The Police Officer is very true to the cartoon he is from. There aren’t a ton of details, but what’s there is accurate. There is no articulation below the hip, possibly to help with stability while they’re holding their big honkin’ cannon/shield things. Overall they’re pretty nice to look at, just kind of bland.
Vizsla is one of the most skillfully articulated figures I’ve seen from Hasbro. He has the maximum amount, but none of it interferes with his aesthetics. There is an amazing amount of detail sculpted into this guy. All of the folds of his uniform and pieces of his armor just look great. He has functional holsters sculpted on his thighs. Vizsla’s head is pretty amazing when you consider that it looks exactly like the cartoon andfits under a properly sized Mando bucket. Also, he can hold his weapons.
Design: Pre Vizsla is sculpted wonderfully, but it wouldn’t mean crap if he had a lousy paint job. Thankfully, he is detailed beautifully. Everything is faithful to his appearance in The Clone Wars, right down to his shoulder cloak. This is one of the few occasions where I feel that soft goods were not only acceptable but the only way to go.
The Officer really does look very nice. He is very competently decorated, but again; there just wasn’t much to do.
Accessories: The Police Officer has a stun baton, a shield and a missile-firing bazooka thing. The awesome part is that he can hold it all. The baton fits onto his belt and the bazooka clips on to the shield. I like the paint app on the shield, too. It would have been easy to leave it monochrome.
Vizsla comes with a helmet, two blaster pistols, his dark matter saber, his shoulder cloak, and a rocket pack. The helmet looks great and fits perfectly. The saber is nicely detailed and the pistols look just fine. The shoulder cloak is outstanding. The fact that Hasbro made soft goods (which I normally hate) look this good is astounding.
Packaging: I really like the new package design Hasbro is using. The old Clone white just seemed too dull to me, kind of like Walmart’s new all-white Great Value stuff. Blah.
Overall: I was going to buy these no matter what. The Mandalorian Police Officer (which I got two of) is fine for what it is. It’s bland, and unless you’re a huge Mando freak you can skip it. Honestly, I would have preferred a figure of the Duchess; but Hasbro says they’re not doing her because she isn’t dynamic enough (they mean because she’s a girl that isn’t a bounty hunter or a Jedi – or banging a Jedi, I guess). Pre Vizsla is fantastic and I’m positive we’re going to see a lot of this mold. The hips are jointed so well because we’re getting a Mando with speeder bike set and I know they’re doing a Mandalorian troop-builder pack.
Pre Vizsla: 5 out of 5
Mandalorian Police Officer: 3 out of 5

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  1. Interesting about your opinion on fabric pieces. I've always held the opposite view, hating cloaks and capes and such that are molded in plastic since it sticks them in a single "pose" (I'm sure there's a better word to use there, but I can't recall it right now), and that just feels wrong for something that is supposed to be flowing.

    I can see not using fabric on a statue since the figure doesn't move, but with an articulated toy, having a stuck-in-place cape attached just doesn't sit right with me.

    Granted, the quality/detail of the fabric used can make them suck, too, but I'd personally still take a cheaply-made piece of fabric over an immovable hunk of plastic nine times out of ten.

    I'm also now rather tempted to go buy a Pre Vizsla. >_>

  2. You should buy a Pre Vizsla. He is one of the best figures Hasbro has ever produced. Get that Gammorrean Guard, too while you're at it.

  3. I do agree that the Gamorrean Guard looks good, but I'm just not a big fan of that particular alien. I don't dislike them, but I can't see putting one up on display, either.

    Get me a Jawa with that level of quality, though, and I'll buy it in 2 seconds. :)

  4. You are wrong! Buy a Gammorrean! Buy two! Buy three and give them to me - whatever. There have been quite a few very good Jawas, but I wouldn't say any are definitive yet.

  5. [a million years later] I finally found a Pre Vizsla at Wal*Mart and snatched him up without hesitation. :D

  6. Awesome! Still my favorite of the animated figures by far.

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