Thursday, September 30, 2010

Toy Review – Star Wars: Rocket-Firing Boba Fett (Mail-away Premium) By Hasbro

This is kind of a weird figure for me. The legendary Rocket Firing Boba Fett has long been considered the Holy Grail of Star Wars toy geekdom. I’m still not clear on the whole story after all these years, but apparently a small number of production samples were made and escaped into the wild before the Imperial Federal Government decided that parents weren’t smart enough to make decisions and decreed said Firing Rocket to be a choking hazard. Another of countless instances of the minority’s inferiority restricting the liberty of the majority. Yeah – that’s been going on for decades, and it’s only going to get worse.
But this isn’t a political article – this is a toy article.
So a bunch of nerds got really upset that their Boba Fett figure couldn’t fire an ugly, oversized, non-screen-accurate rocket out of his jetpack; something that never even happened in the fucking movies anyway.
I have personally never thought it anywhere near necessary for Boba Fett’s jetpack rocket to even be removable, let alone have a firing mechanism. I’d much rather have a well-articulated Princess Leia that doesn’t look like a man. Or a General Grievous that can fucking stand up.
I am, however, a sucker for gimmicks. I am also a sucker for Mandalorians – particularly ones with the surname “Fett”. When Hasbro announced that the big new mail-away figure for Fall 2010 was going to be a Boba Fett that could not only perform the naughty, life-endangering function of firing his rocket, but was also a recreation of the original Boba Fett figure; well, you know I was hooked.
I saved up my UPCs and sent off for two as soon as I could. They came relatively quickly for Hasbro mail-aways, but I would rather they have been later if it would mean they wouldn’t be smashed. Dammit. How smashed were they? Let’s find out… NEXT!
First Glance: Both of them were pretty smashed. The first one came about a week before the second. The white mailing box was not only crushed, but completely open at one end. Out of the probably thirty or so mail-away premium figures I have received from Hasbro/Kenner/whoever over my 25+ years of toy collecting, this is the very first one that has been damaged in this way. I opened it up to see how bad the packaging and actual figure looked. The top two corners of the card were bent – one worse than the other, but the blister and the figure looked fine. I am not normally a stickler for packaging, but since I wasn’t planning on opening this one I was fairly irritated. Maybe the second one would be better.
Or not. The second Fett arrived with a thick rubber band around the white mailing box, which I was sure would result in a crushed card. Oddly enough the card was fine, but the blister was smashed. This one looked worse than the first, so I put the first one on my Fett wall and decided to open up the second for a proper review.
As far as my first impression of the actual toy, it’s pretty cool. If you’re old enough to have had the original toys, then the nostalgia alone should convince you to collect some UPCs and send in for your own. It looks just like the old Fett.
Sculpt: And yet, on comparison, is not. This new Fett is larger, actually in-scale with the newer figures. He also sports more defined detailing than the original. All in all, the new model is just a bit nicer to look at than the old one. Also, his joints are nice and tight because he isn’t nearly thirty years old.
Design: The deco is exactly the same primitive style as the original. It looks very nice and makes me wish I had bought Gentle Giant’s 12” reproduction of the original. I probably would have for twenty-five or even thirty bucks, but I think that thing was going for around eighty and that is just too much for a nostalgia-based novelty.
Accessories: Boba Fett includes a slightly larger version of the generic Imperial blaster that all of the old bad guys came with. Guess what? He can’t hold it. I don’t know if this is a clever nod to the old line or if it is a genuine oversight. I honestly would prefer if he could hang on to it. Fett also includes two rockets for his jetpack – one is a plug-in that makes him visually more appealing. 
The other… wait for it… FIRES! And boy, does it. I am tempted to make a Mythbusters-style video to demonstrate just how far this thing goes. It travels. As a side note – the figure looks really stupid with the functional rocket in the jetpack. The firing mechanism is amazingly unobtrusive, however; so it looks just fine with the plug-in rocket.
Packaging: The same old-school packaging as the other new figures in the Vintage line. Minus the Rocket Firing Boba Fett figure offer sticker, of course.
Overall: Fett is cool. This version of him Fires a Rocket, and it is apparently the lifelong dream of many a nerd to possess such a thing. I like it because it is a gimmicky toy that plays on my obviously strong love of nostalgia. I think I’m going to order a couple more just to see if I can get a pristine one. For seven bucks and a stamp, this Fett is definitely a steal.
4 out of 5
(I really would have liked Fett more if he could hold his damn blaster)

Until next time, stay creepy

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