Friday, September 24, 2010

Dragon*Con 2010 - Things I Learned

Another Dragon*Con, more lessons learned. Someday I hope to have the perfect D*C experience thanks to my continued compiling of experiences both good and bad. Dragon*Con 2035, here I come!

  1. Do not pre-register for Dragon*Con – your time is more valuable than the savings.

  2. Do not stay at the Sheraton. It may seem close until you are either trying to get back to your room between panels or are extremely drunk at five in the morning. Seriously, I had to plan about thirty extra minutes of travel time for everything I did.

  3. Do not put off reserving a hotel room in hopes of getting into the Marriot. They might have bedbugs there anyway.

  4. Bring a back-up beer bag.

  5. Get to the Venture events WAY early.

  6. Take even more pictures than you think you should. A LOT may not turn out. On a related note, if someone is available, ask them to take a picture of you and your subject rather than attempting it yourself.

  7. Go ahead and push past the huge group of people around Brian Stelfreeze. They are just basking. I don’t get it, but that’s what is going on. They’ll be there for hours.

  8. If you commission a sketch, check back often. The artist may leave the con early and you’ll have no way to get your art (although I’m working on it).

  9. If you see something you want and feel that the price is reasonable, just buy it. Don’t wait to tell your husband about it, because by the time he gets there it will be gone and he’ll end up having to pay twenty dollars more at a different dealer.

  10. Just keep partying. You can make yourself get up for three measly days.

  11. Yes, the parade is worth it.

  12. Triple verify anything the idiots working for Dragon*Con tell you. They are probably wrong or intentionally deceiving you. I know this sounds mean, but it is true.

  13. So you were smart enough to assign video recording to a face button on your camera so you didn’t have to use the little switch and were more likely to record video. Try using it next year, dumbass.

  14. Oh, and speaking of cameras – next time you talk at length to one of your friends about how you never drop your camera because you always use the wrist strap, be sure to always use the wrist strap so you don’t drop your camera. Again. Dumbass. (In my defense, I was about as drunk as I have ever been while using my camera)

  15. Ooh, this might not be a bad idea – get one of those cheap little kiddie digital cameras that are built for five-year-olds to abuse.
The first person to identify the circumstances under which this picture was taken gets a free copy of Pygmy by Chuck Palahniuk!:

Until next time, stay creepy,

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