Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vintage Troublemaker: What I Learned From Dragon*Con (2009)

    I forgot all about this one. I wrote it after last year's Dragon*Con and it really does contain some helpful tips. Enjoy!
    -You can check in earlier than what they tell you.
    -Do not park at the Courtland garage if you have a hotel room the same day.
    -I am not costume people. Big, involved costumes are a pain in the ass to make, transport and wear. They are hot and you will sweat. Somebody else’s will always look better than yours.

    -Bring your own alcohol (thanks, Pete and Noel). Hotel alcohol is expensive and time-consuming to obtain. An over-the-shoulder bag of Miller Lite is not.
    -Don’t forget your suits or you might have to endure a conversation with the albino. (I didn't even end up wearing the suit - I had lost too much weight and it looked weird)
    -Wake up more than forty minutes before checkout. Especially if you haven’t packed.
    -Don’t wait until Monday to check out the exhibitors’ room. There are a lot of dealers in there, too. Several of whom have the Doctor Who stuff you are looking for.
    -Don’t worry about comparing prices. They probably aren’t that different, and some fat dork will grab that fucking Master figure you’ve been looking for by the time you make it back. Dammit. (I still don't have that Master)
    -Just go ahead and preorder the pictures.
    -Don’t forget to charge your electronics.
    -Leave the TV on the Dragon*Con channel. You will see some good stuff you wouldn’t otherwise have bothered with, and it will keep your nerd immersion consistent.
    -Go ahead and take the mask off. She’s not going for that shit.
    -If at all possible, stay at the Marriot. It’s in the middle.
    -Take your time when taking pictures. Blurry photographs are heartbreaking. Apparently I did way too many drive-bys this year.

Until next time, stay creepy

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