Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dragon*Con 2010 - Part 4

The Rest of Friday Night
From this point on I will be relying very heavily on pictures to jog my memory and prompt my pen. Er… prompt my fingers… on the keyboard. Whatever.
Right after DCW finished we ran into Beardy again. This was the same guy we ran into last year that wanted to pretend he was photobombing us. He’s alright, so we took a bunch of pictures with him.
We went up to the community room at some point (I can’t remember who all was staying there) so Darth Pete could stand on the bed. 
On the way up, Evil convinced some chick to give him her wig. 
I don’t know how he does this stuff. The guy should be selling cars or something. You won’t believe what he got away with on Saturday night for GoggleQuest 2010, and I can’t legally tell you about the hijinx on Sunday. I still regret the cancellation of Touched By A Peter, though. Tragedy struck while we were in that room. I left my beer bag up there. It was a mistake that made Saturday night extremely expensive. Also, I’m pretty sure somebody blew chunks in it. I’ll be getting a new beer bag for 2011.
Holy shit, you should see Hoffman’s beer bag. It’s like if Batman needed a tote for alcoholic beverages. There are all kinds of insulated compartments to stow various quantities of alcohol in. I swear that guy had a whole case of PBR just in the bottom pocket. That thing must have cost a fortune.
We met a young lady dressed as the Red Lantern, Laira. She was the very best Red Lantern ever owing to the fact that she had a tattoo of Dex-Starr on her right calf and was more than happy to share it with us. 
The more impressed me and Evil got, the more her boot came off. 
If we had complimented that girl any more I’m convinced she would have ended up naked.
Hey, fag – Scotland doesn’t exist in Star Wars.
2010 was the year of terrible bands. Friday night saw an absolutely abysmal performance by a techno duo called the Super 8-Bit Brothers. I haven’t been so annoyed by music since the 5,348th time I heard that new Train song, and that thing makes me want to put napalm in my ears.
I took this picture purely for the fact that Mrs. Troublemaker is a huge Syracuse fan. Seriously.
Damn. I think that’s about all I’ve got for Friday. I'm cutting this one a little short because these recaps are starting to seem somewhat endless.
HA! See what I did there? Tune in tomorrow for…
Well, duh. Saturday.

Until next time, stay creepy

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