Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Toy Review Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Rebel Commando (Endor) By Hasbro

I’ve never been too excited by the Endor Rebel Commandos. I think they’re just a little too mundane when compared to pretty much anything else in Star Wars. A bunch of camouflaged soldiers running around in the woods just doesn’t compare with the Falcon blowing TIE Fighters to pieces. When Sideshow produced three of the Commandos from Jedi I specifically remember thinking, “Why?”
I had a couple of the Kenner ones when I was a kid and they were always Greenshirts for GI Joe. That couldn’t hold their guns. I also bought the one that came out a couple of years ago, but e can barely stand up.
But this new Vintage Collection release looks just cool enough that I felt I needed him. Was I right? 
Let's see.
First Glance: Just like the rest of this wave, the Rebel Commando is just packed with accessories. It’s a shame the budget isn’t there to do several different heads.
Sculpt: The head is some bald guy with a Van Dyke. I don’t know who it’s supposed to represent, but I guess this is going to sell better than the geriatric Nic Sant. The uniform under the coat looks so much more interesting than it needs to, and I mean that in a good way. The cargo pants look great and real, the boots have layers and even the shirt has a very lived-in look. The Commando’s belt is a separate but attached piece with a holster on it. The holster looks very nice, but the accompanying blaster fits rather loosely into it. To the point where I probably wouldn’t put the blaster in if the overcoat wasn’t there to hold it in. The gloved hands look great and mean that if they want to produce an alien or a different flesh tone they can without even repainting anything. This guy also has a bandolier that fits snugly and adds just a little more texture to what could have been a bland figure. The only problem is that it prevents the figure from holding his rifle with both hands.
Design: Normally I hate soft goods, but Hasbro is really starting to figure out how to use them. The overcoat on this guy hangs well and has great paint detail. The face on this guy is one of the least exciting I’ve seen, but he’s essentially a background character. The rest of him more than makes up for it. The paint on his uniform is solid and his bandolier has more detail than it seems at first glance. The boots and belt look great.
Accessories: The Rebel Commando comes with the overcoat, a backpack, a removable hat (that’s not really a helmet, is it?), a blaster rifle and a blaster pistol. The coat looks great like I said above and the backpack not only looks good and sports a lot of tiny little details; it also fits very well onto the figure’s back, even through the coat. The blasters both look nice, but the pistol is made of a very soft plastic that I don’t like.
Packaging: It’s the new Vintage Collection blister card and it looks fantastic. It isn’t that the packaging is all fancy or anything – I’ve seen much nicer packaging. It’s that whole nostalgia thing. For a brief moment I didn’t even want to open these. I got over it, though.
Overall: I’ve ended up liking this guy more than I thought I would. He could stand to have a more interesting head, but I’m going to buy one or two more and see if I can swap some heads out. I’d kind of like to have a little squad of these guys now. This figure far surpassed my expectations.
5 out of 5

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  1. Just got him, love it!

    1. Yeah, this is definitely one of the best figures of an overall great line.