Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Toy Review – Masters of the Universe Classics: Gygor By Mattel

I almost didn’t order this guy. I am just so fucking over Mattycollector’s ineptitude that after twenty minutes of sitting there staring at that damn screen I said, “Fuck it, I don’t need this Sprite monkey,” and went back to bed (I was working that night).
Hours later, I was sitting at work and somewhat curious about how sales are going. Matty had put up Gygor, Chief Carnivus and – at long last – a clean Egon Spengler. I really thought Gygor would be the only one to sell out super-fast. The other Ghostbusters had all stuck around for at least a day and Carnivus looks like some kind of gay anime furry. Don’t get me wrong – he may be a total badass. I haven’t gotten that far into the 200X cartoons yet (I’m working my way through the collection now). Either way, he looks like something I have no interest in owning, and I kind of thought most other folks would feel the same way.
So I pulled up Mattycollector.com on my phone and was shocked to see that not only were Egon and Chief Totally Gay Lionface still available; but the big, yellow monkey was too. So I ordered one. I had to – monkeys rule. 
First Glance: Gygor is fucking huge. He does not, however, fill out his packaging the way the rest of the Masters do. I am so glad I ordered him because with that harness and cape he looks like a giant gorilla luchador.
Sculpt: Some folks were claiming that this was a repaint of Grodd. While licensing would prevent that from being the case anyway; Mattel cheerfully provided comparison pictures several months ago to prove the point. They didn’t do Gygor justice. He really is gigantic. He absolutely towers over the other MOTU figures and they are pretty big as it is.
His super-angry face is tremendously sculpted, but it might have been nice if Mattel had chosen a slightly different expression. Half of the gorilla toys I own (and I own a lot)
have this exact same expression on their faces. It’s kind of played out, yo. All of the other detailing looks great, from his fur to his knuckles to his little monkey nipples.
I am very impressed by the articulation. I didn’t expect so much on a figure this large and heavy (4 pounds!) and I hope none of the joints end up deteriorating. His right leg already has a somewhat large separation between the thigh and the groin, and when you’re discussing the finer points of monkey groins on your blog, things might be going downhill fast. Gygor’s head tends to pop right off when you remove his helmet, but it pops right back in, too.
(This brings up a humorous anecdote: Lil’ Troublemaker had his hands on the sides of his head the other day and said something I didn’t quite catch. I asked him what he said and he put his hands back on his head, looked up at me – clearly pulling upward – and said, “My head does not come off!”
Good for you, buddy.”
What do you say to that?)
I can also pretty much guarantee we’re going to see a Shadowbeast made from this buck.
Design: Obviously, if Mattel had gone with purple instead of yellow this would be the very best action figure ever in the history of toys. But instead they chose yellow to go with the green and it is extremely weird. I mean, it’s awesome and extra-80’s villainous (some weirdo on the Matty forums said the colors looked “heroic”); the combination just makes Gygor very off-putting. But in a good way. All of the paint apps are very clean. Like almost all of Matty’s offerings Gygor looks much better in person than he did on the website.
Accessories: Gygor comes with a giant fucking ax, a helmet a cape/harness piece and some armor plating for his shins and forearms. The first two are the only ones I would really call accessories since they’re the only ones that can be easily removed, but the other stuff could come off if you really wanted it to. I’m just not sure about getting it back on, so I’m leaving mine alone.
The ax looks great and has some nice metallic highlights. The harness is nicely done and the cape has some kind of big skeletal monkey handprint on the back. The other armor pieces match the harness.
Packaging: Very similar to the other MOTU figures. Just a whole lot bigger and more reinforced. If I left figures in the package I’d be well satisfied with how it matches the others.
Overall: I can’t believe I almost denied myself this fine tribute to simian villainy. He is huge (as you can see, he is Bigger Than Kong, but not as large as Darth Monkey) and looks great on my monkey shelf or with the rest of my Masters of the Universe figures. I can’t decide where to put him. I like him so much I might even order another when Mattel does their inevitable reissue just to paint the yellow parts purple. Or I suppose I could just get one of those McFarlane Kongs off of eBay for like five bucks. Yeah, that might make more sense.
4 out of 5
Here is a picture I felt compelled to put together of various scales of figures with their respective axes. Or whatever.
Until next time, stay creepy

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