Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dragon*Con 2010 - Part 5 - The Parade


So I finally saw the fucking parade. After over fifteen years of Dragon*Cons on-and-off, 2010 is the year I finally got to behold the majesty that is the March of the Nerd Brigade. And it was fantastic.
I woke up at about 8:45 feeling surprisingly not-hungover. I am always amazed at the super constitution Dragon*Con seems to grant me. I am able to drink more that weekend than I do any entire month the rest of the year and maintain a better schedule than any other time. Granted, I spend the entire following week in this weird, exhausted state of lethargy; but it is well worth it.
It was strangely cold Saturday morning, and I was envious of Jeffistopheles’ trademark denim shirt when I caught up with him.  Not to mention his inappropriately suggestive nerd shirt:
He was accompanied by Friend Steve and All-New Action Companion Lady G™. Were I the sort of person who said such things, I might state that she was quite a step up from the old model, but I am not that sort of person. Clearly.
(I have an absolutely hilarious anecdote about Jeffistopheles that I am going to choose not to share here. I mention it only so that he can thank me profusely at some point in the future. With some homemade ice cream.)
I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful it was to see the streets of Atlanta chock full of geeks professing their love for their various interests, so I am going to give you my:

Top Twelve Dragon*Con 2010 Parade Pictures

These look so absolutely perfect that they may be my favorite costumes this year.
Sgt. Slaughter
Clearly this is Gnoll. I once again thought I lost my voice trying to get his attention. I also like the fact that Scarlett is in the picture. Because, you know – Scarlett.
The Doctors
It was a thrill to see so many Doctor Who fans at once, but the fact that Troughton and Hartnell were represented was awesome. Troughton was even running all over the place acting zany.
Road Warrior Car
You don’t need me to tell you why this rules. That is a giant post-Armageddon killing machine with two dudes strapped to the front. Plus, that chick in the purple armor is there every year and is very nice to look at.
Doc & Marty
I wish so much that I had a better picture. My dumb ass was waiting for them to get closer before the one you see here, and just as they were about to get to our side of the street they turned around and ran off. I have got to learn not to wait to take pictures. It’s better to get one and hope maybe you can get another, better one. Anyway, these guys were great, running back and forth across the street and acting stuff out.
LARPers Go Nuts
This was perfect because these guys were just walking along like they were part of the procession. Then, all of a sudden, one of them screamed and they started beating the shit out of each other. They even went so far as to fall over dead. The red guy won, I guess.
Patchwork Chick
She was incredibly creepy and cute at the same time. I have no idea who the character is, but she was doing all kinds of crazy dances and just acting generally weird. It was like Tori Amos got fucked by a quilt and had a bizarre quilt baby. This girl was one of the best performers of the parade.
Ookla the Mok & Princess Ariel
I am a big fan of Thundarr the Barbarian, but even more so now that I’ve been watching it on Boomerang at night with Lil’ Troublemaker. It was really cool seeing Ookla and Ariel, but I wish the little guy had been there. Next year, buddy.
The Scooby Gang of Hunters
This is one that I liked almost entirely due to Lil’ Troublemaker. I outgrew Scooby Doo right around the time Cartoon Network started – mostly due to the fact that Scooby Doo was the only thing they were showing. Now I have found a whole new interest in the franchise thanks to my son loving the cartoons, movies, cartoon movies, toys or anything else with those meddling kids involved. Naturally, Daphne, Fred and Shaggy dressed as what are presumably zombie hunters is right up my alley.
Twi’lek Waitress
Not only is her costume great, right down to her “Hutters” t-shirt; the look on her face perfectly reflects the perpetually bored/hopeless expression of somebody trapped in the Nal Hutta food service industry.
Pimp My Ecto
As disappointed as I was that there was not a single actual Ecto-1 in the parade (c’mon Southeastern Ghostbusters – really?), this was a fine substitute. They even stopped and showed off some hydraulics, which I’m sure have major ghost busting applications that I am not aware of.
I like the fact that this Stormtrooper is aiming his blaster at me. I love the fact that – even at this close range – I know he has no chance in hell of hitting me.

The next entry is back to being pretty word-heavy, so get ready.

Until next time, stay creepy


  1. Because I'm an Oz nerd, I can identify the patchwork chick:

  2. I was googling random DragonCon pictures and happened to find a picture here of myself in the Geek Pride parade. Thank you sir, you have just made my day. Great pictures! Sometimes I miss the days of watching the parade rather than marching, but it's way too much fun to give up now.

  3. Awesome! Glad I could help - I look forward to seeing it all again this year.