Friday, September 17, 2010

Dragon*Con 2010 - Part 7 - GoggleQuest 2010!

GoggleQuest 2010!
I have previously mentioned my friend Evil’s ability to talk people into – or more accurately, out of – stuff. He got that wig on Friday, but that was nothing compared to his feats of Saturday night.
Evil decided that his goal Saturday night was to talk as many of those stupid Steampunkers as he could into letting him put their goggles on for a picture. I thought we might get four or five. I know that I, personally, would not let some drunken little house-ape put on my fancy, expensive clockwork goggles if I had some. Apparently most Steampunkers are much nicer than me. I personally have over twenty GoggleQuest pictures and I know there are more out there. If you have some, feel free to link in the comments section. Here we go.
This was Friday night, but I include it. All great ideas have to start somewhere.
All of the rest are from Saturday night. Only two denials out of the whole bunch. Amazing.

 Some people were significantly less Steampunky than others.

And some people were covered in blood for no good reason.
Yeah, those aren't actually goggles. I think Evil gets credit for talking that guy into anything, though.
Lots of Jack Blacks at this Dragon*Con. I guess that's an easy look for the typical D*C body type to pull off.
Why did this guy even have goggles? I guess to try and cover up the fact that he was baked out of his fucking mind.
Those are Party City goggles. Nice try, wanna-be. Why don't you get some gears and some glue and try again next year.
Glasses? Check. Goggles? Check. Chin beard? Check.
Tank Girl for the win!
This is another one I don't get.
Awesome! It's the Gayviator!
Turned down by this giant freak, Evil makes his own goggle fun!
"Hey, Captain Emo - you're not gonna be a lame douche like that last guy, are you?"
"Yeah, totally. Blah!"
Until next time, stay creepy

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