Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I tend to skip weekends and not bother posting on evenings. The reason is that the rest of you people seem to only use the internet while you’re at work, so posts during those times get very little traffic. I get that – I don’t want to sit around reading some jerk’s blog when I’m at home and could be hanging out with my family or watching movies or playing video games or pretty much anything else. The whole reason blogs are so prolific online is because people hate their jobs and want to do anything they can that isn’t their job until quitting time rolls around and they can go home to their families or get shitfaced at TGI Friday’s or whatever.

So you might wonder why I’m bothering to post anything on Thanksgiving, a day when people will be eating and watching football and pointing out the perceived failings of their loved ones.

Because I’m at work, jerks.

Sorry. In all honesty I really don’t mind working on Thanksgiving. The holiday has never been one of my favorites and I’m getting paid a lot to be here. Tomorrow I get even more (this is weird because I’m actually writing this last Friday night, so please excuse any strange tenses or continuity weirdness. Lord knows, the aliens might come between now and Thursday. The planet might not even be here.).

But I do want to produce a holiday post, if only to break up these reviews of the new Star Wars figures. So I’m going to try something shocking and original: I made one of those hand-turkeys:
Happy Thanksgiving, Phantomaniacs!

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