Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Toy Review – Blackest Night: Sinestro Corps Mongul By DC Direct

Thanks to the general awesomeness of Mattel’s DC Universe Classics line I have cut way back on my DC Direct purchases. I’m not even buying their alien Lantern Corps stuff anymore because Mattel has stepped up and will be offering some pretty wacky characters in their line. My DC Direct purchases are going to be limited to figures that are either 1) characters I can’t wait for Mattel to get to (Dick & Damian), 2) done in the style of an artist I love or 3) a character that Mattel may be satisfied to cut some corners on in order to fit into their line.
Like Mongul.

Mattel has already produced one Mongul figure that is just too small. Now they’re repainting (and probably making minor sculpting changes) that figure and selling it as Sinestro Corps Mongul in the Green Lantern Classics line. I’ll be buying that undersized Mongul just to get the Atrocitus piece that comes with him, but I’ll be selling him on eBay because I already have today’s figure, the gigantic, 9” DC Direct Mongul.
First Glance: This guy is absolutely huge. I mean, wow. HUGE.
Sculpt: If there is one thing DC Direct gets absolutely right, it is making dynamic plastic statues. Mongul’s face is enraged, his musculature is ripped and fluid. All of his costume pieces look very good and are distinct from one another – there are no sloppy parts. This Mongul is a reworking of DCD’s older Mongul. He has a new symbol on his chest and power rings on his fingers. Both of these things look very good; unlike some toys where the added on parts look like added on parts. I’m not crazy about his weird, hunch-backed pose; but that’s DC Direct’s thing – they’re not making action figures, they’re capturing characters in a moment in time and art. Or something. Due to the whole not-really-an-action-figure thing, Mongul has minimal articulation – ball-jointed shoulders and swivels at his neck, wrists, waist, and calves. He has a t-crotch that’s honestly kind of unnecessary.
Design: DC Direct’s paint jobs have been very hit-or-miss over the years. While I can’t honestly call Mongul a “miss”, he does have a few sloppy areas. Neatness aside, his colors are good and bold.
Accessories: Not a sausage.
Packaging: I hate this sort of clamshell packaging that requires scissors to open. I do, however, understand that this is a huge, hefty figure and that a blister card wouldn’t have gotten the job done. A box wouldn’t have been very practical, either, so this is what we got.
Overall: Mongul is a win purely for his size. I can almost guarantee that the Mattel version will be a better toy, but this is a case where size matters. Until we get a DCUC Collect-N-Connect Mongul, this one is the way to go. He isn’t great, but he’s HUGE. Which has been said about me from time to time.
3 out of 5
Until next time, stay creepy


  1. lmao dude i love ur luchador mask but yea ur review is real good i my self have mongul my only complaint is that his costume shouldve been black & yellow

  2. While that would look pretty cool, Mongul never adopted the colors of the Sinestro Corps in the comics., so this figure is accurate.